Saturday, 31 December 2011

New year

And what a year it will be. I have made a new years resolution with Penny that I will not do any more grocery shopping, despite how much of a bargain it might be, to support Penny in achieving her goal.
There is the Olympics and euro football, Queen's jubilee and another year to find a cure. Things always happen in three's and that's my bet.
I really would like to thank everyone who made 2011 for me with care giving, visits, laughs, fundraising, the hospice and district nurses and all those that made such a moving Christmas DVD. (thank you Dee).
Happy New Year! Xxx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thank you

I had lovely thoughtful presents including gloves, socks, brandy, shower gel, iTunes vouchers, chocolate, peoples friend annual, a book, necklace, bird feeder, PJ's, pillow, coasters, indoor fireworks, microwave heat packs, calendars, a tea towel, plants and flowers and very pleased i am despite saying no presents this year. I feel totally spoilt.
Ellie did exceptionally well also, a tin of baby porridge, tins of 'red' salmon, toys and treats and her best toy is the cardboard box and Christmas wrapper.
Penny cooked a delicious salmon dinner for Sue, mum and herself. Dad remained traditional with his turkey. Lesley did me a delicious Christmas dinner purée which went down very well indeed.
Boxing day was also spent in the shed with friends, eating and drinking. The next day penny went off to the sales andcuts fair to say she won't be making that mistake again, Birmingham was crowded and people in a frenzie looking for a bargain.
Sue went back to Bedford yesterday.
Wishing you all a very peaceful new year.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sue arrived

My mate from Bedford arrived yesterday but not without incident, a tree came down in front of her during the storm. Luckily no harm done. Dee came with a great photo book on Turkey, very interesting and need to finish the journey.
Hopefully my ordered whole salmon will ready and waiting at Morrisons for Jo to pick up. I don't envy anyone grocery shopping today, really I don't. Steve is bringing the marks and spencer sherry trifle. Then I will be all sorted.
Sue done my morning care.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas came early

My next door neighbour came and sang carols which was a real treat, all my favourites. Hot minced pies and brandy butter afterwards. Steve A dropped in earlier in the day, so glad he is feeling better, come on Julie buck up.
A real highlight was a visit by the chief constable, Mr Shaw. He told me what was going on in the force. We share a same passion for the series long way down and long way round and told him about my meeting with Charley Boorman. I'm so chuffed. Mr shaw asked if I would like to visit the new intake early next year. I'm bowled over and really looking forward to that opportunity. I must resist coming over as some old ex bobby from yesteryear. If I can impart a single pearl of wisdom to see them good through their career, then it'll be a good job done.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A little bit naughty but it's Christmas

Well for once it wasn't Ellie but me in disgrace. Seeing as it is Christmas I decided to have a little alcoholic drink at hospice. The drinks trolley comes round just before lunch. Tube was attached, volunteer kindly poured the brandy in. I then nudged her arm for a bit more...oh deary me, it went straight to my head, good job I didn't have to stand up! Decision was made to leave before I embarrassed sue and or myself. I think I got away with it. Absolutely true I was stuttering and slurring my words using the iPad. Quite pleased with myself actually for getting into the spirit. It was good to see nigel. But the day was tinged with sadness of the passing of one of our hospice characters, rest in peace Eve.
To end on a lighter note a true Penny story.
District nurse comes to do what she has to do and told us about her sixteen year old cat called Tim. He has been diagnosed as being senile. Nurse leaves and penny and I are in the wet room. Penny says, the nurses cat can't have kittens. I give a quizicle look given that the cats name is Tim, penny insisted, "yes, the nurse said he was barren, senile." I couldn't help but laugh, You mean sterile, senile is losing your marbles. Reminds me when penny was asking me about golden trout. I've never heard of it penny. Do you mean rainbow trout, oh yes that's what I meant. Never a dull moment.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Christmas

This is my virtual Christmas wishes to everyone. Thank you Andy, colin, Jane and chris for the beautiful flowers. I have a festive poinsettia. I decided against a tree because of a certain Ellie mental cat I am the proud owner of. Ellie will find salmon in her stocking.
Penny is suffering my many hours of Christmas music, from Annie Lennox to the brass bands and of course Boney M (thanks Lesley).
My peg is still good. It's been quite quiet because so many people are suffering with colds at the moment. Thank you for staying away and hope you all feel better soon.
I had to laugh, the BBC has an advert with david Jason et al all wearing loud Christmas jumpers. Penny asked why they were all wearing jumpers that weren't very nice to look at. I tried to explain the funny side of a Christmas pull over from a distant aunt Maud. It clearly loses something in the translation. Penny has a surprise tomorrow. Jill is coming over to teach penny to bake a Victoria sponge. That is going to smell so good. I wonder if I will be allowed to scrape the bowl?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Rat on a rope

Or should I say a cat on a collar and lead. She went for walkies with Sue around the garden.
The window cleaner came and I gave a more conventional Christmas bonus, not sure what Penny gave, the young lad shimmied up his ladder and back down again. Penny was getting changed not expecting some one with a Santa hat to be at her bedroom window. Confessions of a window cleaner.
I went to the MNDA Christmas lunch, yesterday. The hospice Christmas party was also on the same day. I enjoyed my puddings, all three of them! Ice cream and brandy custard, yum merry Christmas. Sue and I were joined by Margaret who we used to see at the QE. she told me about the MNDA forum where you can share tips and experiences. But more impressive is that she confirmed the very important break through heidi the clinical nurse specialist had mentioned. A gene has been identified in a good number of people with MND. This is apparently very exciting and significant. Fingers crossed. Happy Christmas to everyone xx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Houdini strikes again

Trev and Carole visited. Always a pleasure and brought a great nodding reindeer flower pot for outside, I love him, thank you.
Jo came to visit and Lesley brought round some shopping. Shopping list for Penny that included 25, yes 25 packets of instant noodles. It's probably best not to ask but its a new diet manufactured by penny, the instant noodle diet. I hope it works. I have to say it is considerably cheaper than other options ahe has tried.
I was frantic last night. Ellie had been refusing to go in despite the rain. It was now dark so ask Jo and Lesley to have a go. Now Ellie has tasted freedom she wants it all the more. The cage was open and out she darts and away under the decking. Now given she only has three legs she is mightily quick, being black she is near impossible to see. Still I have a high six foot fence all around the garden she can't possibly get out, next sighting was on the fence in next doors garden. Penny patiently sat in the rain and coaxed her back with cat nip treats. Ellie was soaked and muddy. Actually so was Jo, Lesley and Penny. That's it now the hutch is off limits to her. I need a rethink and it's looking a lot like walks around the garden in her harness.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Asking for help

Having been an independent lady probably one of the hardest challenges is acknowledging you need help and then asking for it.
I am very fortunate that I have friends who will help anytime if they can. So needing a couple of jobs doing I text my friend Lesley asking if she could pop in on her way home from work for a couple of quick jobs. No came back the text reply. I did chuckle, especially as penny thought this to be very non British as the British people will not say no even if that is what they mean. I replied to the text, ok no worries to get a second text to say, that should have read no problem. So I chuckled some more. Lesley duley turned up and did the jobs for me, thank you you are a star.
Christmas decorations up, all of which are out of a certain cats reach, and started to listen to the many hours of Christmas carols I have on the iPod.
Mum and dad didn't come today as mum has a nasty cold and no Susie and Millie tomorrow for the same reason.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Happy birthday Sue

Yesterday was a hospice Wednesday. Ellie knows this because the electrical wheelchair is in use. Ellie wriggled out of Penny's arms just as I was leaving through the back door. Ellie then led a merry dance around the garden. Home was under the decking as she couldn't be caught under there, so quick flurry to the plants and back under the decking when anyone got close. This went on for quite some time. I had gone back indoors as it was too cold. Eventually Ellie had enough and ran to the back door and straight in. By now most of hospice day was over.
Last night penny made Sue a beautiful birthday dinner, starters, mains and pud all washed down with a bottle of champagne. Thank you Penny for making such a special day for Sue.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Trump is a neighbours cat who comes and visits Ellie every day. It is so sweet watching them through the patio door or mesh of Ellie's hutch and run. Ellie even allowed Trump to have some of her biscuits the other day. They are both black cats but it's easy to tell them apart as Trump has his full compliment of legs.
Mum, dad aunty Linda and David coming over today. Paul is the Eucharistic minister and said he would be here at 12 noon and no sign of him half an hour later. So we may have a congregation this afternoon!
I'm loving my new gadget where I can mirror my iPad onto the tv, which saves having to look downwards. Very much a nice to have but great for catch up tv and reading my books. I'm such a geek. Last night Lesley asked about the iPad, i happily discussed what it could and couldnt do and some hour or so later she had definitely glazed over. I bet she never asks again. Bless her she did fetch some late night shopping for Penny and I.
Songs of praise and country file tonight, great.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


This morning I introduced Penny to the chocolate advent calendar, she wasn't impressed as she is trying to be good, so if you do pop round there is likely to be chocolate available. Josie came this morning and did lots of jobs off my list. Helped to get me up and had a test drive on the hoist. She did very well.
I've had a very frustrating day and not the geek I thought I was. I need a nineteen year old to set up my iPad to the tv. Knight in shining armour coming tonight.
Yesterday we had a curry tea in the shed, jill, sue, Lesley, Fi, linds, penny and me, all in the cosy shed. Can't say I fancied Jill's and Sue's whole fish much, complete with head.
Ellie has OCD, obsessive cat disorder as she shows herself to be quite mad at times.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Penny keeps dropping things. In her culture that signifies a stranger will visit. Nothing so far and there was me getting all excited by a possible dark and handsome stranger. So I have had to convert Penny to British culture where dropping things means you are just clumsy.
A dark and handsome guy did arrive today and it is always a pleasure to see Colin.
Penny made Sue pocha tonight, beaten rice, potatoes and chillies, a very healthy meal. Penny's healthy eating and exercise is paying dividends. They have agreed on pigeon next week. I had that once in Spain, complete with a piece of lead shot. There's not much meat on a pigeon apart from the huge blighter I have in my garden scoffing all the fat balls.
I can't wait to introduce Penny to our Christmas traditions, starting with the advent calendar and the storybook, the Christmas mystery, in just two days time. I wonder what she will make of mulled wine!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

Last night Penny told me that this Sunday was a special day for her and prayers had to be said at eight and did I mind. Of course I didn't mind. Well this morning I was nattering to Sue on line. Penny had overslept and had missed her eight o'clock prayers, never mind Penny there are two eights in a day. Ellie is very sleepy today as well, she even missed breakfast, which is very out of character. She slept on my bed for another hour not moving. We decided on the porridge test to see how poorly she might be. Now Ellie can't resist porridge and clearly not today either, porridge consumed and normal activity resumed. Umm a Garfield moment by Ellie or porridge for Ellie is similar to spinach on Popeye. Still, pleased she is ok.
Anne Marie and her mum called in this morning and collected the cat. Thank you for the plant.
Sue popped over this afternoon, which was lovely. Night xxx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

And Uncle Tom Cobbly himself

Been quite a week. My mate, Sue from Bedford was here until Tuesday so had a great long weekend with her and she caught up with Fi after, when we had worked it out, twenty years. Where on earth did they go? Beth babysat me in the afternoon and we both fell fast asleep. Sue came Wednesday so I went to hospice. In the afternoon Penny's line manager came for a review meeting. The gas engineer had to be called out to replace the very noisy thermostat, Ellie went to the vets for her annual inoculations. Mark smith came but was shooed away as he clearly had a cold. Steve came with shopping for Penny. Steve A came and I was telling him how much better I feel. Mum and dad came and babysat. They fixed my Hoover, again, put up my decoration hanger for Christmas and watered plants, normal friday jobs. So as you can see a very busy time. Gill the Chaplin at hospice is collecting flannels for Africa so if anyone is making a trip to Dunelm please let me know so I can put my order in. Best news, Hagley RC School have started fund raising with a Christmas card tree for an iPad. I am so very grateful to them...both when I was there as pupil and now. Rest day today. xxx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Any recommendations?

I'm looking for a George foreman grill and panini press. My search improved somewhat when I stopped using George fornby in the web search. There are quite a few variations, far too many for an easy decision.
Beth, Sue R and I watched a film called Water but this time with subtitles. A good film about Indian widows before Ghandi.
Watching Matt on the one show, he may have completed a great seven day feat and lost a stone and a half but is still no excuse for wearing too tight pink trousers.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

You know, the thingy me jig?

Gosh, I wish I had paid more attention to my geography lessons as penny quizzes me on countries in Europe. Where they are, what are they next to, what's the capital (thank goodness for the Internet), Penny keeps my mind active. The brain is not effected in my type of MND. Therefore it must be age that is affecting my memory, ouch. So please forgive me if your name, a place or object becomes a thingy me jig.
I have missed hospice for a month now through peg replacement and shingles but will definitely be going this week. I have a project started that I need to crack on with.
I am thrilled to bits with the onyx box with elephants on, the colourful boxes, magazines and white lacy top Penny brought back from India.
Lol, you have to giggle.
Penny, "a shower jacket what's that? You don't wear a jacket in the shower."
"can I see what you are reading? Lol, it's a jacket for showers as in rain not shower in the bathroom." the English language is so very complex.

Friday, 18 November 2011

The problem with retirement is you never get a day off!

Jo and I are feeling very pleased with ourselves as we managed to break past 300 points on the upword game. I saw an excellent film yesterday. Penny brought it from India. It's in Indian bwhen we put it on discovered there were no subtitles so Penny had to stay and interpret. I'm still thinking about the film today.
Josie and I had a good clear out of drawers, treasure or trash...quite a bit of trash. Mark and wiggy visited, it's always lovely to see them and catch up on what's happening at work. They did a very good job for me today, thank you. Steve arrived with baby Mae, who is growing up very fast.
A busy day and an early night.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

What a great day

Sue and I got out today, only as far as Aldi. We needed fish for Ellie, milk, Advacaat and cheese...however we came out with a large bag 'a clinking'...for Christmas, we told ourselves. I have to say hello to Chris Knight and his gorgeous dog, molly the boxer. It was terrific to be recognised. I think people who know me don't see me in the wheelchair as it is out of context to how I was when I knew them. So thank you Chris, it made my day.
Last night we had a good drink of brandy (shingles pain still not gone). It went straight to my head and I told Sue I am not drunk, I was fine until I stood up! That was a fair clue to my state of inebriation. Made us laugh so a good thing.
Doing the lottery tonight for a change. Two scratch cards yielded nothing. No brandy tonight. Have downloaded a film called Precious to watch tonight.
A slight ammendment to my last... Dr Burrows can't give me any more pain killers as I have had my quota for the day so unfortunately I have decided brandy over face ache. The breaking strain of a kit kat!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

A good job jobbed

Josie came this morning and cleaned my display cabinet with all the glass in. It was very dusty and now looks all sparkling again, thank you. I didn't mention which ones were sentimental to me until they were all safely cleaned and back in the cupboard. Josie's mother in law has made me a lovely holly brooch and a knitted christmas pudding. I have been through some old photographs, which was a right trip down memory lane. I have sorted some out to give to different people.
Edith came with fruit sponge, still warm. Bang goes Sue's being good but everyone needs a treat. Gave Edith her painting of daisies and poppies, just in time for Rememberance day tomorrow. I enjoyed doing it but my quilt cover didnt fair so well, it now looks like an artists apron.
Lesley popped in after work and has taken an order for Christmas goodies from Asda.
Ellie is Sue's best friend at the moment...salmon for tea.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Special entry

It is all very exciting. Very kindly, a district nurse, Sarah, donated lots of toys to the garage sale. Thomas the tank engine and friends didn't sell on the day so Sue has put them onto eBay. We are watching the bids go up as the selling time comes to an end. It's brilliant to watch the iPad pot continue to grow. The people who are bidding have no idea what a difference their bid is making to someone with MND. Thank you to all of you who contributed such quality items for the garage sale. The total from Thomas and friends is £

Chilled start to the day

We had planned a quiet day. Ellie played along until seven, so a good start. Last night Sue had cold baked beans on toast due to a phone call and this morning she had cold toast and marmite as I had to disturb her half way through her breakfast. Not the chilled start she was expecting.
I have been painting as a distraction from the shingles and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The rash is not so angry today and I'm so lucky Sue jumped on it straight away. Will miss hospice as ear sensitive to noise. I have finished Edith's painting of poppies and painted a card for my mum.
Well after the great weigh in, Sue is in the lead. Not having a minute to yourself and cold food is a great way to lose weight.
I need some volunteers. I have been doing the win a fiver with the extra tooth fairy chewing gum. I have won the maximum times of five and so donated twenty five to the iPad pot. I have more wrappers to be input one daily on line.
had a lovely surprise, Penny rang up from India. Glad she has enjoyed her break so far which is good.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

One pampered puss

Ellie now has a made to measure cover for her hutch to keep her warm and dry. Steve(bil) and sue fitted it today and it looks right cosy.
Shingles is very painful. A concoction of painkillers and brandy are helping me sleep through it. I'm no company at the moment. Sue is also cleaning and filling the bird feeders. Peter and Jo came yesterday and deheaded my plants so we are looking tip top out there.
Mark text Friday to say he had spoken to the headmaster at my old school and have agreed to help raise funds for the iPads. This is fantastic. I wasn't the best of students at the school. It was the best school I went to and the one that really took an interest in my learning and helped to mature me. I do wholeheartedly apologise to my teachers back then for being such a nuisance. Time to shut my eyes for five minutes. x

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Soggy moggy

It has turned a little colder and certainly a bit wetter but that has not deterred Ellie for wanting to be in her hutch and run. That's fine but soggy moggys smell so I need to purchase a cover for the hutch. I'll send my purchaser, Sue to the pet shop. It's fair to say that I don't feed a family of four here but somehow still managed to spend far too much in a supermarket. I went to Sainsburys yesterday and met my mum and dad in the cafe for lunch.
I really know how to make friends and influence people...I now have shingles down the right hand side of my face. Last time I was this spotty I was sixteen. This means Medication five times a day between seven am to eleven pm. its not big and it's not clever.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

You just have to laugh.

The conversation went a little like this. Sue, Edith would you like to join us going to Webbs? Oh yes please says Edith. Sue we can have a picnic. Lovely agrees Edith, do you like cheese and what bread brown or white, enquires Sue. Yes I have cheese I can bring over, says Edith. No don't bring it over, do you have bread? Yes says Edith, why don't you have any bread, no confesses Sue, nor cheese, can you make the picnic? It may have been lost in translation but very funny how we got our eighty year old neighbour to make the sandwiches. She was laughing so saw the funny side.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's the simple things that make us happy

Fiona and little Grace came this morning. Grace was very shy but Thomas the Tank Engine did the trick, as did the chocolate fairy cake, bless her. Great memories with Sue and Fiona, but scares me half to death to think what we were like, all fresh faced and wet behind the ears at eighteen, wearing the Queens crown. However they were good days and I wouldn't swap them for the world.
Sue has worked tirelessly at getting the train sets onto eBay. I think they will sell well. It's all coffers in the iPad pot. We now have a grand, a tremendous result, thank you all so very much. It means we can get two iPads now.
Pesky cat woke us up at five fifteen am. Sound asleep in my wheelchair now she is.
There were no trick or treaters last night and I was prepared with sweets. Oh well, anyone like wine gums?
I've had a good day. X

Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh and we are off

Dee left and Sue took over. She lights up any room, especially the kitchen when using the toaster (charcoal toast), great start, we are going to have fun. We like the odd wager and are both quite competitive. We are having a weigh in (not sure how that is going to work) and I will put on weight to equal or beat what Sue manages to lose in a fortnight. I've got this in the bag, with my new peg and good feeding regime it will be easy for me. The other day Sue needed to thread a needle but just couldn't see well enough. I could see but couldn't hold the needle and thread. The solution, Sue holds the needle and thread and I guide her hands to thread the needle. Where there's a will there's a way.
Lesley popped in this morning on her way to work with goodies

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Exclusive with Charley Boorman

What an absolute gent Charley Boorman, from the long way round and long way down series, is. How do I know this? Well I got to meet him before his live show in Worcester. The show itself would have been too late,too cold and too much, but my mate arranged for a private few minutes with him. On my iPad and proloquo speech programme I prepared in advance all the questions I wanted to ask him. I can't tell you how excited I was and Dee had a job on to get me to sleep and rest during the day. I had decided this was a good opportunity to wear my motorcycle jacket again. Dee thought it a bit strange but it felt surprisingly good(although I had forgotten how heavy it was). We arrived and Charley and Billy came through. I asked loads of questions. He was brilliant. Charley has a great sense of humour and said he would take me on his next adventure as a pillion given that I can't speak I would make a great pillion passenger, lol. Sue explained I get to see the world through other peoples experiences. Charley gave me a beautifully illustrated book of long way down and signed it for me. I love it.
Sue that was a top idea and thank you so much for making it happen. Thank you Charley and Billy for the time you gave and the best of luck on your next adventure.

Friday, 28 October 2011

And relax

No sure why but had a pain in my bladder and needed a wee at 4:30am, i had to wake Dee up. I thought i had the start of a cold but vicks on the sole of my feet has stopped it developing. Dee stayed with me until i had settled back to sleep. And then miss Ellie started, jumping on Dee's bed and giving the "take me out" squeak. You'll know what I mean if you have ever been here at six am. So Ellie got her wish and has spent all day outside in disgrace. I think Dee had forgiven her by lunch time as she gave Ellie her ham but by tea time Ellie had used the lit tray and we are back to a love hate relationship.
eBay sales doing very nicely. Sue has a few items on there from the garage sale. With my new peg in im feeling great. My dad moved me from bed to commode chair and I had no pain or irritation at all from the peg. I might relax for a bit now. Sue coming Monday to look after me, I'm really looking forward to that being a chilled, relaxed time, with the odd adventure. Mum and dad came today and got a few jobs done, like turn off the outside tap before we have frosts.
Well another glorious day weather wise.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

a miracle

I just cannot believe how well I feel.  Thank you all for your prayers they were definitely answered.  Even Penny said a prayer in India. There is no soreness in the PEG whatsoever, no discharge, no smell and no bleeding. Even the granulation has nearly disappeared. I'm not even aware I have a PEG. I keep looking just to check it's still there.  Now I can understand why people say it doesn't hurt, just wished I had had it changed 2 years and 11 months ago, but that's the science of hindsight.  I'm that impressed I have taken a photo, scroll down to view.
Firstly, Photo's of Sue playing up Lesley in Dunelm.

 I just couldn't put the real thing on.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's been exchanged and no dramas

Arrived at hospital for 9:30 appointment, went down at eleven and back on the ward at twelve and home in time for lunch, a result in anyone's book. A little cold and sore but nothing too bad at all. And the new tube, timmy two looks all sparkling and clean. I will look after him like you would a new car. Cancelled hospice tomorrow as advised to rest for twenty four hours.
Quiet afternoon with me mate, chilling, plotting and scheming away to the next adventure. given I had sedation I am prone to agree with any mad cap idea... The advice sheet said do not use electrical equipment, even a kettle, but a half ton motorised wheelchair was ok apparently. I don't think I did any damage.
Dee had put all clean bedding ready for me, bless her. and that is precisely where I have stayed.

Monday, 24 October 2011

New peg

This time tomorrow I will be home with a shiny new peg tube.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Lesley went home yesterday but we had a good week with lots of laughs. Especially in Dunelm where my naughty side kick and I set up Lesley. She spotted some dried flowers she liked but they were stuck fast. So sue helped pull the arrangement apart to get to the one she liked. I then noticed what Sue was doing, she was piling the display into Lesley's arms and of course I was ready with the camera to capture the moment.
I was miserable yesterday with trapped wind. Angeline massaged my feet whilst sat in the shed, which was a great distraction.
It's 6:50 and Ellie has decided Angeline should be awake by now, which is a good shout Ellie as I really need a cup of tea.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Where's the real Ellie gone?

There is a black cat purring away taking loads of fuss, no biting no scratching just being lovely. Now I don't know who this imposter is, where did the real naughty and neurotic Ellie go?
I have been a bit slack this week on the blog. In the main due to the fact Lesley is here looking after me and we are having a great time. Also I had a letter on Saturday telling me about an appointment to have my peg replaced, this timmy tube is three years old and showing the effects of all the stuff that has gone down the peg, that probably shouldn't be put down a peg. Puréed Brussels sprouts, brandy as a couple of examples. Anyway, the op was scheduled for Thursday, yesterday at Worcester. Wednesday late afternoon the surgery rang to say the swab I had taken was positive for a skin infection and dr Panton had prescribed some medicine. So, not unsurprisingly I was swiftly discharged to return on Tuesday. It's a quick procedure and a two hour recovery so I should be home by lunchtime. Yesterday we popped into Dunelm on the way back to make the most of the day.
Busy day today with lots happening.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wendy came yesterday and made a donation for the girls bike. Creeping ever closer to two iPads.
Fiona came today with little Grace but she was a bit under the weather, bless her.
True to form Ellie went under Lesley's quilt cover to attack her toes although a fruitless attempt as Lesley had been pre warned and moved quickly out of harms way. Lesley is doing a grand job. I'm warm, fed, hydrated, clean and very happy. I had a good sleep this morning.
It was lovely to see Ann Marie and her mother at the garage sale. I worked with Ann Marie in custody. Volunteers from the hospice came and supported the garage sale, which was great.
I've not heard from Pat, my hospice friend, I'm quite worried about her but hoping she is ok.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Penny away now for a month

Must leave you with another Penny Perla. Sue brings pumpkin soup (my mum calls me pumpkin). Anyway sue asked Penny if she could spice it up a bit. Looking quite worried at the raw material she sighed, Umm I will try! Poor Sue is unjustly vilified about her cooking (but being directionally challenged is all true). I will miss Penny but wish her a great break back home in India. Lesley now in charge and making some sprouts puréed enough for the peg...I love sprouts.
I still can't quite believe how well we did yesterday. Sue took some great photos of the day and when I have the laptop handy I will upload them for you to see. What was really special about yesterday was that Carole got to meet some of my friends and put faces to names on the blog.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The grand total is in....

You have helped to raise a staggering £884.21 thank you all so very much.

Today is the day

The day of the garage sale.
The sun is out. It's going to stay dry. I'm dressed. I'm very excited and feeling positive.
Sue B,Carole D, Belinda and Lesley all beavering away organising the lovely donations we have had. Sarah the district nurse came with lots of quality children's toys that sold well. I got to meet a neighbour opposite who I had never really met before. We had a fish and chip lunch for the workers and got selling. I'm overwhelmed at what we have achieved. All I can say is a great big thank you to you all for your generosity and support. I am really blessed knowing the very best people. Well enough whittering, by half past two we had easily met the target for one iPad and speech program. Now onto the fundraising the remainder for another. I am so excited that we could potentially help two people with MND have the opportunity to communicate and all that the web offers at their finger tips. I'm glad I'm not choosing who, I'll leave that to the professionals who will know best.
THANK YOU ALL. Well done we did good.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Happy days

Josie came yesterday with a few bits and home made flap jacks and biscuits, looked and smelt delicious, for Saturday's grand sale. Thank you John. Julie, Steve and bonny baby Mae entertained me yesterday afternoon.
This morning Sarah the DN came. She is always so cheery. Julie, the chief nurse, always puts the micro lax down her bra to warm them up a bit, which is very thoughtful and much appreciated.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well I learnt something today. A mix of aromatherapy oils in what looks like a vicks inhaler helps with nausea. I'd thought any smell would make it worse but it does mask that sicky smell very well. Bergamot is good for nausea so have kept my fluids up with earl grey tea. Nigel has his iPad and pleased he now has a male voice. Seeing Nigel with his has just made me more determined to raise money to get the iPad for those that really need it. Sunshine forecast for Saturday. Thank you everyone for all your help in getting items for the garage sale.
Lovely to see Ali today which was great. Rotti from next door came and babysat this afternoon, whilst Sue sorted out my blue badge renewal.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Get your black cat in time for Halloween, free no charge have her gratis

Only joking but I wish Ellie could be a bit more friendly where Edith is concerned. And not leave vampire puncture marks on my wrist. The long range forecast for next Saturday afternoon is for rain, so I'm hoping that will change for the garage sale with tea and cakes.
Suzie and Millie came this morning. Millie kindly gave me a soft toy called Walter the Farting dog, so I can now legitimately blame it on the dog from now on and save my blushes. Millie loved the doodle page on iPad and I have downloaded a piano one for her to play with next time. Lesley kindly did some shopping for me and dropped that round. I'm looking forward to our weeks holiday, whilst Penny is away.
Jo came this afternoon and we played Upword, a great game, we both scored well.
I had an email from Nora the other day and some great photos. I'm so pleased she is doing well.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Hereford Tales

Ok not a far flung holiday, just the next county, although we did go via a different country...Wales. We had local knowledge as we had been there before, we had an AA autoroute printout, a road atlas and a detailed OS map, so how did we end up in a cul de sac on a housing estate in Monmouth? oh and a sat nav, not on.

Just in case you thought I was gilding the lilly. A local came out of his house to help us on our way.
We did arrive at Symonds Yat Rock in time for a picnic lunch. A real bonus was that the path to the viewing area was now accessible thanks to lottery funding.
Mum dad and me enjoying the view. Didn't see the famous but elusive peraguine falcon.
 We went to Symonds Yat east and mum and dad went on a river cruise up the Wye. I took advantage and had a good hours kip in my chair. We got to the accommodation, basic but clean and comfortable enough apart from the bed in my case. I have become soft being on an air mattress. We went to the pub next door and had a meal. Mum and Sue had a shared platter of sea food. It was probably more accurately described as sea food surprise. The surprise being the half dozen pieces of southern fried chicken. My mum is a veggie and thank goodness Sue discovered it first. We all enjoyed a good nights sleep ready to visit Hereford Cathedral in the morning. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the mappa mundi and all the interesting history of that and the chained library. We went to a great cafe for lunch. Clearly Dad  was quite happy with his turkey sandwich.

Mum and I picked up some bargains in the 50% off sale at Mark's and Spencer
On the last day we came home via Labels, which was a bit of a disappointment really, I should have gone to the Hop Pocket instead.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hereford holiday

I have been on a two night mini break to Hereford with my mum and dad and Sue. I had a great time. I am so pleased to be back in my own bed. I will upload some photos tomorrow. We did symonds yat rock, Hereford cathedral and saw the mappa mundi and Labels shopping. There are one or two tales to be told, like we have strayed into another country and seafood platter surprise. the weather was so kind to us. X

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Big day

Big day today will tell you all about it on Thursday. Xx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Thank you again

More quality bric a brac coming in for the garage sale, and Annette is going to make one of her full of fruit, fruit cakes, Carole some of her famous butterfly cakes and one of Lesley's renowned lemon drizzle cake.
Picture of Charlie boy and Penny some weeks ago. Penny and Edith had their work cut out yesterday and Sue came to stay the night with me.  I can report that I am all clean now.
I had an email from Nora today  and lovely to hear she is getting on well. This picture is from the Chelsea Pensioners Party for Edith's 80th year. We made hats and wore red and black, everyone was aware bar Edith. It was a good night.
I have had two lovely people as carers, each with their own strength. Like any relationship there are times when we get irrated. I was prickly this morning, sorry Penny.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Thank you

This is Joan and Ian who live in New Zealand.  I just want to say thank you for the postcards you send. I really appreciate it. They had just had summer and so have a very healthy complexion.
I also want to say thank you to all of you that are helping the fund raising effort with donating things we can sell on the day.
Belinda came yesterday and did lots of jobs for me, like taking the nail varnish off my toes, retrieving stuff I had dropped onto the floor and hoovering all of downstairs.
Mum massaged my feet today as they were so cold and dad made me a hot water bottle. They have an old sewing machine that must be donkey's years old as it had belonged to my nan (and she didn't have it new) going, so might see if there are any takers for that on the day or via a collector on ebay.
Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

No blog for a couple of days. A bit of botty trouble. I got up and dressed for hospice but wimped out at the last moment. I went back to bed a fell fast asleep until just gone eleven so a good decision. I wanted to go to see how Nigel was getting on with his iPad. The MND nurse specialist came yesterday, she is very competent and had an excellent visit. We discussed PEG options and also a move in the right direction for extending life or possibly further down the road a possible cure. I try not to get too excited or carried away. Monday it was raining men. The window cleaners, always offer them a drink so that they hang about a bit longer. However, two police officers came into my back garden and took them away. Apparently someone had reported them as burglars. Then a boiler engineer came but we were the wrong address so had to let him go. And Dr Panton popped in with a newly qualified doctor who looked too young so it's official I'm getting old.
Penny is in training. Sue brought an exercise machine for core strength for the garage sale. Penny is using it and then rewarding herself with a biscuit, she makes me laugh. To you and I it might look like she has nodded off but she did 50 sit ups apparently.

With nappy on I'm off to the shed for an hour. Sue spent all morning cleaning the garage out ready to accept sale items.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ellie and her toys. We had lots of bum wiggling and pouncing. No real mice today. Watched 'The Other Bolyen' DVD, excellent. Penny made Chinese seafood for Sue and her, smells absolutely divine. I had beef stew and dumplings (feed).  
Tim DN came this morning but I saved him a job, so no enema today, must have been Fridays one that never materialised. 
Time to settle down to Country File.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Indian summer

Today I'm in the summer house with my friend Sue from Bedford. Both on our computers listening to the radio and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. Edith back from her holiday on the Isle of White. She didn't wreck anything this time but did get lost, bless her. Sue B fetched the new cool or warm box she bought off eBay.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Garage sale

On Saturday 15th October starting at one o'clock I will be holding a garage sale. I'm seeking unwanted items that I could put in the sale. Anything not sold will go to St Richards hospice charity shop. I need to raise funds for the iPad project to give someone in Worcestershire the freedom of an iPad and speech software.
Omega is a charity in Shropshire who are aiming to purchase ten iPads for their area. I sent them an email and had a lovely reply from them today.
Ellie did a star turn this evening. Penny let her out of her run and she pounced straight into the garden and reappeared with a small mouse in her mouth. Penny had picked up ellie and then realised that it was not a leaf but a live mouse in her mouth. Ellie and mouse get dropped and all three ran off in different directions and then Ellie needed to recapture the mouse and penny relised she needed to recapture Ellie so they all reconverged on each other. Penny was doing moves that would not look out of place on a Bollywood movie. Mouse was dispatched by Ellie and Ellie recaptured by penny. But Ellie was very vocal about not having mouse for supper.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Guardian

Front page of the Guardian today is the headline, Philip Gould: 'If you accept death, fear disappears'. A thoughtful and interesting article. I've had a good day with my mate, Sue.  She did all the down town jobbies. Wendy visited today and we discussed tactics for the PEG.  Happy Birthday to Nigel for tomorrow as he will be too busy playing with his new iPad.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Accidents happen

Or a more accurate description would be shit happens. I'm not getting up today. Firstly Houdini Ellie escaped through an open back door, only as far as the garden thankfully and was soon captured with the lure of fresh ham. The nurse helped in the recapture and then did her thing. I got onto the commode chair and let rip. Unfortunately the commode pan had not been fitted properly and fell out of the bottom with the content that had just fallen from my bottom...all over the carpet. Help Bob text went out immediately to bring his carpet cleaner over and God bless him he will come. Update to follow. Actually Jenny saved the day and worked tirelessly to get it looking loads better. Thank you Jenny very much.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Three years

Three years yesterday since diagnosis. I have mixed feelings about it, really difficult to articulate. On one hand i am very pleased at how much i have managed to pack in and get sorted. Sue took me to the shed where we dozed, drank tea and read Sunday papers. I can't believe how fast three years has passed. Thank you all very much for the unfailing support over a much longer period than imagined possible.
The iPad and speech program has been a God send to me. I'm that impressed (although I can't buy the company) I am fundraising to buy an iPad for someone else with MND to help them experience the benefit it gives. I'm already a fifth of the way there for the first iPad. I'll let Wendy from the MNDA choose who would get the greatest use from it. The gift Chris and Joyce gave me is so much appreciated. They are coming today to visit. I always get a comprehensive insight to their many holidays which is great. I have recently visited Provance.
Lesley also popping in before her dentist appointment.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Perishing PEG

Penny borrowed some DVDs from the library. We weatched the ugly truth, very amusing rom com. T visited and we were treated to another Penny Pearla, oh hello T you have put weight on. I will defend Penny with it must be a cultural thing. If you ever need an honest opinion just pop on by. (very very amusing to watch). Anyway T you look very well.
The main event was a small trip out to Lord Mortons tea room with Sue mum and dad.
I think my PEG is starting to perish. Bolus feeding is taking longer. The DN said it won't be changed unless really necessary. Quiet day today.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I was introduced to a fellow blogger yesterday, a hospice volunteer. Having secured internet access at hospice I was able to show mine and look at hers.  I was busy painting when Sue came to pick me up.  We went home via Aldi. It was to be a quick visit for only two items, but planning ahead we took a trolley in with us. Some hour or so later we found ourselves at the check out with a trolley full and then realised we had forgotten to get the one thing we had gone in there for! 
Last night I went out for a curry. Jill bought a take away and we all sat in the shed, fabulous.  Penny made me some cabbage, Indian style. It was cooked, pureed and sieved. Delicious and nothing like any cabbage I had ever had. No two ways about it, she can cook. Belinda babysat today.  Busy afternoon as I needed a few jobs doing, changing peg end, shower (I was too tired this morning) and trying to get the air bed motor silenced. (three heavy books, a bungy strap and a piece of cardboard and we achieved)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Little people

Saturday Millie came and she is four. Today Grace came and she is two. Little people really do brighten up a day. Graces mother, Fi happens to be a district nurse which was mightily helpful given my messy peg at the moment. We are trying some breathable sponge. Beth came after her course. She enjoyed the first day, so off to a good start. I am loving being able to help with the homework. Mark came this afternoon. Penny has a bit of a habit of making random comments unconnected to anything going on. Yesterday was Popeye and Olive. I helpfully added spinach as I'm expected to show some understanding. I do struggle on the British history and Shakespeare. This morning, out of the blue came golden trout. I had to admit defeat as I had never heard of it, only rainbow trout, 'oh yes', says Penny that's what I meant. They can be long days.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Pensioners garden party

The merry gang who went to the pensioners garden party at police HQ.  We decided to arrive late to make it a manageable time out. Penny won a prize in the raffle... a bottle of whisky and she doesn't drink, bonus, it is now in my drinks cabinet.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Honesty and honestly

I need to instruct Penny on the finer side of English culture and etiquette. Edith came this morning to see if we needed anything fetching from town. Penny says, hello Edith, you need a hair cut. We all laughed a great deal. I have been snack attacked, the mystery of the missing quavers and wotsits. An investigation is under way. I will start by interrogating Ellie as the first suspect for most things. It was a clean get away with no debris or forensic evidence left at the scene, which pretty much rules out Ellie. However, she is not completely innocent. Ellie has taken a particular liking to my rosary. I take it off my wrist every morning to shower and if she is about she nips off with it. Penny gives me a Horlicks or Ovaltine drink after lunch to help me drift off for my afternoon snooze. Suzie and Millie came today. Millie showed me her new black patent school shoes. She starts on Monday, bless her she is so excited. Lesley did a spot of shopping for me.

Friday, 9 September 2011


Garden looks great and the new pansies enjoyed the rain that we were not going to have. I've had a lovely day. Steve is back from holiday and looking very healthy. Bob popped by, so that was another unexpected treat. Mum and dad came this afternoon. I have decided to go away for a couple of nights, not too far away. It will put the rebate to good use, I suppose we could call it a tax break.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lovely surprise

Sorry I had a couple of days off. I was very tired yesterday morning, too tired for the nurse even. I had a wonderful day Monday. Beth shared the funny story of her granddads efforts at taking a photo of Sue's graduation. Safe to say I will wait for the professional ones. Angeline came up from Goring, lovely to catch up and see her.  Then Ali popped in, what a lovely surprise.  That is one very courageous lady (and she is excellent at scrabble). Mark came looking very smart as he started his new job.  He bought a book on sign language for dummies, that should suit us all. Sue came yesterday and we tried to watch the England Wales game but I only managed half time. Another very welcomed surprise came this morning through the post....a tax rebate, thank you very much I don't mind if I do.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to School

Josie came today with her daughter Ruth. She has her induction day to the senior school and looked very smart in her school uniform.  Now I never remember our school uniform looking that trendy.  I suppose it is the first day, we will have to see if it is still smart by half term.
Pat the physio assistant came to pull my legs. I am having a review Wednesday to see if I am still eligable for physio input.
Joy, the hospice nurse in the community is popping in tomorrow just to catch up. I must be wearing them out, it's three nurses in three years.  I will try and be gentle with this one.
Beth coming to cover Dee's break, as she wants to go out.  Angeline, from Flint House coming up later this afternoon.
My pots look wonderful after Peter filled them with winter pansies yesterday and the overnight rain has helped to settle them in. Played upword with Jo, very tight game.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

wet t-shirt competition

A lovely relaxed morning, I had a shower, got back to bed and fell asleep again. Trevor and Carole came this afternoon to visit. Unfortunately Carole was introduced to the quirky things in the house that Jack built i.e. the patio door lock going the opposite way to what you would expect, but no harm done and the kitchen tap that also goes the opposite way to what you would expect and with high water pressure Carole was soaked, sorry, forgot to mention it to you. Still Carole won the competition as the only applicant today. Trevor was wearing a medal pin for the Help the Heroes, police support badge and he gave it to me, I will wear with pride. I have had a restful afternoon. Ellie monster has been as good as gold last night and today.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Mum and Dad came today. And Dad dropped me right in it by telling Dee I had had a another coffee. I am only allowed one a day on Penny's say so. Thanks Dad! Made us laugh. They did bring a new mouse (the old one was terminal) and a hamster that runs very well on the kitchen floor. Ellie is made up now she has her toys bless her. Although she has just sneaked off upstairs and mum located her under Dee's bed, that will be us both in the dog house then!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

All change

Penny off for a week and Dee is covering her break. Ellie needs to be on her best behaviour as Dee is not a fan of cats and Ellie is not the one to swing her. Let me introduce you to Lesley. A very good sport and always up for a laugh, as you can see on the French themed night. She is very generous, kind and thoughtful. And she makes the best ever lemon drizzle cake. Lesley has taken leave to care for me for a week whilst Penny is off for a month.
Paul and Hilary came Tuesday and cut back the bushes in the garden so that looks a lot neater, thanks guys. I do appreciate it. Edith was singing the praises of Whitely Court and church at Ombersley. It is a broque church (type of architecture of the domed variety) and very ornate. I shall put that on my to do list, seeing as it is so close. What a glorious day to start off the new month.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hospice day

Went to hospice this morning. Not the same without Frans and Mary was on holiday so no painting today. Had a good chat with Gill, the chaplain and she shared a great poem called After Glow.
I'd like the memory of me
To be a happy one.
I'd like to leave an after glow
Of smiles when life is done,
I'd like to leave an echo
Whispering softly down the ways,
Of happy times and laughing
Times and bright and
Summer days.
I'd like the tears of those who
Grieve, to dry before the sun,
Of happy memories that I leave
When life is done.
Helen Lowrie Marshall

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

E bay

Penny wants to do a video of Ellie to put on the blog and u tube, I was thinking more along the lines of e bay.
A relaxed slow start to the day. Had a good girlie afternoon, Edith, Beth and Jill. Toe nails painted. Also I was shocked to see I had a very long and very grey eye brow lash. Jill expertly removed it and we all agreed it was a very blonde one instead.
Watched Invictuus, moving film.

Monday, 29 August 2011


I have found a great little app for my iPad. I had decided that when I retired after completing thirty years service I would treat myself to a year of travelling. There were so many places I wanted to visit and experience. Obviously best laid plans and all I never realised that dream. However, I pester people for postcards and photo's of their holidays to have a vicarious visit instead. Joyce keeps a travelogue which allows me to go there in my mind. I have also found an app called TRVL and it is free! It has stunning photographs. So far I have been to South Africa and India with them.
Beth is coming to sit this afternoon. We are going to look at an application form. I am more than happy help in any way I can as it makes me feel good to have achieved something in a day.
I am much more refreshed today.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Weekend nurse, Meryl is always a treat, she is efficient, gentle and kind. She can come anytime as she thought I was in my mid thirties, did loads for me self esteem. I slept the rest of the morning, just felt very tired. Hopefully back on good form tomorrow. X

Saturday, 27 August 2011

iTunes and Liveprofile

Penny now registered and set up with iTunes and music sync with her iPod, a good mornings work. I think her cd/dvd player on her laptop is on its way out though. This afternoon I will be mainly, napping, blogging and maybe a bit on the book.
I am trying to encourage my mum to sign up for liveprofile on her laptop so we can chat.
Following the live commentary for the game, Ipswich v Leeds.
Edith on duty, doing hot water bottles for me and playing catch the carrot with Ellie.
Bob reminded me yesterday that we are 4 months away from Christmas. I am pleased I have taken the pressure off myself this year by not getting presents. I might buy a goat or something instead from World Share.
What has been a real treat is the new contacts I have had from people. Thank you so much, great to hear how people are getting on.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Is it BH weekend? must be it's raining.

Good news the blue tits are back on the feeders. Now miss Ellie is in disgrace. She makes an almighty racket when a pigeon dares to call at the bird bath but by all accounts a mouse can just wander about outside and is of no interest to Ellie, she is so sacked as a cat. I didn't tell you, the other night Ellie was playing with a paper bag, that has string handles, she managed to get her one front paw and head stuck in the handle and was charging about like a demented thing with a bright yellow Selfridge bag in tow. Sue managed to catch Ellie and free her.
Bob came and cleaned the carpets for me, thank you so much. Mum and dad came. Dad managed to repair Ellie's radio controlled mouse, much to her delight, clearly a pretend one is acceptable to chase but not the real thing.
Sue R has a cold and unable to come up for the weekend which is a real shame. We have rebooked for September.
Have a good bank holiday weekend.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Count your Blessings

Another phrase from my Nan's collection.
Blessings for today...Penny and I were giving Ellie some fuss and she was purring very loudly. Penny says,"she feels like a vibrator". I am not entirely sure that is what she really meant. Thank you for the lighter side of life.
Josie's sister may be able to help me with a project and I am in need of some professional guidance. Thank you for people's willingness to help others.
Mark came and said I bring out the best in people, but in reality the goodness is already there and the person is just willing to share. Thank you for true friends.
Busy day tomorrow, DN's come in, Bob has kindly agreed to come and clean the carpets for me. I ask for no shoes on my bedroom carpet because of infection and so need to keep it clean. The stairs need a spruce up as well this time round, best have coffee on tap for Bob as that will be some hard graft.
Then Mum and Dad are coming and they both have jobs as well. Need to put some carpet down in Ellie's hutch ready for the winter so she is kept nice a warm. And then my friend, Sue, of 40 years is coming for the weekend.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I am completely relaxed and feel like I have been on a holiday. To be fair the weather has helped and I have had lots of good summer house time. Sue has looked after Ellie and me fantastically. Yesterday and today I have got Sue's laptop back to optimum speed by a bit of house work and done a set of back up disks. I feel great that for once I could do something for Sue. I now have the permanent position of laptop maintenance. I am a fully fledge geek.
I have a film to watch that my mum had recorded for me off the tv about a couple of snipers in the second world war.

Monday, 22 August 2011


Woke up to a beautiful sunny day I was determined not to miss a minute of it. Steve and Julie popped in this morning having made a special trip to the shops to fetch me some vanilla ice cream, thank you. I wanted to go to Hanbury Church for the glorious views. I love it up there. So we packed a picnic and invited Edith along. I am pretty sure that was a first for all three of us, a picnic in a graveyard.
I had thought Mark was away for two weeks so missed his visit, very sorry.
I have to share this link with you

Excellent day Good night and God Bless
I have just had a pang of know when in the heat of the moment you hit that send key...well Sue and I (before she claims innocents) sent the letter and that photo to People's Friend.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Club 99

Not only knickers but a dress as well as going out to the summer house this afternoon. DN been and Peter so clean body and soul. We are using the new words for communion.

Steve was given an ice pop and we could not understand how he was getting into such a mess with it, but he failed to realise that Sue had already cut one end for him and so he bit off the other end.
Classic Steve made me laugh.

author unknown
Once upon a time, there lived a King who, despite his luxurious
lifestyle, was neither happy nor content.
One day, the King came upon a servant who was singing happily
while he worked.  This fascinated the King; why was he, the
Supreme Ruler of the Land, unhappy and gloomy, while a lowly
servant had so much joy.
The King asked the servant, 'Why are you so happy?'
The man replied, 'Your Majesty, I am nothing but a servant, but
my family and I don't need too much - just a roof over our heads
and warm food to fill our  tummies.'
The king was not satisfied with that reply. Later in the day, he
sought the advice of his most trusted advisor. After hearing the
King's woes and the servant's story, the advisor said, 'Your
Majesty, I believe that the servant Has not been made part of
The 99 Club.'
'The 99 Club? And what exactly is that?' the King inquired.
The advisor replied, 'Your Majesty, to truly know what The 99
Club is, place 99 Gold coins in a bag and leave it at this servant's
When the servant saw the bag, he took it into his house. When he
opened the bag, he let out a great shout of joy... So many gold
He began to count them. After several counts, he was at last
convinced that there were 99 coins. He wondered, 'What could've
happened to that last gold coin?  Surely, no one would leave 99
He looked everywhere he could, but that final coin was elusive.
Finally, exhausted he decided that he was going to have to work
harder than ever to earn that gold coin and complete his collection.
From that day, the servant's life was changed. He was overworked,
horribly grumpy, and castigated his family for not helping him
make that 100th gold coin. He stopped singing while he worked.
Witnessing this drastic transformation, the King was puzzled.
When he sought his advisor's help, the advisor said, 'Your Majesty,
the servant has now officially joined The 99 Club.'
He continued, 'The 99 Club is a name given to those people who
have enough to be happy but are never contented, because they're
always yearning and Striving for that extra 1, saying to themselves:
'Let me get that one final thing and then I will be happy for life.'
We can be happy, even with very little in our lives, but the minute
we're given something bigger and better, we want even more! We
lose our sleep, our happiness, we hurt the people around us; all
these as a price for our growing needs and desires.
That's the "Club 99".

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tone deaf

I have discovered a new talent. Before MND I was tone deaf and if I started to sing I was soon told to shut up, but now, I can sing along at the top of my voice, sounding absolute pitch perfect and no one minds at all. In part due to the fact that no sound actually comes out out but in my mind I am now Annie Lennox, with the singing voice and hair cut.
Sue and I are very naughty when we are together, we do egg each other on. I am going to write a letter into people's friend to try and win a tea caddy and a packet of tea as letter of the week. The suggested subject is to be Edith and what a good egg she is, and of course I have that picture of her with the wool.
Sue doing a pucker job on cleaning the lounge for me.
Jan came round with a DVD of Mount Kilimanjaro trek undertaken by a friend to raise money for MND. Well done Chris you are a star.
Beth came sporting a very lovely new hair cut.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Ellie, No!

An early morning call from Ellie and then poor Sue was trying to enjoy that first cup of tea in the morning, early grey as it is known here, when Ellie went into full on play mode, claws and teeth. She is now outside basking in the sunshine. Seeing mum and dad today, we are having lunch together. Mum had made pureed apple from her own trees and recorded a film for me. What a glorious summers day really enjoyed myself.
In August 2008 Sue and I completed the race for life. I did it for my friend Sally who was taken quickly by cancer. At one point I was in sixth position, admittedly that was at the start line. I wasn't last, penultimate position. What I didn't know was one month later when diagnosed I was in my own race for life. In fairness I have done very well, next month will be three years from diagnosis and I have packed an awful lot in during those three years and I still have a book to write. Good night xx

Thursday, 18 August 2011

steak and kidney pie

I would love to have a steak and kidney pie. I used to deny myself as it was unhealthy, I now wish I had blown caution to the wind. In all honestly I have no regrets, writing my book has proved to me I have had a blast. I have been on a couple of blogs who refer to themselves as optimists with MND. I would quite like to join in with them as an optimist. I probably won't win the war with MND but have definitely won some of the battles along the way. For someone who doesn't say a word I don't arf talk a lot! There's no shutting me up, my Apple gadgets are brilliant,for all my entertainment and socialising but I do need the use of my hands. Before each turn I have said, I will never cope if...e.g. I couldn't drink a cup of tea in the morning, I couldn't speak etc. But in reality you do adapt but I am not so sure about if I lost the ability to to move my hands. I pray that breathing goes first. I painted a little today and I went out to the summer house for some fresh air and vitamin D seeing as we had a bit of sunshine. Ellie has been fine today.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Scottish holiday

I'm on holiday, a stay cation with my mate and the sun is trying to shine.
Ellie is licking the new carer back into shape, i.e. Once you are awake I need taking out to my run otherwise I will attack. At 12 I always have my ham so hurry up with putting that washing out on the line. She is one vocal cat. She can also be very loving and gorgeous though.
Went to the dentist (with knickers) for a check up with the very gentle and kind Dr Val. I have clean and healthy teeth. Always good to have a positive every day. The negative has to be poor Ellie being sick when she came in this evening, hopefully she feels better after that.
Early night for me I think xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


What a start to the day, feed delivery, special delivery, dentist rang, district nurse came,window cleaners and all before 10:30. At least I'm all done and ready for a visit by Fe and her two daughters, Grace and Molly, at 11. Meds arrived. Oh what a visit that was. It was like we had never been apart, so much to catch up on. I laughed that much I needed oxygen. Fe bought me some lovely flowers and great memories. I'm so pleased she came and will call again. I am always conscious that I might be scary to youngsters but Fe had prepared them well and they were completely unphased. They went with Penny to see Ellie in her rabbit hutch. I learnt a new word today,'pippy',meaning the passing of wind and it wasn't me.
Saw Steve and Edith came this afternoon. The mower went, very pleased. Was quite exciting watching the flurry of biding.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Funny, when I was at work, or at a service station or supermarket, if there was someone in the next cubicle in the toilets I couldn't go no matter how hard I concentrated. I don't think I was alone in that and would go some way to explain why the Ladies always have queues. I had a terrible time relaxing enough to use a bed pan in hospital, but now, there is no inhibition at all, very strange how the mind adapts to the circumstances. I might be sharing too much of my world but does lead me onto how hang ups I had before don't seem to worry me any more. I have not lost all inhibition! Just some of the more quirky ones we have.
Had a slow start to the day and was just washed and dressed in time for Pat to do her stretching. Wendy then came and we had a good old natter as per usual. She really is a very good egg.
Edith popped in in the afternoon. She talked about youngsters and respect for their elders. I wonder now what my nan thought of my level of respect for her. Edith sounds a lot like my nan, especially their sayings, e.g. 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves'. My nan had a saying for every eventuality, my favourite being, 'stone the crows, well I never' used at times of particular outstanding gossip.
Tomorrow night my mate Sue comes to stay. Wednesday I have a dental appointment for a check up. I am glad my mouth is back to normal.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I know it's Sunday, I'm wearing knickers

Using a bed pan or a commode for that matter requires as little on as possible to make for a smooth operation, but Sundays are different, one needs to be properly dressed. Tim came this morning. It never feels like a DN visit but more like two mates chatting about the weekends sport with a largely ignored little matter that has to be dealt with. Tim is Welsh so he was quite pleased with yesterday's rugby result as is my mate Sue, so no doubt I will hear more.
Penny is busy mopping floors and vacuuming this morning. And now gone for a lie down for an hour, lol.
Sue is coming Wednesday to look after me for the week while Penny takes a weeks leave. Penny is back for a week then Dee is covering for a week.
On a more serious note, I was told that the real tragedy is getting the disease in the first place. Very profound and something I have reflected on. I could say more about this, probably to Wendy tomorrow.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Ipswich v hull 3pm

Just trying to work out how to pin, prone to mischief badge onto Ellie, seeing as she is more deserving of that badge of honour. Half time 0-0 COYB. Penny and I watched Father of the Bride 2 which we enjoyed a great deal. Jo here for a game of upword, just taking Ellie out for some fresh air in her rabbit run. Ipswich lost, England lost against Wales in rugby, England won the cricket and I did quite well with Boltons four nil win for my fantasy football. I won upword for the first time against Jo, she helped me a lot though. Belinda had a safe day at work. So a good Saturday, so pleased that football focus is back on the tv. Lesley and Richard came and tidied up the lawn for me, thank you.

Friday, 12 August 2011


I had my hair cut and lost all energy by the afternoon. Not because like Samson I had had my hair cut so lost strength but because one little Ellie cat wanted to play at three am...right through to eight am. Free cat thats wired to the moon anyone? mum and dad came this afternoon and entertained me. Shared a tip top with my mum. Very refreshing for the mouth. The tickets have come through for the pensioners garden party. I will enjoy that. Best get some rest as have an afternoon game of upword tomorrow. X

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Prone to mischief

Josie came this morning with daughter Amy, which was lovely. Josie had seen a badge and bought it as it made her think of me, 'prone to mischief'. I can quite legitamently say, I never said a word. Penny and I watched a DVD together this morning, called piano. A strange film to begin with but ended with a great story line. Never seen anything quite like it before and certainly captured the mind. I enjoyed this morning. This afternoon was really good too. Belinda came to babysit. My peg bled so had to change tops. I saw her photos from her holiday in Germany. We discussed work, I still miss the job even during these trying times. My Stephen Turner poetry book arrived in the post today, made me smile. Lesley popped in on her way home from work. She told some funny stories about Jaffa cakes and sunflowers. Both Belinda and Lesley are very good company so an enjoyable day, right up to the point of wind. I am very sorry Lesley for sharing that. X

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'm getting old, no really I am

Something happened when I turned 45 in June. Since then I have turned from the Mail to the Times as the former I found too anti and it was winding me up. Sue took me to town today specifically to look in WHSmith. We each found great magazines for our respective gadgets and decided to have them. Ten pound each! Honestly I know I haven't been out much and the cost of living has risen but a magazine for a tenner. I am so going to read every word of it. (see I have become old). It gets worse, there was a bloke bent over making a repair and was showing his hairy backside complete with boil, and there I was shaking my head tutting disapprovingly. Actually being in a wheel chair does have either the advantage or disadvantage of being eye level to a blokes midriff. Also a real disadvantage is if someone sneezes in close proximity I get the full force of it in my face because people sneeze downwards, lovely, thank goodness for wet wipes. I bought some dairy lea cheese triangles for no other reason than they were on offer and therefore a bargain. Sue bought packets upon packets of biscuits because they were half price. But the clincher has to be, i bought a people's friend for Penny and i found myself getting engrossed in the content? What, what is happening? I can't imagine what I would have been like if I had reached seventy or eighty years. Still, we got home to a have nice cup of tea. I met a friend today outside my house, great to see her although became uncomfortable after asking how was I. I really don't mind that question and I have good and bad days the same as everyone else, so please ask. night xxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fantasy football

Not sure what to make of the events of the last few days. I feel so much for the those that have lost their homes and business.
Great concentration required today as I chose my fantasy football team. Have to support Connor Wickham as an ex blues player, hope he does well in the premiership. Do you know who is at the top of the championship tabl
Yesterday my neighbour was the DJ on radio Wyvern, so I tuned in. It was a very good show.
I managed a couple of hours out in my summer house today, bliss, especially when I nodded off in the warm sunshine.

Monday, 8 August 2011

A moment in time

Chris and Joyce came this morning and we had a great natter. Chris is a real keen cyclist and completed a one hundred and thirty mile ride in the mountains of France in atrocious weather. Like good NARPO we discussed the turmoil some senior police officers are in at the moment. Joyce has a iPad lesson today at the apple shop and she will share handy tit bits. I love my iPad. I have been watching the sixty minute makeover, oh dear into day time tv. I did all my own decorating before and enjoyed the satisfaction of achieving a new look. Alison popped by and I am hoping she can find the photographs from two years ago of our day in Oxford. It was a brilliant day seeing all the colleges and the botanical gardens. I just can't believe I never got round to going before. I would recommend it as very disabled friendly place despite the old architecture. Time for a nap xx

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Oh boy I have laughed. Trevor and Carole came to see me and made me laugh, particularly Trevor and his strawberry phone (blackberry to you and I). Trevor was my Inspector when I was a constable trainer at Droitwich training school. We would go for lunchtime runs or in the gym, great fun. Trevor brought a great team spirit, pride in our appearance and humour to the job. I would go the extra mile for him, a real leader. Carole was greeted in the usual unsociable way by Ellie with a bite to the hand. Ellie has such a cute face that lures the hand in to give some fuss and bang she has the hand. How do you train a cat to not do that?
The ride on lawn mower is on eBay and will hopefully sell for them.
Adrian came, good to catch up with him. He is always very complimentary on my policing skills and is a good tonic. I also played a game of upword with Jo yesterday, really good word game.
I think we are on to something with puree food. Smoked salmon and cottage cheese blended and sieved makes a delicious dip and semolina and nutella or semolina and peanut butter are great combinations. And Jo made both butterscotch and chocolate double cream dream.
Penny and I had a lay in Saturday morning, but had to call by 9:15 as I needed a wee.

Friday, 5 August 2011


Farewell My Friends

It was beautiful as long as it lasted
The journey of my life.
I have no regrets whatsoever
Save the pain I'll leave behind:
Those dear hearts who love and care...
And the strings pulling at the heart and soul...
The strong arms that held me up
When my own strength let me down.

At every turning of my life I came across good friends,
Friends who stood by me,
Even when the time raced me by.

Farewell, farewell my friends
I smile and bid you goodbye.

No, shed no tears for I need them not
All I need is your smile.

If you feel sad do think of me
for that's what I'll like.
When you live in the hearts of those you love
Then you never die.

And today in The Daily Mail was a lovely story of a meadow field that had been planted, a little piece of Heaven in Somerset.
Not sure if the link will work but well worth a look at.

Mum and dad coming this afternoon and we have some wheeling and dealing to do on Ebay as they have a sit on lawn mower for sale.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Three amigos

Enjoyed hospice yesterday. I remembered to take in Margarets donation and the pat straws for, Pat. I don't use them any more and they will now go to good use. Sue was with me so she met the three amigos, Nigel, Pat and me. The famous five included Pauline and James. I am not normally able to have much of a conversation with Pat and Nigel as it is too noisy for my iPod and speaker but with Sue there she was able to speak for me. With it being such a lovely day we took advantage and got some vitamin D by sitting outside. I was shattered yesterday. Sue stayed up to do the night time wee only I wasn't for stirring, but thanks anyway.
Today has been relaxed. Josie came this morning and showed me her new flower arranging skills with a beautiful bouquet. It is all to do with spiraling apparently. Jill came this afternoon looking all golden brown after her holiday in Spain and brought me two lovely pots back.
It's James's funeral tomorrow so I will join in at home in celebrating his life, rest in peace.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Whatever I had in the mouth it is on it's way out now. I did have a niggle that the numb tongue was perhaps progression but my mind has been put at rest. Too tired to do a blog today. Will be firing on all cylinders tomorrow.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Juliet bravo

Who remembers that series? I remember it being on the television and was about a woman inspector in charge of a rural station, quite an unusual event back then. It ran from 1980 -1985. I heard a song on the radio that reminded of the signature tune, amazing what is stored in the memory.
Ellie has a new friend. A black and White cat with three legs, rear right leg missing. An unusual looking cat with white whiskers and eye brows, but very friendly. The other Ellie came today, the chiropodist.
The senior district nurse came this morning and has sorted me out. Hopefully I will have the medication today and my mouth starts to feel better. It's not thrush and doctor felt it was a vitamin or iron deficiency. Nope after texting the nurses, apparently there was a mix up on the prescription and the hospice doctor will prescribe tomorrow. Happy days.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Lost for words

I had written a post today which was a complete rant about lost prescriptions and telephone calls I am not able to have. But I reviewed it and have decided in the grand scheme of things it is of little importance. I still have a sore mouth and I think the DN's are going to look at it tomorrow. I have had to put off visitors as concerned now Penny has a sore throat that maybe she caught it from me. Also I intend to rest up to knock this on the head once and for all.

Sunday, 31 July 2011


Penny now has a sore mouth...oops. Ellie having her teeth brushed with meat flavoured tooth paste for cats. Sue arrived with more emergency rations, sore throat lozengers, tonic vitamins and minerals and egg White powder. No quilt today or hot water bottles to make shiver temperature away, thank you Dn Liz for that suggestion, I have had quite a cold day but I do feel lots better though and ready for country file.

Rest in perfect peace

Lost an MND friend yesterday. Prayers and thoughts with his family.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Heart Beat

I am working on the next chapter of the book, called Heart Beat, recounting my time as a rural beat officer. I hope to publish sometime next week.
The Dn, Liz came today and much to Penny's amusement, likened Ellies naughty behaviour to it's owner. Being naughty is one thing but as naughty as Ellie! I don't think so. Bless her though she wanted to play with her remote control mouse so climbed the chair my dad was sat on, not minding where she put her feet and jumped up onto the shelf where mouse is kept, she tried to steady herself with her front right paw, but on the account she doesn't have one she fell off the shelf, unhurt thankfully but a tad embarrassed.
Talking of embarrassed, my mum and dad looked at my school reports. For my dad, some for the very first time, given that mum hid the very bad ones. My only saving grace was that my reports as bad as they were, they were better than my brothers. I think the best quote is, Jacky can produce some very good work, I just don't get to see much of it.
I am waiting for tablets to arrive from the pharmacy. I have asked Penny to increase my feed intake. I need to get shot of this sore mouth.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

My mouth is still as sore, OK the ulcers have gone down so feel better in myself but my mouth feels like I have had a very hot potato in it and burnt my tongue. Oraldine mouth wash does give relief for a while but I can only have that three times a day.
Penny got up to the toilet at 6.50am and I was already awake wanting to do the same thing so I had to call her down. The hot water bottle had leaked at the bottom of the bed again. She did breakfast and medication for me and went back to bed for a couple of hours.
Steve A was my knight in shining armour again as he came to take me for my afternoon wee and a rinse of oraldine, he gave me some yoghurt to try and cool the mouth down a bit and sorted out the gas and electricity meter readings for me. I did let him walk in, sit down and take at least two sips of his cuppa before the list of jobs came flooding out.
Ellie, needed a brush today after rolling in her lit tray (empty of any deposits, thankfully) and had managed to get yoghurt all over one side of her face, ele'gant she is not. She is very funny with the white mouse, she knows where it is kept and goes and fetches it when she feels like a game.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Light Bulb Moment

Margaret, my mother in law, had a hip operation and was confined to the house while she recovered. I popped in, in the morning on my way to work when she told me about a bulb that had blown in the living room. The other 5 bulbs in the room were working fine. Just after lunch, I get a message at work, that Margaret has called to remind me of the light bulb. After work I got home and changed out of my uniform when Margaret calls to make sure I am coming to do the light bulb. It was still light outside and I couldn't understand the fixation of having the light bulb changed. I had every intention of doing the job for her and walked down to her house, where the light bulb had grown into a major issue. I couldn't understand the urgency. Now it is fair to say that not only do I understand but I am also very guilty of such behaviour as I have time to myself to think of jobs I would have normally just got on with, but now I have to wait until someone who can do that job comes, consequently I literally pounce on the unsuspecting visitor for them to fix, change, move or whatever, and I have waited maybe 3 days so want it done now as it has become a big issue in my life. I don't even wait for the visitor to sit, have a chat and a drink and will happily do the job before they leave. If I am having a light bulb moment please tell me. I wanted the power lead changed to my laptop and was getting very anxious about it because I wanted to see if the power lead or my beloved laptop had ceased working, Steve A was the knight in shining armour that time. Sue changed the bathroom bulb for me today.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Doctor came yesterday. I'm lucky I have a very competent GP who is easy to get along with. I respect her and trust her with my care. I'm having some supplements to help me along the way. I saw Wendy yesterday as well, always guaranteed to raise a smile.
Penny had an review with her line manager this morning. All went well with the hoisting and happy for it to remain a one person operation.
Had Sue, Lesley and Edith all on a shopping errand for me today to get a hamper together for Margaret for her birthday on Thursday. I had inspiration for a Peoples Friend magazine to put in.
Had a right laugh with, Sue, Penny and Lesley. The other week, Sue came with some new shoes that I took a fancy to and no longer did Sue own a pair of powder blue shoes. And she had some lovely coloured pens which are now sitting in my goody box. Poor Lesley again came in for some stick about her Scott Walker tape, no regrets! You have been warned, with not going shopping anyone who arrives with anything new is in danger of losing the shirt off their back. I even managed to blag an apron yesterday from mother in law for Penny. Being a lovely evening, Sue and I took the hamper down to her, she was very pleased with it.
Tomorrow Penny has an NVQ assessor coming. I will hopefully get outside for some vitamin D. X

Monday, 25 July 2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Not so good today

I woke up this morning still with a sore Tongue and feeling quite chilly. Had medication and breakfast and went back to sleep. I woke midday. Penny being very industrious today with bed bath, ironing and vacuuming. I don't share her enthusiasm, I just want to get warm. I will see how I feel later but this might be it for today. Xx

Friday, 22 July 2011

Christmas 155 days left

Ellie put on a show of her party tricks with the remote controlled mouse for my mum and dad as a thank you for her new name plate on her home. My mum made me a small semolina pudding and it went down very nicely. I will have that again please.
My tongue is a bit sore today, like I have had something too hot in my mouth. I'm sure it will pass and it's just today's little irritation. The other little irritation is still out in her hutch talking to the neighbours cat, Trump.
I have had a long think and given my ability to go shopping has diminished to almost not at all I have decided I am not going to get any Christmas presents this year. I started this time last year but was able to travel much further. I'm not being bah humbug but realistic of the effort I put in last year which I can not repeat this year, sorry. I hope you all understand and don't mind too much. I am thinking of putting on a pamper afternoon sometime in November to say thank you if I can get the therapists together. I will keep you updated. x

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I was too tired, sorry. I had a good morning at hospice, having been helped by Mary, the creative therapist, to start the poppy picture for Edith. I also remembered the ice pops for my two friends, Pat and Nigel. In the afternoon, Mr Paul West, Chief Constable of West Mercia Constabulary (I know it has been changed to Police but I was in when it was Constabulary) visited and I was very pleased to see him to. He has been the longest serving Chief at WMC and covered a great deal of my service. In my opinion he is a great leader and kept West Mercia on a very steady course and maintained that family feel to the force. He was introduced to Penny as he is hopefully off to India. It turns out it is the very same area known to Penny as her brother lives there. We got the rough guide to the area, where to visit, what to buy and eat.
I never had much to do with the previous Chief, Mr Peter Hampson. Mr David Blakey was the Chief before that and was also a safe pair of hands and I joined the cadets when Mr Bob Cozens was Chief. He bought me an orange juice in the bar at Bramshill (the Police Staff College). Being only 17 at the time, I didn't dare take the offer of a drink to be anything other than a soft drink. Good days. I am as sharp as ever with my memory, one area MND has no control over.
Ellie was up at 4:30 this morning wanting to play, midday and she is asleep now! Sue's toes were being attacked until Sue started to chase Ellie, she's remarkably quick on three legs (Ellie that is, obviously). I think it might have to be a film this afternoon as Sue and I are both peppered.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Soft pudding

Umm had a right weepy on me yesterday evening. I take enough meds to stop a grizzly bear feeling depressed! I just get wobbles of...what? insecurity I think. Put the piano by the sea CD on and that helped to relax me.
I did have something very good happen yesterday afternoon though, a gorgeous 7 week old puppy came to visit for a bit of pet therapy. She licked me all over my face, but no worries because Ellie came in later and licked it all off again. I have attached a photo of the first extra face wash of the day.

Thank you Angela and Amelia.

Something very good happened this morning too. The MNDA gave me a cheque covering the full cost of the speech programme loaded on my iPad, Thank you Wendy and Thank you Worcester branch of MNDA. I know a lot of my colleagues and friends have generously raised funds for MNDA and I can assure you the money goes to making a real difference to people living with MND, from all of us a big thank you to you.

At hospice tomorrow so there may not be a blog, I will be absolutely fine just tired.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Pain in the neck

Tim, DN came after we had left a message as he was unaware that he was meant to call today. Lesley came and massaged Penny's neck for her and will ring tomorrow to see how she is. I am very grateful to her and hope she doesn't mind me using and abusing her skills. Sue has left for home, so back to the bed pans (Sue can lift me onto the commode chair, it's not always pretty but effective). By asking to be transferred to the commode chair means I get a cuddle from my friends as an added bonus. :-)
I have called my book, Dare to come close, as the people around me that are supporting me and making such a difference are in my eyes very brave people indeed. There will be a time when MND will win the war. Having seen a very good friend of mine pass away with cancer, I know only too well that, even when expected it doesn't reduce the pain any, and so I publicly thank you all. Not going anywhere just yet though as I have a book to write! And to be a pain in the neck for a while longer.
End on a lighter note, given that Penny insists we try her food all the time, I made her sample a Sharon fruit. She wasn't keen to as never even heard of one of the oldest fruits in the world. Converted, Penny liked it. I was introduced to Sharon fruit at Flint House.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday again already

Where does a week go? No district nurse (DN) turned up today but did ring at 5 to apologise, mistakes happen and I can wait until tomorrow. I declined the offer of anywhere between 6 and midnight tonight with the twilight nurses.
Sue did some ironing for me as Penny's cricked neck has come back again.
Paul came and gave me communion. He also popped back later with a load of veg for Penny. Thank you Paul.
Mum and dad came with my cousin Helen. Good to hear about Helen's new job, best wishes for your first day.
Ellie Belly, who eats practically anything on offer, or more annoyingly anything not on offer but on someone's plate, has actually lost weight. She has a new lease of life since the remote controlled white mouse came to live here and is great entertainment all round. Ellie belly still not mastered the treat ball which is surprising given that it contains food.
Sue and Penny having a Chinese take away tonight. I am having prawn curry with a side of bean sprouts and shrimp fried rice...OK with a great deal of imagination that's what I am having, actually it is feed and soya milk. I feel suitably stuffed anyway. Peppermint cordial is working an absolute treat, thank you DN Louise for that tip.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Research in my memories box

Oh dear, oh dear me, I have found my old school reports. Sue R is playing up Ellie with her remote control mouse.
The sunflower in my garden, thank you B

A very rare photo of Sue and I in dresses. It took another wedding, my own to get us back into a dress.