Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Syringe driver gone

Well it's been a few hours now and I feel fine! It seems strange as I had got quite attached to my handbag for the driver to go into. Having a shower will be easier though, I was always worried about dropping it or getting it wet.
Ellie has had her inoculations and I had my flu jab, we were both big and brave. Ellie also ate her worming tablet without too much drama.
Mary seems to be enjoying herself and enjoying the fish and chip shop near by even more.
Penny started at her new placement today and I wish her all the best.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Penny's visit

Yesterday Lesley and her mum took me to webbs garden centre. We had a walk around the riverside garden and then went shopping. It was quite busy. I bought Ellie a proper cat bed and she loves it thankfully. It's in my wheelchair where she likes to be. Mary and I forgot about the clocks going back and were awake at seven. Not sure where the extra hour went though!
Penny visited Ellie and I today, it was lovely to see her again. I really miss her. Ellie was spoilt rotten with a big box of ham and a large carton of yoghurt. Penny had made me some pumpkin and it was lovely. She also brought me some masala tea and cardamon sweet treats, spoilt as well. I wish her well in her new placement. Penny brought a DVD for us to watch, just like old times, a good old rom com. So all in all a very good weekend.

Friday, 26 October 2012


Carpet cleaned, new smart meters fitted, trees felled for winter, garden looking tidy, decorator organised, ellies claws trimmed and I'm packing my clothes today. I woke Mary up at half five this morning. I do hate doing that but sometimes its needs must and this morning was a needs must! I'm breakfasted, medicated and showered all before 9:30. Sue, Mary and I went to Dunelm yesterday where I bought stuff, as always. Mary is going out for an hour whilst my mum and dad are here today. She is meeting the daughter of her previous client. I'm glad she is having a proper break.
My mum and dad came to day hospice on Wednesday. They were made very welcome and I enjoyed showing them what I get up to. Thank you Colleen. I saw dr Becky and alls well for Wednesday for the driver to be removed. I won't miss being stabbed every Monday to change the line.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Took a tumble

Mary fell down the last stair this morning, no harm done thankfully but who's looking after who? It made ellie and i jump as it all went crash bang whollop. Bless her. Sue Ridley up this weekend so we went into town yesterday. I have my new cosy toes, its like a sleeping bag for my legs to keep me warm. I am still feeling so well and looking forward to having the syringe driver taken off me now.  I was a bit apprehensive but I am sure everything will be absolutely fine. I will miss having a laugh with the nurses.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Keep smiling

Mary is lovely and tries so hard. With day to day care we are getting there. I'm well fed, hydrated, clean, medicated and warm. She keeps leaving the peg open but I'm sure she will soon stop doing that because it makes a mess.
The priest came today and gave an ointment and communion to Mary, myself and the district nurse. So we had a church in my bedroom today, very nice.
Fi came today and good to see her, she is so funny telling stories.
The man from the gas is coming to assess the dirty footprints left by the smart meter installer. Hopefully they will send out a man to come and clean it up.
Sue coming this afternoon.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Oh dear

Well Penny did an excellent handover making sure she covered everything. I was very sad to see her go and wish her all the very best.
Mary is very different to Penny. Penny was quick and efficient whereas Mary is very slow and methodical. It is early days and Mary needs to learn the routine. I have had to refuse to drink until she sat down and had her breakfast at eleven o'clock. She has been on the go since 7:30 when I needed a bedpan for an urgent matter. It's been a stressful couple of days. I had a stiff brandy yesterday to steady my nerves. Also I will be coming off the syringe driver once things have settled at home to see how I get on.
Ellie has had mad moments running around the house, looking for Penny no doubt!

Monday, 8 October 2012


'Maybe the extent to which we cling to life is proportional to the loveliness of the life we have, and mine is lovely.  
And if it can be lovely in a world that is full of war and murder and deceit and hatred, how much lovelier in the new creation God promises us. '
A quote sent to me and just resonates with me at the moment.  I have booked a holiday to Aberporth, west Wales for the summer next year. Jill has agreed to come with us as camp cook. If we go great and if not half the fun is in the planning. But the way I'm feeling at the moment there's no reason why we shouldn't be going on our jolly. We can walk into town and there is a cafe there, there is a Tarmac coastal path within walking distance to and sea views from the bungalow.

Today is penny's last day with me as Mary starts at two tomorrow. There is a two day handover period, so penny leaves on Thursday. I'm a little anxious and I guess Mary is too. Mary is Catholic, likes cats, eats anything and appears easy going.

My friends Bob and Jenny are safely back from six weeks in Israel. They had a fantastic time in the Holy land.

The blog site seems to be having a few technical problems at the moment and I can't always update the blog.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It's good news

I like Mary and she will start next week. She will have a two day hand over with Penny. So I have a new carer. I will be sad to see Penny leave and it will be all change. Mary walks with a bit of a limp and talks with a strong Zambia accent. I guessing it will take a little while to get tuned into her accent. She is bubbly and laughs a lot.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Blog fixed

There's been no blog for a while as it had crashed and burned. Today however it seems to have righted itself. Lots has been happening. I have a new carer coming for a visit tomorrow. Her name is Mary and she is a more mature lady of 58 years. She is very experienced and looks a nice motherly type so she has potential. I will let you know after tomorrow's visit. If we like each other she could start on the 9th October, next week!
Penny took me for a walk on Saturday to see margaret, my mother in law. It was lovely to be out in the sun for an hour. I have a new arm rest with a lip to keep my arm on the arm rest and it works perfectly. Top job wheelchair services.
I had to have the syringe driver resited today, gosh it is a bit sharp when the needle goes in but I still wouldn't swap it.
I had three bunnykins, a policeman, a judge and a lawyer, so I have been on eBay with my partner in crime, sue and bought a few more to add to the collection. They are breeding like rabbits as I have sixteen more now. My mum dusts for me on a Friday and she wasn't phased by all the bunnykins on display.