Monday, 31 October 2011

Oh and we are off

Dee left and Sue took over. She lights up any room, especially the kitchen when using the toaster (charcoal toast), great start, we are going to have fun. We like the odd wager and are both quite competitive. We are having a weigh in (not sure how that is going to work) and I will put on weight to equal or beat what Sue manages to lose in a fortnight. I've got this in the bag, with my new peg and good feeding regime it will be easy for me. The other day Sue needed to thread a needle but just couldn't see well enough. I could see but couldn't hold the needle and thread. The solution, Sue holds the needle and thread and I guide her hands to thread the needle. Where there's a will there's a way.
Lesley popped in this morning on her way to work with goodies

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Exclusive with Charley Boorman

What an absolute gent Charley Boorman, from the long way round and long way down series, is. How do I know this? Well I got to meet him before his live show in Worcester. The show itself would have been too late,too cold and too much, but my mate arranged for a private few minutes with him. On my iPad and proloquo speech programme I prepared in advance all the questions I wanted to ask him. I can't tell you how excited I was and Dee had a job on to get me to sleep and rest during the day. I had decided this was a good opportunity to wear my motorcycle jacket again. Dee thought it a bit strange but it felt surprisingly good(although I had forgotten how heavy it was). We arrived and Charley and Billy came through. I asked loads of questions. He was brilliant. Charley has a great sense of humour and said he would take me on his next adventure as a pillion given that I can't speak I would make a great pillion passenger, lol. Sue explained I get to see the world through other peoples experiences. Charley gave me a beautifully illustrated book of long way down and signed it for me. I love it.
Sue that was a top idea and thank you so much for making it happen. Thank you Charley and Billy for the time you gave and the best of luck on your next adventure.

Friday, 28 October 2011

And relax

No sure why but had a pain in my bladder and needed a wee at 4:30am, i had to wake Dee up. I thought i had the start of a cold but vicks on the sole of my feet has stopped it developing. Dee stayed with me until i had settled back to sleep. And then miss Ellie started, jumping on Dee's bed and giving the "take me out" squeak. You'll know what I mean if you have ever been here at six am. So Ellie got her wish and has spent all day outside in disgrace. I think Dee had forgiven her by lunch time as she gave Ellie her ham but by tea time Ellie had used the lit tray and we are back to a love hate relationship.
eBay sales doing very nicely. Sue has a few items on there from the garage sale. With my new peg in im feeling great. My dad moved me from bed to commode chair and I had no pain or irritation at all from the peg. I might relax for a bit now. Sue coming Monday to look after me, I'm really looking forward to that being a chilled, relaxed time, with the odd adventure. Mum and dad came today and got a few jobs done, like turn off the outside tap before we have frosts.
Well another glorious day weather wise.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

a miracle

I just cannot believe how well I feel.  Thank you all for your prayers they were definitely answered.  Even Penny said a prayer in India. There is no soreness in the PEG whatsoever, no discharge, no smell and no bleeding. Even the granulation has nearly disappeared. I'm not even aware I have a PEG. I keep looking just to check it's still there.  Now I can understand why people say it doesn't hurt, just wished I had had it changed 2 years and 11 months ago, but that's the science of hindsight.  I'm that impressed I have taken a photo, scroll down to view.
Firstly, Photo's of Sue playing up Lesley in Dunelm.

 I just couldn't put the real thing on.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's been exchanged and no dramas

Arrived at hospital for 9:30 appointment, went down at eleven and back on the ward at twelve and home in time for lunch, a result in anyone's book. A little cold and sore but nothing too bad at all. And the new tube, timmy two looks all sparkling and clean. I will look after him like you would a new car. Cancelled hospice tomorrow as advised to rest for twenty four hours.
Quiet afternoon with me mate, chilling, plotting and scheming away to the next adventure. given I had sedation I am prone to agree with any mad cap idea... The advice sheet said do not use electrical equipment, even a kettle, but a half ton motorised wheelchair was ok apparently. I don't think I did any damage.
Dee had put all clean bedding ready for me, bless her. and that is precisely where I have stayed.

Monday, 24 October 2011

New peg

This time tomorrow I will be home with a shiny new peg tube.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Lesley went home yesterday but we had a good week with lots of laughs. Especially in Dunelm where my naughty side kick and I set up Lesley. She spotted some dried flowers she liked but they were stuck fast. So sue helped pull the arrangement apart to get to the one she liked. I then noticed what Sue was doing, she was piling the display into Lesley's arms and of course I was ready with the camera to capture the moment.
I was miserable yesterday with trapped wind. Angeline massaged my feet whilst sat in the shed, which was a great distraction.
It's 6:50 and Ellie has decided Angeline should be awake by now, which is a good shout Ellie as I really need a cup of tea.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Where's the real Ellie gone?

There is a black cat purring away taking loads of fuss, no biting no scratching just being lovely. Now I don't know who this imposter is, where did the real naughty and neurotic Ellie go?
I have been a bit slack this week on the blog. In the main due to the fact Lesley is here looking after me and we are having a great time. Also I had a letter on Saturday telling me about an appointment to have my peg replaced, this timmy tube is three years old and showing the effects of all the stuff that has gone down the peg, that probably shouldn't be put down a peg. Puréed Brussels sprouts, brandy as a couple of examples. Anyway, the op was scheduled for Thursday, yesterday at Worcester. Wednesday late afternoon the surgery rang to say the swab I had taken was positive for a skin infection and dr Panton had prescribed some medicine. So, not unsurprisingly I was swiftly discharged to return on Tuesday. It's a quick procedure and a two hour recovery so I should be home by lunchtime. Yesterday we popped into Dunelm on the way back to make the most of the day.
Busy day today with lots happening.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wendy came yesterday and made a donation for the girls bike. Creeping ever closer to two iPads.
Fiona came today with little Grace but she was a bit under the weather, bless her.
True to form Ellie went under Lesley's quilt cover to attack her toes although a fruitless attempt as Lesley had been pre warned and moved quickly out of harms way. Lesley is doing a grand job. I'm warm, fed, hydrated, clean and very happy. I had a good sleep this morning.
It was lovely to see Ann Marie and her mother at the garage sale. I worked with Ann Marie in custody. Volunteers from the hospice came and supported the garage sale, which was great.
I've not heard from Pat, my hospice friend, I'm quite worried about her but hoping she is ok.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Penny away now for a month

Must leave you with another Penny Perla. Sue brings pumpkin soup (my mum calls me pumpkin). Anyway sue asked Penny if she could spice it up a bit. Looking quite worried at the raw material she sighed, Umm I will try! Poor Sue is unjustly vilified about her cooking (but being directionally challenged is all true). I will miss Penny but wish her a great break back home in India. Lesley now in charge and making some sprouts puréed enough for the peg...I love sprouts.
I still can't quite believe how well we did yesterday. Sue took some great photos of the day and when I have the laptop handy I will upload them for you to see. What was really special about yesterday was that Carole got to meet some of my friends and put faces to names on the blog.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The grand total is in....

You have helped to raise a staggering £884.21 thank you all so very much.

Today is the day

The day of the garage sale.
The sun is out. It's going to stay dry. I'm dressed. I'm very excited and feeling positive.
Sue B,Carole D, Belinda and Lesley all beavering away organising the lovely donations we have had. Sarah the district nurse came with lots of quality children's toys that sold well. I got to meet a neighbour opposite who I had never really met before. We had a fish and chip lunch for the workers and got selling. I'm overwhelmed at what we have achieved. All I can say is a great big thank you to you all for your generosity and support. I am really blessed knowing the very best people. Well enough whittering, by half past two we had easily met the target for one iPad and speech program. Now onto the fundraising the remainder for another. I am so excited that we could potentially help two people with MND have the opportunity to communicate and all that the web offers at their finger tips. I'm glad I'm not choosing who, I'll leave that to the professionals who will know best.
THANK YOU ALL. Well done we did good.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Happy days

Josie came yesterday with a few bits and home made flap jacks and biscuits, looked and smelt delicious, for Saturday's grand sale. Thank you John. Julie, Steve and bonny baby Mae entertained me yesterday afternoon.
This morning Sarah the DN came. She is always so cheery. Julie, the chief nurse, always puts the micro lax down her bra to warm them up a bit, which is very thoughtful and much appreciated.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well I learnt something today. A mix of aromatherapy oils in what looks like a vicks inhaler helps with nausea. I'd thought any smell would make it worse but it does mask that sicky smell very well. Bergamot is good for nausea so have kept my fluids up with earl grey tea. Nigel has his iPad and pleased he now has a male voice. Seeing Nigel with his has just made me more determined to raise money to get the iPad for those that really need it. Sunshine forecast for Saturday. Thank you everyone for all your help in getting items for the garage sale.
Lovely to see Ali today which was great. Rotti from next door came and babysat this afternoon, whilst Sue sorted out my blue badge renewal.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Get your black cat in time for Halloween, free no charge have her gratis

Only joking but I wish Ellie could be a bit more friendly where Edith is concerned. And not leave vampire puncture marks on my wrist. The long range forecast for next Saturday afternoon is for rain, so I'm hoping that will change for the garage sale with tea and cakes.
Suzie and Millie came this morning. Millie kindly gave me a soft toy called Walter the Farting dog, so I can now legitimately blame it on the dog from now on and save my blushes. Millie loved the doodle page on iPad and I have downloaded a piano one for her to play with next time. Lesley kindly did some shopping for me and dropped that round. I'm looking forward to our weeks holiday, whilst Penny is away.
Jo came this afternoon and we played Upword, a great game, we both scored well.
I had an email from Nora the other day and some great photos. I'm so pleased she is doing well.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Hereford Tales

Ok not a far flung holiday, just the next county, although we did go via a different country...Wales. We had local knowledge as we had been there before, we had an AA autoroute printout, a road atlas and a detailed OS map, so how did we end up in a cul de sac on a housing estate in Monmouth? oh and a sat nav, not on.

Just in case you thought I was gilding the lilly. A local came out of his house to help us on our way.
We did arrive at Symonds Yat Rock in time for a picnic lunch. A real bonus was that the path to the viewing area was now accessible thanks to lottery funding.
Mum dad and me enjoying the view. Didn't see the famous but elusive peraguine falcon.
 We went to Symonds Yat east and mum and dad went on a river cruise up the Wye. I took advantage and had a good hours kip in my chair. We got to the accommodation, basic but clean and comfortable enough apart from the bed in my case. I have become soft being on an air mattress. We went to the pub next door and had a meal. Mum and Sue had a shared platter of sea food. It was probably more accurately described as sea food surprise. The surprise being the half dozen pieces of southern fried chicken. My mum is a veggie and thank goodness Sue discovered it first. We all enjoyed a good nights sleep ready to visit Hereford Cathedral in the morning. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the mappa mundi and all the interesting history of that and the chained library. We went to a great cafe for lunch. Clearly Dad  was quite happy with his turkey sandwich.

Mum and I picked up some bargains in the 50% off sale at Mark's and Spencer
On the last day we came home via Labels, which was a bit of a disappointment really, I should have gone to the Hop Pocket instead.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hereford holiday

I have been on a two night mini break to Hereford with my mum and dad and Sue. I had a great time. I am so pleased to be back in my own bed. I will upload some photos tomorrow. We did symonds yat rock, Hereford cathedral and saw the mappa mundi and Labels shopping. There are one or two tales to be told, like we have strayed into another country and seafood platter surprise. the weather was so kind to us. X

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Big day

Big day today will tell you all about it on Thursday. Xx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Thank you again

More quality bric a brac coming in for the garage sale, and Annette is going to make one of her full of fruit, fruit cakes, Carole some of her famous butterfly cakes and one of Lesley's renowned lemon drizzle cake.
Picture of Charlie boy and Penny some weeks ago. Penny and Edith had their work cut out yesterday and Sue came to stay the night with me.  I can report that I am all clean now.
I had an email from Nora today  and lovely to hear she is getting on well. This picture is from the Chelsea Pensioners Party for Edith's 80th year. We made hats and wore red and black, everyone was aware bar Edith. It was a good night.
I have had two lovely people as carers, each with their own strength. Like any relationship there are times when we get irrated. I was prickly this morning, sorry Penny.