Saturday, 31 December 2011

New year

And what a year it will be. I have made a new years resolution with Penny that I will not do any more grocery shopping, despite how much of a bargain it might be, to support Penny in achieving her goal.
There is the Olympics and euro football, Queen's jubilee and another year to find a cure. Things always happen in three's and that's my bet.
I really would like to thank everyone who made 2011 for me with care giving, visits, laughs, fundraising, the hospice and district nurses and all those that made such a moving Christmas DVD. (thank you Dee).
Happy New Year! Xxx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thank you

I had lovely thoughtful presents including gloves, socks, brandy, shower gel, iTunes vouchers, chocolate, peoples friend annual, a book, necklace, bird feeder, PJ's, pillow, coasters, indoor fireworks, microwave heat packs, calendars, a tea towel, plants and flowers and very pleased i am despite saying no presents this year. I feel totally spoilt.
Ellie did exceptionally well also, a tin of baby porridge, tins of 'red' salmon, toys and treats and her best toy is the cardboard box and Christmas wrapper.
Penny cooked a delicious salmon dinner for Sue, mum and herself. Dad remained traditional with his turkey. Lesley did me a delicious Christmas dinner purée which went down very well indeed.
Boxing day was also spent in the shed with friends, eating and drinking. The next day penny went off to the sales andcuts fair to say she won't be making that mistake again, Birmingham was crowded and people in a frenzie looking for a bargain.
Sue went back to Bedford yesterday.
Wishing you all a very peaceful new year.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sue arrived

My mate from Bedford arrived yesterday but not without incident, a tree came down in front of her during the storm. Luckily no harm done. Dee came with a great photo book on Turkey, very interesting and need to finish the journey.
Hopefully my ordered whole salmon will ready and waiting at Morrisons for Jo to pick up. I don't envy anyone grocery shopping today, really I don't. Steve is bringing the marks and spencer sherry trifle. Then I will be all sorted.
Sue done my morning care.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas came early

My next door neighbour came and sang carols which was a real treat, all my favourites. Hot minced pies and brandy butter afterwards. Steve A dropped in earlier in the day, so glad he is feeling better, come on Julie buck up.
A real highlight was a visit by the chief constable, Mr Shaw. He told me what was going on in the force. We share a same passion for the series long way down and long way round and told him about my meeting with Charley Boorman. I'm so chuffed. Mr shaw asked if I would like to visit the new intake early next year. I'm bowled over and really looking forward to that opportunity. I must resist coming over as some old ex bobby from yesteryear. If I can impart a single pearl of wisdom to see them good through their career, then it'll be a good job done.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A little bit naughty but it's Christmas

Well for once it wasn't Ellie but me in disgrace. Seeing as it is Christmas I decided to have a little alcoholic drink at hospice. The drinks trolley comes round just before lunch. Tube was attached, volunteer kindly poured the brandy in. I then nudged her arm for a bit more...oh deary me, it went straight to my head, good job I didn't have to stand up! Decision was made to leave before I embarrassed sue and or myself. I think I got away with it. Absolutely true I was stuttering and slurring my words using the iPad. Quite pleased with myself actually for getting into the spirit. It was good to see nigel. But the day was tinged with sadness of the passing of one of our hospice characters, rest in peace Eve.
To end on a lighter note a true Penny story.
District nurse comes to do what she has to do and told us about her sixteen year old cat called Tim. He has been diagnosed as being senile. Nurse leaves and penny and I are in the wet room. Penny says, the nurses cat can't have kittens. I give a quizicle look given that the cats name is Tim, penny insisted, "yes, the nurse said he was barren, senile." I couldn't help but laugh, You mean sterile, senile is losing your marbles. Reminds me when penny was asking me about golden trout. I've never heard of it penny. Do you mean rainbow trout, oh yes that's what I meant. Never a dull moment.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Christmas

This is my virtual Christmas wishes to everyone. Thank you Andy, colin, Jane and chris for the beautiful flowers. I have a festive poinsettia. I decided against a tree because of a certain Ellie mental cat I am the proud owner of. Ellie will find salmon in her stocking.
Penny is suffering my many hours of Christmas music, from Annie Lennox to the brass bands and of course Boney M (thanks Lesley).
My peg is still good. It's been quite quiet because so many people are suffering with colds at the moment. Thank you for staying away and hope you all feel better soon.
I had to laugh, the BBC has an advert with david Jason et al all wearing loud Christmas jumpers. Penny asked why they were all wearing jumpers that weren't very nice to look at. I tried to explain the funny side of a Christmas pull over from a distant aunt Maud. It clearly loses something in the translation. Penny has a surprise tomorrow. Jill is coming over to teach penny to bake a Victoria sponge. That is going to smell so good. I wonder if I will be allowed to scrape the bowl?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Rat on a rope

Or should I say a cat on a collar and lead. She went for walkies with Sue around the garden.
The window cleaner came and I gave a more conventional Christmas bonus, not sure what Penny gave, the young lad shimmied up his ladder and back down again. Penny was getting changed not expecting some one with a Santa hat to be at her bedroom window. Confessions of a window cleaner.
I went to the MNDA Christmas lunch, yesterday. The hospice Christmas party was also on the same day. I enjoyed my puddings, all three of them! Ice cream and brandy custard, yum merry Christmas. Sue and I were joined by Margaret who we used to see at the QE. she told me about the MNDA forum where you can share tips and experiences. But more impressive is that she confirmed the very important break through heidi the clinical nurse specialist had mentioned. A gene has been identified in a good number of people with MND. This is apparently very exciting and significant. Fingers crossed. Happy Christmas to everyone xx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Houdini strikes again

Trev and Carole visited. Always a pleasure and brought a great nodding reindeer flower pot for outside, I love him, thank you.
Jo came to visit and Lesley brought round some shopping. Shopping list for Penny that included 25, yes 25 packets of instant noodles. It's probably best not to ask but its a new diet manufactured by penny, the instant noodle diet. I hope it works. I have to say it is considerably cheaper than other options ahe has tried.
I was frantic last night. Ellie had been refusing to go in despite the rain. It was now dark so ask Jo and Lesley to have a go. Now Ellie has tasted freedom she wants it all the more. The cage was open and out she darts and away under the decking. Now given she only has three legs she is mightily quick, being black she is near impossible to see. Still I have a high six foot fence all around the garden she can't possibly get out, next sighting was on the fence in next doors garden. Penny patiently sat in the rain and coaxed her back with cat nip treats. Ellie was soaked and muddy. Actually so was Jo, Lesley and Penny. That's it now the hutch is off limits to her. I need a rethink and it's looking a lot like walks around the garden in her harness.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Asking for help

Having been an independent lady probably one of the hardest challenges is acknowledging you need help and then asking for it.
I am very fortunate that I have friends who will help anytime if they can. So needing a couple of jobs doing I text my friend Lesley asking if she could pop in on her way home from work for a couple of quick jobs. No came back the text reply. I did chuckle, especially as penny thought this to be very non British as the British people will not say no even if that is what they mean. I replied to the text, ok no worries to get a second text to say, that should have read no problem. So I chuckled some more. Lesley duley turned up and did the jobs for me, thank you you are a star.
Christmas decorations up, all of which are out of a certain cats reach, and started to listen to the many hours of Christmas carols I have on the iPod.
Mum and dad didn't come today as mum has a nasty cold and no Susie and Millie tomorrow for the same reason.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Happy birthday Sue

Yesterday was a hospice Wednesday. Ellie knows this because the electrical wheelchair is in use. Ellie wriggled out of Penny's arms just as I was leaving through the back door. Ellie then led a merry dance around the garden. Home was under the decking as she couldn't be caught under there, so quick flurry to the plants and back under the decking when anyone got close. This went on for quite some time. I had gone back indoors as it was too cold. Eventually Ellie had enough and ran to the back door and straight in. By now most of hospice day was over.
Last night penny made Sue a beautiful birthday dinner, starters, mains and pud all washed down with a bottle of champagne. Thank you Penny for making such a special day for Sue.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Trump is a neighbours cat who comes and visits Ellie every day. It is so sweet watching them through the patio door or mesh of Ellie's hutch and run. Ellie even allowed Trump to have some of her biscuits the other day. They are both black cats but it's easy to tell them apart as Trump has his full compliment of legs.
Mum, dad aunty Linda and David coming over today. Paul is the Eucharistic minister and said he would be here at 12 noon and no sign of him half an hour later. So we may have a congregation this afternoon!
I'm loving my new gadget where I can mirror my iPad onto the tv, which saves having to look downwards. Very much a nice to have but great for catch up tv and reading my books. I'm such a geek. Last night Lesley asked about the iPad, i happily discussed what it could and couldnt do and some hour or so later she had definitely glazed over. I bet she never asks again. Bless her she did fetch some late night shopping for Penny and I.
Songs of praise and country file tonight, great.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


This morning I introduced Penny to the chocolate advent calendar, she wasn't impressed as she is trying to be good, so if you do pop round there is likely to be chocolate available. Josie came this morning and did lots of jobs off my list. Helped to get me up and had a test drive on the hoist. She did very well.
I've had a very frustrating day and not the geek I thought I was. I need a nineteen year old to set up my iPad to the tv. Knight in shining armour coming tonight.
Yesterday we had a curry tea in the shed, jill, sue, Lesley, Fi, linds, penny and me, all in the cosy shed. Can't say I fancied Jill's and Sue's whole fish much, complete with head.
Ellie has OCD, obsessive cat disorder as she shows herself to be quite mad at times.