Friday, 14 December 2012

Situation normal

The ceiling has been replaced and is drying out. The decorators should come on Monday and that will be a good job jobbed. I have not been blogging mainly because the site keeps on crashing.
There have been no more disasters thankfully.  I have been busy with visitors which has been great.
Ellie had a good couple of nights with Lesley, whilst I was at hospice. I thought Lesley very brave to put up her tree with miss Ellie in residence, her motto is, oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree, all your ornaments are history.  Every year helping hands send out a poinsettia for Christmas and every year Ellie eats it.  They might not this year with everyone tightening their belts. I've done no Christmas food shopping, so no good coming here for a minced pie just yet. I have ordered a trifle from Marks and Sparks but that's it.
I'm feeling a bit grotty today, tomorrow will be better.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Cheerful earful

Where do I start, everything is going wrong or breaking, microwave, light bulb, extension lead, alarm bell, washing machine, grill door, radiator leak, radiators cold, door wouldn't shut, and so much more.  I have one mother of a mouth ulcer and a runny nose. Other than that I am absolutely fine. My mate sue doesn't have a blood clot in her other leg so that is good news. My mate sue b has been fab trying to make Everything ok again. Mum and dad came today and fixed the extention lead and emptied the drinks cabinet. Slowly but surely with everyone's help I am emptying the lounge ready for the builders. Joy came today my cns, clinical nurse specialist. If a bed is available I can go to hospice whilst the work is done, which in all honesty is a great relief, i can tell you as it will be noisy, dusty amd damp. Ellie is being an absolute delight at the moment. So you see I can be a cheerful earful in the face of adversity!

Monday, 19 November 2012

The day developed into a bad day

Oh dear what a turn of events. Wendy came to visit and said I can hear dripping. We looked around and found a steady drip coming from a bowing ceiling in the living room. . The leak was found to be coming from the airing cupboard. British gas were called and stopped the leak, a loose nut! They served a safety notice on me to get the electrics checked so steve managed to get an electrician to check the wiring. So at the end of the day I have water, heating and lights. Just need a new ceiling and  a carpet clean.
Then my mate, sue needs an operation which will take place on New Year's Eve.
Then I had to tell Mary off.. So all in all a rotten day but I won't let that undo the good that was done at flint house. Tomorrow has to be better.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Ok so the syringe has permanently gone. Just to muddy the waters I had a UTI but that has now all cleared thankfully. I feel great again and have gained weight at flint house. Sue and I had a terrific week. And I have come home to a fresh clean, newly decorated downstairs. It looks brilliant, all clean and fresh. I have been thoroughly spoilt at flint house, with fresh thick soup and baths most nights. I'm smelling fresher and looking a lot heavier! Cheese supper probably helped, delicious Camembert, Stilton and goats cheese. Everyone commented on how well I looked, which is very encouraging. I can't tell you how much good flint house has done me. I think sue enjoyed herself too. We went to a lovely cafe that did spicy Indian chai served with runny honey and warm milk, delicious. The highlight of the week was Dilf dressing up as a fireman, bless so funny. Glad to be home with Ellie, according to Lesley she was as good as gold with a roll of the eyes!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Syringe driver gone

Well it's been a few hours now and I feel fine! It seems strange as I had got quite attached to my handbag for the driver to go into. Having a shower will be easier though, I was always worried about dropping it or getting it wet.
Ellie has had her inoculations and I had my flu jab, we were both big and brave. Ellie also ate her worming tablet without too much drama.
Mary seems to be enjoying herself and enjoying the fish and chip shop near by even more.
Penny started at her new placement today and I wish her all the best.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Penny's visit

Yesterday Lesley and her mum took me to webbs garden centre. We had a walk around the riverside garden and then went shopping. It was quite busy. I bought Ellie a proper cat bed and she loves it thankfully. It's in my wheelchair where she likes to be. Mary and I forgot about the clocks going back and were awake at seven. Not sure where the extra hour went though!
Penny visited Ellie and I today, it was lovely to see her again. I really miss her. Ellie was spoilt rotten with a big box of ham and a large carton of yoghurt. Penny had made me some pumpkin and it was lovely. She also brought me some masala tea and cardamon sweet treats, spoilt as well. I wish her well in her new placement. Penny brought a DVD for us to watch, just like old times, a good old rom com. So all in all a very good weekend.

Friday, 26 October 2012


Carpet cleaned, new smart meters fitted, trees felled for winter, garden looking tidy, decorator organised, ellies claws trimmed and I'm packing my clothes today. I woke Mary up at half five this morning. I do hate doing that but sometimes its needs must and this morning was a needs must! I'm breakfasted, medicated and showered all before 9:30. Sue, Mary and I went to Dunelm yesterday where I bought stuff, as always. Mary is going out for an hour whilst my mum and dad are here today. She is meeting the daughter of her previous client. I'm glad she is having a proper break.
My mum and dad came to day hospice on Wednesday. They were made very welcome and I enjoyed showing them what I get up to. Thank you Colleen. I saw dr Becky and alls well for Wednesday for the driver to be removed. I won't miss being stabbed every Monday to change the line.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Took a tumble

Mary fell down the last stair this morning, no harm done thankfully but who's looking after who? It made ellie and i jump as it all went crash bang whollop. Bless her. Sue Ridley up this weekend so we went into town yesterday. I have my new cosy toes, its like a sleeping bag for my legs to keep me warm. I am still feeling so well and looking forward to having the syringe driver taken off me now.  I was a bit apprehensive but I am sure everything will be absolutely fine. I will miss having a laugh with the nurses.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Keep smiling

Mary is lovely and tries so hard. With day to day care we are getting there. I'm well fed, hydrated, clean, medicated and warm. She keeps leaving the peg open but I'm sure she will soon stop doing that because it makes a mess.
The priest came today and gave an ointment and communion to Mary, myself and the district nurse. So we had a church in my bedroom today, very nice.
Fi came today and good to see her, she is so funny telling stories.
The man from the gas is coming to assess the dirty footprints left by the smart meter installer. Hopefully they will send out a man to come and clean it up.
Sue coming this afternoon.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Oh dear

Well Penny did an excellent handover making sure she covered everything. I was very sad to see her go and wish her all the very best.
Mary is very different to Penny. Penny was quick and efficient whereas Mary is very slow and methodical. It is early days and Mary needs to learn the routine. I have had to refuse to drink until she sat down and had her breakfast at eleven o'clock. She has been on the go since 7:30 when I needed a bedpan for an urgent matter. It's been a stressful couple of days. I had a stiff brandy yesterday to steady my nerves. Also I will be coming off the syringe driver once things have settled at home to see how I get on.
Ellie has had mad moments running around the house, looking for Penny no doubt!

Monday, 8 October 2012


'Maybe the extent to which we cling to life is proportional to the loveliness of the life we have, and mine is lovely.  
And if it can be lovely in a world that is full of war and murder and deceit and hatred, how much lovelier in the new creation God promises us. '
A quote sent to me and just resonates with me at the moment.  I have booked a holiday to Aberporth, west Wales for the summer next year. Jill has agreed to come with us as camp cook. If we go great and if not half the fun is in the planning. But the way I'm feeling at the moment there's no reason why we shouldn't be going on our jolly. We can walk into town and there is a cafe there, there is a Tarmac coastal path within walking distance to and sea views from the bungalow.

Today is penny's last day with me as Mary starts at two tomorrow. There is a two day handover period, so penny leaves on Thursday. I'm a little anxious and I guess Mary is too. Mary is Catholic, likes cats, eats anything and appears easy going.

My friends Bob and Jenny are safely back from six weeks in Israel. They had a fantastic time in the Holy land.

The blog site seems to be having a few technical problems at the moment and I can't always update the blog.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It's good news

I like Mary and she will start next week. She will have a two day hand over with Penny. So I have a new carer. I will be sad to see Penny leave and it will be all change. Mary walks with a bit of a limp and talks with a strong Zambia accent. I guessing it will take a little while to get tuned into her accent. She is bubbly and laughs a lot.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Blog fixed

There's been no blog for a while as it had crashed and burned. Today however it seems to have righted itself. Lots has been happening. I have a new carer coming for a visit tomorrow. Her name is Mary and she is a more mature lady of 58 years. She is very experienced and looks a nice motherly type so she has potential. I will let you know after tomorrow's visit. If we like each other she could start on the 9th October, next week!
Penny took me for a walk on Saturday to see margaret, my mother in law. It was lovely to be out in the sun for an hour. I have a new arm rest with a lip to keep my arm on the arm rest and it works perfectly. Top job wheelchair services.
I had to have the syringe driver resited today, gosh it is a bit sharp when the needle goes in but I still wouldn't swap it.
I had three bunnykins, a policeman, a judge and a lawyer, so I have been on eBay with my partner in crime, sue and bought a few more to add to the collection. They are breeding like rabbits as I have sixteen more now. My mum dusts for me on a Friday and she wasn't phased by all the bunnykins on display.

Friday, 21 September 2012


Penny has agreed to stay on until a suitable carer has been found. This is a big relief and I'm very grateful to her for this kind gesture. It takes the pressure off. Penny's leaving do went down very well, steve, julie, jill, Lesley, Josie, penny, sue and I all cosy in the summer house.
I have a new arm rest on my wheelchair which will help with longer wheelchair trips out, now where to go....
I am enjoying a special purchase I made off eBay, four new bunny kin models, arrived today. They go nicely with the ones I already own.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

No nora

I heard today that Nora has decided not to come here now after all. She is on a placement and has settled there and wants to stay in Middlesex. So I'm on the hunt for a new carer in quick time. This is not at all ideal. I'm being told not to worry but....I'm sure everything will be fine. I have been given a name of a potential carer but no profile so I know nothing about her. The managers are all in meetings today so no progress. Maybe tomorrow we will have a reply to the email and phone call. I'm not at all hopeful this will be resolved by Sunday when the handover should have taken place.
Penny is in the kitchen making things. I'm chief taster. The lentil soup was delicious and the semolina pudding is very tasty.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spetchley gardens

Definitely worth a visit. The gravel is hard going in places so I went on the grass. No one seemed to mind to be fair. It was a beautiful sunny day which helped of course. There was an aviary with peacocks, a church and beautiful lake and gardens. I thoroughly enjoyed my day out. The cafe was pretty good as well selling home made fayre. Sue had tomato and basil soup with granary bread, very nice. The coffee was ok. We had a photo competition which sue won with the stag through the wild flowers.  That was Thursday. Friday I had my Christmas present early from mum and dad, an air, wireless printer, which is excellent. I'm guessing you may get a letter with your Christmas card this year now I can print easily. Edith is back from her holiday in Newquay. She had good weather for it.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Scrabble competition

Hospice was fun, Well the results for the big scrabble competition were, a gold to me, silver to nigel and bronze to sue. I want my post box painted gold now! A rerun will occur next month. Colleen found me a handbag for my syringe driver to save throwing it on the floor again. It's very jazzy and neat. I met a new guy who also has MND.
Wendy came with Skye and we had a lovely time watching the Olympic parade on the tv. Joyce and chris came showing photos of their latest trips to France and Spain. So I have been blessed with visitors. Sue from Bedford came at the weekend and we made the most of the sunshine going to vines park for a picnic and ice cream on Saturday and in the shed for r and r on Sunday. Penny went home for the day so sue was in charge. Penny is slowly moving out ready for the handover on the 25th to Nora.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

On safari

New attractions at the park, lemurs, meerkats and African area and penguins. Seal lion ion show was good as always. Enjoyed the animals, elephants, giraffes, zebra and tigers. The lions were conspicuous by their absence bar one in the far corner almost out of view. We have a return ticket. Exhausted now.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nora came to visit

My first live in carer, Nora, came to see me yesterday. We had a good laugh catching up on what had been happening. This is an old photo of when we went to Plymouth. I'm hoping to go to the safari park tomorrow with sue and penny. I love the animals. The guy that does the snake shows got bitten the other week and had to be airlifted to hospital. I love the safari park all the more once the children have gone back to school. Tim, the district nurse, came today and changed the syringe driver site, ouch but I wouldn't go without it.
I have finished reading my book on a cycle ride from lands end to John ogroats, thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I might have done something like that when I retired. I certainly wanted a ba around the world ticket. I would have done south Africa, Malaysia and Canada.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Peter has planted my winter pansies as the geraniums were past their best. I'm back to my favoured blue and yellow.
Yesterday I went to croome park with Lesley for the afternoon. Had much excitement using a stair climber to get into the house. It was like being in a dentist chair with excellent views across the park.
Josie brought her pet rabbit, a beautiful grey nine week old. Ellie was quite amused and when sleeping later on was without doubt chasing rabbits in her dream.
Today the hoist service man comes. Penny and I dread him coming because he doesn't shut up and withers on about how brilliant he is. No other visitors planned so a quiet day.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Today my holiday comes to an end with sue looking after me. I have been in the summer house enjoying the sunshine and we have been out to the fete and to webbs riverside walk for a picnic. Ellie has been out in her hutch, although not so keen today as it has dropped a bit cooler. We are all up to date on housework, washing and ironing so easy on for penny to come home to. The date for her leaving is the 25th September. A new jigsaw has been started of balloons and a castle. The one with three cats we got from the library was just to damn difficult to even get started.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Sue took us to the Salwarpe village fete. We had a great time. I won a couple of bottles in the tombola, a red merlot and a tesco lemonade. I was in a winning position for the lowest score on dice for a free range turkey for Christmas. It took place on church fields farm. The cow pats visible had wood clippings on them but it was still like a minefield and the wheelchair needed a good scrubbing. There were al pacas, lambs, miniature horses and goats to pet. The funniest had to be find the ferret and to my surprise real live ferrets came down the tubes, I won a lolly. The cakes in the tea room looked divine, good WI fare. We looked at the vintage and classic cars and the firemen and then came home.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Nora two

Nora is lovely. She is keen and willing to learn. We get along well and comfortable with each other. I have accepted her, and just importantly she has accepted me, to be my new carer. So she will start at the end of September.  That is a big relief to me. It's quite something having someone live in your home 24/7, who you don't know. Ellie likes the pet massages given by Nora.
Penny is in London and hope she has had a lovely time there. She is back Wednesday.
Sue and I are off to salwarpe village fate this afternoon, i think if the weather is dry. I have had a good week.
I now have a one way glide sheet on the bed to help me stay up at one end. I start the day at 5'7" and end the day somewhere around 6'2" if my feet hanging off the end of the bed is anything to go by.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Why am I still here?

     I Like this quote I dislike this quote

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

I can certainly say I have need to be adaptable to change and maybe that is why I have survived? Or maybe I have just been lucky and progress has slowed.  Went to hospice today and I stood up. It kills my ankles and knees but worth every second of that stretch.
Penny has gone on her leave today and I meet the new carer, Nora tomorrow. I'm quite looking forward to meeting her and although quite inexperienced in care I hope we get on and can work together. I will report more after Saturday. 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Droitwich reunion

Last evening I went out. Belinda took me to the Droitwich police reunion. There were lots of old faces a real blast from the past, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'm so glad I'm feeling well again. I'm putting weight on and feeling stronger. No more infections or obstructions for a good while would be good. Or anything else for that matter.
My mate, sue kindly picked me a rose from the bottom of my garden so as not to miss out on them.
Penny bought me an elephant to remind me of her. It seems so sad that she will be leaving and a new carer to get used to.  In order to impress Nora I now need to learn about Hungary. These new carers certainly take me around the world.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Wow wow

How good have the Olympics been? Thoroughly enjoying every bit, I've got square eyes. Sue up for the weekend. Ellie is competing for the ping pong in a box championships, which is fine during the day, not such fun in the middle of the night.
I might be going to flint house in November and Lesley has agreed to look after Ellie. I'm guessing she will clear her window sills this time as Ellie does love a window sill, regardless of what might be on there as they tend to be moveable objects.
Had a great laugh at hospice last Wednesday. Sue and I were taught to crochet. I was doing a chain and sue was doing flower brooches. Those in the know have declined one for Christmas.
I'm looking forward to next week.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Great news

Lins came today and we had quite a conversation about bowels. The good news is, at last, I seem to be sorted. Twice I've made it to the loo, having been hoisted which is a great achievement. I'm so pleased to be back in control. Thank you Shelley and the girls for your kind message I miss you all . .I am also very grateful to Melanie and the world of poo book, by a favourite author of mine terry pratchett. I'm sure all this encouragement is helping. Enough now.
I have thoroughly been enjoying the Olympics

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Penny leaving

Light at the end of the tunnel. There is always light at the end of a tunnel, it's just hard to see the light when in the tunnel. The tunnel I'm in at the moment is that penny has put in her notice. She will be leaving in two months time. I have been given a profile of a possible replacement, called Nora, she is Hungarian. I have yet to meet her. They are planning three weeks about between two carers, the other one being a lady I have met before. I'm not initially keen on the idea and would prefer a permanent live in carer but we will have to see. On a positive note I had a good result today with no after effects, I think we have found the right mix for a stable way forward, thank goodness, well done st Richards. It will all be alright by the end of the road and if it's not ok you are not at the end yet.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

People's friend

Well Edith's letter made letter of the week and I won a 2012 tea towel with how to make shortbread on it and a waterproof shopping bag, which would struggle to accommodate even my food shopping. I have petit filous yoghurts and actimel. I'm partial to a chocolate button when on offer too. Still it raised a smile and thanked edith for all her sterling work and friendship over the years. Edith's in the garden dead heading my roses as we speak. Dr Becky and wendy at hospice were brilliant on wednesday and I feel in very safe hands. We just need to play around with the movicol to get it right for me. Four seems a good number. For most people that would propel them into an Olympic event. Oh my goodness I'm obsessing about bowels again.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Sunday's used to be so busy, getting uniform ironed and shoes polished for the week ahead. Getting my meals sorted, soup made, packed lunch and last bits of housework. Now I leisurely watch the morning news, slowly get up for the day and have communion. But today I feel sad. I also feel a bit sick but I'm hoping it's just the after effects of a weeks lack of action. I'm definitely an eighty year old being so preoccupied with my bowel actions. Sue and edith were here this afternoon to cheer me up and give a warm welcome to any botty burp. Botty burps are good as it shows the bowel is working. Today, Monday I'm going to have a good day.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Stand by stand by

Oh dear, I can't go again. Movicol doubled and we are now all on standby. Bowel still working just being slow again. So jealous Ellie has managed a big one. I think in her own way she is trying to help. Here you go mum this is how you do it. She is being so sweet and loving today. Nurse came and had a right job with the syringe driver, still sorted now and new patch on. I'll keep you up dated. The syringe driver started buzzing so having seen it done a few times now I had a go and managed to stop it, fix the syringe back in and start it off again. I'm glad I did I would have been left with it buzzing for hours otherwise. Mum and dad came today with their new iPad. Today isn't looking hopeful, maybe tomorrow. Thank goodness, I've been, this morning.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Technical problem

Blogger has been updated and I have had to learn my way round a new site. Im back on board. Last night the two Sue's and Lesley completed the ten mile midnight walk in aid of St Richards hospice. It's our way of saying thank you to all the staff that took such good care of me. Sue b and lesley were dressed as coppers, and very convincing they were too with their squeeky truncheons and handcuffs. Sue r as a last minute addidition became the robber with a strippy top and eye mask. A lot fell out of the second time around the route which made the second half a bit tough going but they did it and returned home just after four am, looking somewhat shattered. I felt so bad falling asleep in my nice warm bed. Ellie is somewhat surprised by the late lie in and the fact that her bed in the lounge is still occupied. Still mums bed will have to make do for the time being. For the time being I still have a syringe driver to keep the sickness at bay. Another drug added because I'm a sensitive little flower to help with irritation from the needle in my tum. I'm feeling good.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bag ba cum cum

That is the noise a pigeon makes in Hindi. You have to say it fast and it does sound like pidgeons. Ellie screeches at the pigeons who nonchantly wander about the garden picking up any stray bird feed. Josie came today with a stone from the giants causeway, a little one! And a visitor guide book to titanic Belfast. I'll enjoy reading that. Wendy bought her gun dog spaniel to see me on Monday, she, Skye is gorgeous and so well behaved for a five month old. Yesterday we had a power cut, just as penny and I settled down to a DVD. The air matress needs electricity so I ended up being encased in a deflated air bed for half an hour. Big thunder storm this morning. Ellie cat was fine, quite fascinated by it all. I did make it into town yesterday but no sooner we had arrived I needed to go home again to use the toilet. I'm pleased to report a good job and pleased the new tablets appear to be doing their job, long may it continue. Thank you mr Hudson.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bad tempered Ellie

For the few days I have had a ginger long haired Tom in the garden sleeping on Ellie's hutch. He looks uncared for and so after sue and I read a street cat called bob, he has been named bob. We have put food and water out for him and quite happy to adopt him as an out door cat. He won't come near humans in any case. Now miss Ellie was having her morning treat of actimel and yoghurt and got so moody at the sight of bob being given some dry old biscuits. It's not big and it's not clever Ellie, be a bit more charitable. Had syringe driver changed today and resisted, always makes my toes curl. Sue has had a leisurely croissant and paper breakfast in the shed, bless her. Penny has had her assessor here today for her nvq level 3. I think she did ok. I'm going to try and go down town for a coffee this afternoon, I need to stretch my legs.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Home, birthday and bottoms

Right, as many of you know I'm home from hospice. What an exceptional place that is. To go in for symptom control and receive the very best in care from all the staff is fantastic. I was very comfortable there there but was also very keen to get back home. I came home Monday. I saw dr Becky at hospice on Wednesday and I was at the hospital as a day case for a look up my bum and belly decompression today. Oh and yesterday it was my birthday. I had a lovely day having a picnic in my shed with Sue and Lesley. Josie came in the morning and Steve and julie popped over in the late afternoon. I had lovely cards, FB messages and presents. A card and luxury body cream from the nurses at st Richards, and a card indicating I am in fact the queen of thrones. Lesley got me a couple of jigsaws, sue and electric toothbrush, mum a nightie, edith, smellies, a tee shirt, I tunes cards, flowers and an orchid. I did very well and feel appropriately spoilt. So quite a full on week. The good news is that my belly is feeling loads better. Im going to have to stop seeing dr Hudson as he is going to think im stalking him otherwise, after two pegs and a trip to the dark side of the moon. Not to mention a very recent out patient appointment with him.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Week three

Ok I have milked this for all it is worth. I am feeling loads better with a lot less grumbling in my tummy and I am now breaking wind. I had my first night of pump feed last night and so far so good and all is well. Just need to do one final thing to complete the circuit. I went to day hospice yesterday and sat outside in the sunshine for a bit of fresh air. I have a bath today and so long as the weather stays dry I will be doing a lap of the gardens. Dr been in and great news, I'm going home on Monday, just to make sure feed and meds are all doing ok and I won't be left over the weekend with minimal cover. I'm very pleased. In fact I can't express here my gratitude to all the drs, staff and volunteers at st Richards. I feel better now than I did weeks before I came in here. Perseverance and dedication has been astounding. Some real out of the box thinking, including a catheter up the bum which helped to clear the trapped gas. At the end of the day my bowels are going to be sluggish but it's important to not let it take control.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Colleen,may nurse from day hospice has been visiting me in IPU. She is so down to earth and a great support. Also from day hospice there is a standing machine. My theory was that if I could stand up maybe the forces of gravity could work and I would get a really good stretch. So I get strapped in and gently lifted to a half standing position( if you are a physio, especially Lesley and Kate don't read the next bit) I can't stand up fully because I have allowed the tendons at the back of my legs to shorten. I do like to lay in bed with my knees bent. Anyway it was a good effort and I have a couple of photos to prove that I'm still standing. My mum and dad was there to see this great achievement. I had great fun and hard work, it was worth it. Penny my carer is coming to visit me on Sunday, so that is something to look forward to. Ellie will come in too. Let's hope she has been to the toilet before she comes in, we had a little accident the other day. Dee sent me a joke book on farts, the little character off the EDF advert and a lovely card. Cheers Dee a great tonic. I now have my own stash of freeze pops, ice lollies and ice cream tubs in the the bistro opposite my room. Now I will have to do some collateral damage to that over the weekend.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Breaking (wind) news

It is possible that today we have got to the bottom of things. But let's go back a week. Monday I arrived at st Richards in good humour and told the nurse I was only here to have a poo. Sue got me unpacked and into bed. Neither of us expected any more than a three day stay which was confirmed when i was told, "you won't be with us long", now I'm not sure that is a good thing to say to patients in a hospice. I met my nurse, shelley (who has been excellent through out, in fact they all have). Tuesday I started the movicol in earnest, guaranteed to move mountains. edith searched out her 1977 union jack from the silver jubilee flag and named me the queen of thrones. Sue brought in some pictures for my pin board, zingy the EDF character came and put upside down to remind me what I need to do. But by far the funniest was the emails from Ellie the cat, one wishing me a good morning and looking far sweeter than she really is, followed by a very impressive package in the litter tray. At five am on wednesday I was rudely awaken to vesuvius erupting and I called the nurses. A very deep bed pan was filled in no time and it was congratulations all round for a good job done. Now you would think that that would be the end of the matter, blockage moved and we can all go home. No, when has anything ever been that straight forward for me. I was still in pain. We all thought that maybe there was still more to come so carried on with the movicol and introduced senna. Still in pain. The only way to really find out was to have another X-ray. Sue and Lesley took me to wrh. X-ray taken. Now the first X-ray proved I'm full of shite and the second one confirmed I'm truly full of hot air. All i needed to do now was fart, not normally a challenge to me. So total bowel rest and no feed at all for twenty four hours i am now a big drip woops typo I am attached to a big drip to keep me hydrated. Don't say anything but my mate has been smuggling in contraband in the name of freeze pops. I had a third year student nurse for two days and you wouldn't know she was a student. I was to teach her about the peg. It's very important to clip off before undoing the cap. forget but you will be covered in stomach contents in which you learn never to do it again. Or you can listen to the advice and avoid that step. She did fabulously well. Ellie has been to visiting most days. She has been so sweet allowing all the staff to fuss her, no claws no teeth. I was quite relieved but did ask her if she was an imposter and where had the real Ellie gone. She even sat curled up on Edith's lap. She has been so well behaved its untrue. She went for a walk with sue and was quite frightened by the fish pond and the big fish, she only likes the tin variety. Monday morning at precisely 07:14 am I did a very sweet little pop off. I was elated. But it was a one hit wonder. I was in agony again. I had morphine and then a bath hoping the bubbles and hot water would help. Dr Becky was my doctor and has been superb through out, she even politely laughed at my jokes. But the sense of humour had diminished by Sunday. A rethink because I flatly refused anyone from wrh to go anywhere near me, which wasn't very helpful but I have a real aversion to the place. Anyway jolly good thinking prevailed and the doctors came up with a cunning plan with a tube and bag to help release the air. It worked instantly and I was feeling loads better. I'm a bit concerned that I might blow up the airbag or float away. I've had me first feed in a while and a freeze pop. My mum and dad were here Friday and we had two visitors from the church, hospice Chaplin and father Patrick. Some holiday this has turned out to be but there is always a lighter side and despite everything still managed to raise a smile. Thank you ipu st Richards.

Monday, 28 May 2012


I arrived at ten at srh and was booked in and seen by the doctor. My belly wouldn't look out of place in a maternity ward so I will let you know once it is delivered. I had my first dollop of stuff and everyone has utmost faith that this will result in a few trips to the loo. I have been fast asleep all afternoon probably catching up from not sleeping last night. Theres a clock on the sparse magnolia wall. It has a second hand and I'm mesmerised by it tic tic, on a plus side the air bed is so much more quieter than the one at home.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

I'm nervous

Im still wide awake and very pleased sue is here. I have been reminiscing and we have found an original boxed set of afrika corps soldiers. My first set was thrown away by auntie chrissy when sue r and I were six or seven years old. So I couldn't resist. All this is taking my mind off for tomorrow. I might save them a job if the rumbling is anything to go by. To be on the safe side I am taking the new quilt off the bed. This time tomorrow it will be all over and I will be back to a flat tummy and breaking wind regularly.sue and I are praying for an uneventful night. Ellie spent all day outside in her hutch, sleeping, now however she is wired and sue is going to sleep in her car tonight. I had two enemas early this morning and we are still waiting for a result.

Saturday, 26 May 2012


I'm going into hospice on Monday for a procedure! Suffice to say this is going to be the big guns as all old wives tales have been exhausted without a proper result. I'm that worried about this procedure, which by itself may have the desired effect. An overnight bag being packed just in case it's necessary to stay over night. This is not the holiday sue and I planned. First it was to flint house and the right decision to cancel at the earliest opportunity was the right one. So the plan was changed to chez Grosvenor for the week whilst penny was on leave. I'm not sure that a hospice will catch on as a tourist destination. Although the colonic irrigation is a tried and tested crowd puller amoung the celebs. Seriously now, I have to give praise to the staff at day hospice, colleen and dr Toby and my GP dr Panton. The X-ray department gave millionaire service, straight in, x ray taken and out again in no time so I could get home quickly. Dr Panton has kept a close eye and stayed in regular contact, and managed to get me seen by dr Hudson in double quick time. I couldn't have asked for more. I am so relieved that I don't have to go to the hospital as I am quite sure I couldn't of stayed there. I may be off line for a few days.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I have to share a classic comment today. I was sat with nigel and we were happily chatting away on our iPads. I'm not saying who but a friend who comes with me to hospice decided a lovely momentous and asked if she could take a photo, proceeded with, say cheese. Very amusing and nigel reinforced that fact that I'm full of poo, he was being polite which is quite out of character.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Its official and there is an X-ray as evidence....I'm full of hot air. We are a little backed up In the drainage system which can prove to be really quite uncomfortable. Its all trial and error to get it back into sync again once we have cleared the original problem. I have cancelled my visit to flint house and will be having a quiet week at Grosvenor House instead. Buccuspam and a mereist sniff of oramorph helping lots today. Physio came, Becky, to help with moving and handling. Now we tried a slide sheet, it worked great I slid up the bed very successfully and then slid all the way back to where I was down the bed. So back to the think tank on that one. A little light relief on a very stressful day.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The power of prayer

Does the power of prayer work? Well the power of prayer was strongly tested yesterday. Fr Tom came to see me and reminded me that when we ask for healing it's not just the physical self, it is much more than that and most importantly spiritual healing. Then I received an email from Angeline and I know I am on her prayer list and my good friend Bob Lillyman popped by and we prayed together. The upshot is I feel great, so for me there is no doubt that there is strength in the power of prayer. What if I am wrong? Well friends have just had comforting words said to them and that is no bad thing. I have a meeting with a new care manager

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Busy week ahead

I have a busy week. Hopefully I will see bob tomorrow afternoon, if it's possible. Tuesday I have helping hands coming to introduce the new manager to Penny and I. Wednesday is hospice day and Thursday joy the palliative nurse comes. Friday mum and dad and that's another week gone in a flash. And I've started a new jigsaw with a lot of help from edith. Steve and julie popped in yesterday, it was good to catch up with them. Pete, the deacon and next door neighbour came to give me communion this morning, quiet afternoon needed. Jo and peter are coming over to do the garden this afternoon. I missed out on seeing Wendy's puppy, Skye yesterday through feeling sleepy.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Many of you know that I have not been on top form for a few weeks. I've had to cancel many engagements and I'm really sorry, i have just been under the weather. Penny is insisting on sleep after the morning routine of meds and shower. Dr Panton came on Friday and reassured me and prescribed some cream for the little irritant i have. My back ache is probably from laying around all day. The mattress is being replaced next week so I'm sure that will help. The air bed loses it firmness when due for a service and mine is over due. A very scary job had to be done today, submit gas and electricity readings for my bill!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Welcome back Penny

Penny returned yesterday lunchtime. By the evening I had been sick and at 6.55am I had to call her as I was in a right mess. Great welcome. Ellie not wishing to be out done made a right stink in her lit tray as soon as I was all sorted. At least Ellie is house trained and Penny still had gloves on. After i was washed, medicated, fed and bed changed we have all decided to go for a lie down. Best to start the day again this afternoon. Beth coming so will try and watch a DVD. I need to buck up as I'm off to flint house next month. It's a very safe place for me and very grateful I'm allowed to go this year.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Winsor report two

Edward scissor hands must have visited in the night as magazine and papers have been slashed and most annoyingly my iPad cover has tell tale puncture marks in the material...ELLIE! That aside she has been very sweet this week.
My mum is very conscientious on making sure dads diet is low fat and low sugar/salt and so for Fridays I try to compliment that (apart from the chocolates). Today Dee is baking cheese scones for them and I have a crustless vegetable quiche. Penny should have come back yesterday but she is sadly feeling poorly so thankfully dee has been able to stay on until Sunday.
Had lots of lovely visitors, Colin, chris and Joyce, Lesley, Josie, steve and Julie, sue, wendy, bob thank you all for making my day.
The winsor report shows some very radicle changes for the police service. Certainly the goal posts have changed from when I joined, and up until I retired. I'm a has been now well and truly. I actually see that as an achievement.
Ow sore gums making me grumpy. I'm trying to keep at bay with mouth wash.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Simons cat

Definitely worth looking up on utube or web. It's a cartoon of the antics of a cat. I could provide some Ellie material to Simon. She had Sue up at five thirty wanting to play yesterday.
Went to hospice and had a very relaxing time with Christine a complimentary therapist with a foot massage. The dentist wasn't at all painful in the mouth or in the pocket so that was a result.
Penny off on her break today and dee will be covering her holiday.
I am looking for fit people with a good sense of humour to support st Richards hospice on the 7th July to do the midnight walk. A ladies event but guys can join in if dressed in drag.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter cards

Lots of Easter cards and pressies, I feel spoilt rotten. Hope you all had a good Easter break too.
I'm reading the book a street cat called Bob which has made me quite sad in that Bob reminds me so much of my beloved cat Zak. He really was a character. He would see me off onto the hospice transport and would be there again in the afternoon waiting for my return. When not out doing his business or seeking the need to kill and bring home, he would be sat on my bed or on my lap in the wheelchair. I had Zak before I was diagnosed and he would always great me when I got home from work. He followed me to the park, where upon I had to abandon any plan of shopping in town and head back for home before Zak was savaged by the many dogs out for their exercise. I miss him terribly and still grieve for him now. Don't get me wrong I love Ellie and I feel very sad she can't go out on her own hunting, like Zak did. Zak started with worms. He would catch a worm on a wet night and plonk it on my bed, he soon progressed to mice but his favourite was birds. How can something so sweet be such a merciless killing machine. Poor Ellie has the same instincts but doesn't get to hunt and therefore runs around the house like her tail is on fire.
Zak didn't deserve to be run over he was sensibly cautious about roads but that night he was being chased by another cat.
A right cheerful earful today.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Quite a bit to tell you

I received my happy Easter card from Joan and Ian (sir) old habits die hard he was my inspector when I was a fresh faced, very keen newly promoted Sergeant, happy days.
Mary, the creative therapist gave me a new sketchbook and I have quite enjoyed myself drawing Ellie.
Sue took penny and I to Bromsgrove. Penny's choice. I needed a new battery for my mobile. I couldn't get into the shop because of a step so sue signed to me that it was £24 I signed back no way, we got it for £20. Baby blues win again.
Penny was worried she would stand out and therefore be stared at. To be fair she had no reason to worry, the guy in stockings and a fur coat in the charity shop got all the looks and the village idiot took a liking to me and wouldn't stop staring, his eyes nearly popped out when sue gave me a drink.
Mum and dad came Friday. Dad finished off the gate repair.
Ellie had us both up at five thirty this morning, which actually was a bonus as I got a drink of tea.
I had a letter from the department of works and pensions saying I was not fit to work. I didn't know whether to be happy or sad. I was happy I didn't have to go for assessment but quite sad about the reality. Penny and I were thinking of jobs I could and couldn't do, call centre would be tricky as would a stacker at tescos, I could do the middle shelves and penny do the rest. I have decided to be a good listener and friend instead, I can do that. And I now get a ten pound bonus at Christmas.
Sue filled bob up because of the fuel crisis that isn't actually a crisis at all but did raise quite a bit of revenue in taxes. Am I being a little cynical? Sue asked Penny whether she gets British humour, oh yes she says, it's always at someone else's expense. We fell silent for a minute and then had to agree.
I am looking forward to having visitors again after my quarintine.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hospice day

Really enjoyed today. Sue took me to hospice, we sat in the sun, I had reflexology and then did a bit of drawing of a cat in a new sketch book. Came home had a sleep, edith and I finished off the car on the jigsaw and will have my tea and a quick read of a new book I am into, a street cat called bob. Been a gorgeous sunny and warm day. Sue taking me out for some fresh air tomorrow.

Friday, 23 March 2012

All clear

Great news, urine sample today came back all clear and a lovely warm sunny day to boot. Mum put the washing out, filled the bird feeders and planted up some seedlings while dad fixed the cloakroom tap and garden gate. There is one thing about my dad, he is an excellent engineer in metal and wood work. The gate post will still be standing long after the house falls down.
Looking forward to my mate coming tonight with a day out tomorrow. The last time I went to webbs I dismantled a tin biscuit display so best not go there.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Happy birthday Edith

With each infection and each choking moment I wonder how much more my poor body can take, but it fights on so I must still have a purpose here, what that might be is anyone's guess. A somber start following a down the wrong tube, on my own saliva moment. It brings tears to your eyes and is a horrible feeling. You will all have experienced it at some time when something went down the wrong way.
My poor mate sue r has a blood clot in her calf, not a good thing at all.
Josie been this morning and did quite a few jobs for me which was very good of her. Steve popped in and we hit him with quite a long shopping list.
Best news is that the antibiotics finished yesterday. To celebrate, sue, edith, penny and I went to the cinema to watch the most exotic marigold hotel. We were the youngest there by a long way but still enjoyed the film very much.
I have treated myself to a quality duck down duvet and a memory foam v pillow seeing as I spend most of my time in bed, it may as well be in some luxury.

Monday, 19 March 2012


Let me introduce you properly to my live in carer, Panchali. She is younger than me by at least eleven years, maybe more but birthdays and birth certificates are not the definitive article in India. Penny was educated in Christian schools in India but is a devout Hindu. This is a good time to tell you about Trump, a black cat that visits daily. Penny saw the cat trying to get Ellie's biscuits through the cage of the rabbit run. Sue gave him some biscuits which he ate very quickly and was clearly hungry. Penny feels that Trump is reborn and is someone she knew in a previous life and owes him something, so has bought Trump his very own bag of cat biscuits.
Penny has a wicked sense of humour which I love. Today's gem was, what does douchbag mean? I've no idea, wash bag maybe? Look it up says penny so I did. Oh my goodness I can't repeat this, where on earth did you hear such language? (I'm not repeating it here you will have to look it up if at all interested).
Penny is also a great cook and just knows flavours and spices that mix so well together. I would have been in seventh heaven eating all that Indian food.
There is no doubt that Penny is well educated. She is now studying for her nvq level three.
Penny is a private person but when you can get her talking it is fascinating what she has to say. For example the difference in up bringing and the family honour to do exceptionally well at all of the studies. My mum did well to just encourage me to attend school. That pressure was not on me, nor was it for my school friends.
Penny genuinely cares and looks after me with my best interests only at heart. I will normally go along with it all and only occasionally put my foot down, like the go to sleep now, no way England are playing football. She was obviously right though because I missed all of the second half.
The district nurses have to be on the ball when they come here because Penny will chase them with anything to do with my care.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Racing at Cheltenham

I went to the races with Edith,Penny and Sue. We had a bet on the two forty and three twenty. No one won anything in the first race but the second was very exciting and my horse came in first so I won the money. It was very exciting and great to all be involved. Fair enough it happened in my bedroom on the tv. We have decided that with a fair wind we will go to Worcester race course on the 9th June for a ladies day in aid of st Richards hospice. Lesley will come and we will take a picnic with us.
Mothers day here this afternoon. I have got some very nice things in for mum and dad to have lunch and afternoon tea.
Lesley told us about a very interesting challenge run by a cure malaria charity in May. To live on five pounds for five days. So everything you drink and eat for a pound a day. Also, in July there is the st Richards midnight walk. I'm hoping to rope in jill, belinda, sue and sue and others to do it and keep Lesley company.
Antibiotics making me feel really rank today but backache much improved so not complaining.
Penny negotiated the t junction between the kitchen and the utility a little fast so we crashed on entry of the wet room. My commode chair has developed a shopping trolley front wheel so that doesn't help with the steering. Penny doesn't drive and I think the world is a safe place because of it. Each morning penny armed with the impulse spray attacks me and thoroughly enjoys my agony of the cold spray on my warm back.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hospice day

I am making the effort and I will get up and go to hospice today, it has been too long. I have a dentist appointment late afternoon as one of my fillings has unhelpfully started to fall out leaving a little hole. Doesn't hurt but best to get it seen to sooner rather than later. As my nan would say a stitch in time saves nine.
Angeline came yesterday. I posed pennys question to her to see how she would fair. I think I have said before, penny comes out with random words to play with to make showering a bit more interesting. Yesterday's was name a ship beginning with T. Easy, tanker, no. Oh er trawler, nope, and angelines attempt, and a good answer, titanic, nope. The answer being sought, a tug. That's not a ship it's a boat. Lol always a giggle.
Right best shake a leg.
I went to hospice and enjoyed seeing familiar faces.
My tooth was successfully filled and a severe amout of money extracted from my purse.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Makes you laugh

My wee has changed to quite unique colours whilst being on antibiotics. It reminds me of Nora. Bob and Jenny had brought her some beetroot. Nora prepared them with Edith's instructions. The following morning Nora came downstairs looking like she had seen a ghost. "I think I'm seriously ill" she declares. "my urine is a very funny colour." lol, it's pink because you have eaten beetroot, for goodness sakes don't try asparagus.
Jo popped in yesterday with some lovely white roses, they look fabulous. Beth coming this afternoon. I really hope she gets a positive letter for the specials this week. I'm quite nervous for her and hope I have given sound advice.
Lesley came this morning and we had a coffee. Heard from B via email, which was great to catch up on her news.
Oh my goodness she passed with flying colours, thank you Lord. Best day. Beth brought me a lovely card and.....the twilight DVD yippee.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sue brought Bedford to me

Seeing as I missed out on a trip to Bedford, sue has come for the weekend and brought a great book of photos of Bedford old and new.
Started some new antibiotics last night. I think this is the sledge hammer to get the remaining bug to bug er off. Penny read the leaflet and unhelpfully told me all the possible side effects, she wasn't selling it to me. I might be quiet again this week but I will be ok. I just don't do antibiotics too well. I'm a delicate flower with a sensitive tum.
Lovely bright morning, a good day for mischief. Talking about mischief, where's Ellie she is being very quiet this morning and that does not always mean its a good thing. Right I need to attract sues attention as I need a wee.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cat walk

Ellie has clearly cottoned on to the fact that the Thursday morning visit by Josie equals a walk on her harness outside. She gets unnecessarily excited as she loves her walks. Josie asks if the collar around her neck is tight enough, yes but not as tight as I would like it. She wanted a chocolate button at five thirty am! Ellie took Josie on a safari this morning, through the flower bed.
The man came from Hereford and fitted my shower chair with new bits. He left a very nasty smell in the toilet, thanks for sharing that with us and I hope he doesn't have to come again anytime soon.
Penny gone to town so edith babysitting. Jigsaw finished at the weekend and it was mightily difficult to do. Will keep for my mum and dad to see then start on a new one, a 1931 vintage car, that's the same age as edith strangely enough.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Stop thief

Bloody cat...stole chicken that was defrosting in the sink, ate a whole raw drumstick. Penny's punishment, no porridge for Ellie today.
Urine sample being sent off to the lab as a feint trace of something or another showed on the dipstick. The nurse Liz was cool about it so no worries.
Sue is coming today. Bob the wheelchair bus passed his MOT with flying colours.
I feel a bit robbed. MND is not painful but nevertheless I have been subjected to shingles, mouth soreness, cystitis and lets not forget the many Peg infections, Oi give me a break!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


District nurse came this morning and complimented me for a very neat bottom. That has to be down to Penny as she gets most of the bum jobs. Window cleaners came today so Penny hid, she has not been able to face them since THAT incident in her bedroom. It tickles me.
My mum knitted me a hot water bottle cover, very patriotic red, white and blue, I love it.
Final urine test done today, which I am sure will be ok.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Sue stopping this weekend to give penny a couple of days break. Sue has been spring cleaning and I have helped with an antibacterial wipe on anything in my reach. I have even swopped duvets to be ultra careful I don't get those bugs back.
It's a girlie day today,as after three weeks some maintenance is required. A quite day with a DVD later, I think.
mum and dad came yesterday. We were all meant to be going to Bedford tomorrow for two days but I had to cancel and probably a bit adventurous for me now.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Today is a good day.
Doctor Panton came yesterday and reassured us all that the antibiotics are doing their job and I have cleared the bugs. A cautionary test after the antibiotics have finished and that will be that. Thank you for all your support, I feel much better and relieved.
Beth's special assessment centre today and I'm like a cat on hot bricks. I have written an article for the Worcestershire MNDA newsletter about the iPad fund raising.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Thank you

Thank you for all your get well wishes and prayers. I think this antibiotic will be the one. I need to give up entomology and start collecting something else instead, coins, stamps, anything but bugs. Sorry to all those people I have had to put off coming. I have missed the visits and banter but it was the right thing to do.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Awaiting results

Thank you all for the kind emails. I would also like to thank the lady that creased up over my frilly knickers and brought the lighter side to my current predicament.
The nurse didn't hang about this morning, grabbed the sample and beat a hasty retreat. I had just emptied the contents of my stomach and the aroma wasn't good. I am starting to feel better and hope to be back to normal very soon.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

An update

Sorry I have been slipping on the blog but I'm attention seeking again. I have an infection and on antibiotics to clear it. I will back to normal I'm sure very soon.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Back on track

After my diary disaster I'm back on track. Fortunately my diary had synced with the iPad calendar at some point so I was able to recover quite a bit. Technology is brilliant except when numpties like me press the wrong buttons.
Ellie is providing entertainment. She will do almost anything for porridge. Give a kiss, look as cute as possible, she has definitely mastered the cute face whilst resting on your arm. Her party piece is the meerkat dance she performs. The naughty one (there has to be a bit of naughtiness when Ellie is involved) is stalking the spoon and taking a well timed swoop at the porridge knowing that once any contact is made she has secured the kill.
Dee came today with photo books from her Turkey and Iceland holidays. Time flew by and I visited two places I have never been to.
New medication arrived today which has to be taken every other day.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Oh dear. My thumb caught the iPad screen and completely wiped my calendar entries so I now have no idea who is coming when. Please can you let me know if we had agreed a time and date, so sorry.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bedford sue

Sue and I have been mates since we were five years old, which is a considerable length of time. Sue took Ellie for a walk outside in the snow, this morning...there was a lot of paw shaking, which was quite funny to watch, and penny built me a snowman. Why does snow bring out the kid in us all? It didn't take Ellie long to work out that if you stand on the rim of a pot it takes your paws out of that wet cold and white stuff. It's great to see the pattern of just three paws. But I think she likes it as it is exploring and Ellie is the noseyist cat I know.
My friends Carole and Trevor couldn't come today because of the weather. Sue did my morning care. Rented a film on apple tv last night, I was unable to stay awake to the end so will catch up this morning. I'm such a shandy light weight. I slept during the day as well. The rugby was exciting to watch. Ipswich won again 3-2 I'm so pleased we have got back a winning streak.

Friday, 3 February 2012

A day of two sides

Good news is that the iPads have been ordered by the QE hospital for people with speech problems from MND. And as one gift arrives another great gift is taken away, rest in perfect peace. That's all I have to say today.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Did not do hospice today, penny decided yesterday that an extra day in bed was needed and she was quite right.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Wendy came yesterday, i don't know why but we do have a good laugh together and makes for a good start to the day. Windows were cleaned yesterday, penny hid after the exposure last time, bless her. Windows were replaced today although they seem to be struggling with the bedroom one, hope it fits! Very relieved that is done.
Blimey it was cold with the front window out but glad it is replaced. Ellie was locked in the downstairs toilet to prevent escape.
No visitors today so penny watched a DVD with me, a comedy with George clooney, very nice.
NARPO magazine came today with some pictures on the front cover of old police cars, problem is I remember them.
I have been accepted as a tester for Olay cream for sensitive skin. I will be getting free samples to give away so please do ask.
Edith had her op and all went well.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lost lucy

Lucy is my speech programme and she decided to play up, freezing just as I had something to say. Very frustrating and went to show how necessary she is. With lots of emails to the software company trying to fix her I ended up having to delete her and download from afresh. Penny passed her citizen exam, not just passed but smashed it 100% well done and is now available for pub quizzes.
Chris and Joyce came over. Chris told me his sorry tale of how he broke his hip, slipping on black ice on his bicycle, but he is doing remarkably well getting around on crutches. Get well soon and hope the plate and pins does the job.
Bob and Jenny are back from their mission in India.
I have a new iPad painting app called inspire pro, sadly my effort was anything but pro. I will persever, a controlled hand is required.
I had thought about visiting Lourdes but really it's in the too difficult basket. I am well enough to go to flint house and very excited I am too. It's a rehab centre for police officers but allow a small percentage of retired officers. I can't praise the staff, all the staff, restaurant, maintanence, gardens, driver, physios and nurses etc. They all work very hard to give an atmosphere of well being to all their guests.
The missing final piece in the jigsaw turned up, chewed in Ellie's bed, no guesses needed. Ellie you really are a little git but I love you.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It's raining men

Sue came over to take edith to the hospital for an appointment with the dermatology department. Edith hates being late for anything. Sue turned up and off they trundled to Worcester arriving on time, however they were at the wrong hospital and had to hot foot it over to Bromsgrove. Edith got told off by the receptionist for being late, you are never too old! Next stop the opthalmatology department, she had miss read the letter. However apparently the telling of paled into insignificance as she had a very dishy doctor. I've seen a new side to edith, she played up the sergeant the other day. Three men came to look at my windows.
The jigsaw was completed bar one piece, that's missing. Thank you edith, Lesley and Sue for completing it for me.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Peaceful night

Thank you for all of your kind messages re yesterday's incident. No repeat last night thankfully. Penny spent the night downstairs, which helped me.
Jo coming today to play upword. That'll get my brain working.
Penny is studying for her citizenship test, it's testing me as well, do you know why the Huguenots came to England, no me neither but Penny did. I did know the names of the four saints for the uk but failed miserably on the dates. In the 2001 census what percentage of people said they had a religion? Still I wish her luck.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Someone kindly threw a stone at my lounge window and cracked the double glazed unit. I'm not best impressed. When it came to reporting the crime I needed to telephone, not overly helpful when you can't speak. The only way I could do it was reporting as a hate crime, which it could well be due to my disability, easy target. I have reported it at least but guess there is very little chance of catching the yob. It really has upset me, like other law abiding citizens I don't need the hassle or the expense. Bob is ok.
Not a great start to the day but brightened up with Susie and Millie's visit.
Chris and Sam from the local constabulary came and took details. They know about it now so might do some passing patrols at night for reassurance for me and the neighbours.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The positive things

War horse was brilliant, really enjoyed it. It was so easy at the Vue in Worcester. We were able to park right outside the door, get a carers discount and a big space for the wheelchair. I had the best chair in the house as it tilted and reclined(not everyone takes their own seat to the cinema).
I have had a reasonably quiet week. Dee left and penny returned. She had a good time in Glasgow and brought me back a lovely and soft lambs wool scarf.
Yesterday was a good day at hospice. Creative therapy Mary wanted Chinese lanterns painted for the Chinese new year on Monday. I did two with cherry blossom on them, they turned out surprisingly well considering they were spherical shaped and kept rolling away from me. I steadied my hand with a nip of brandy.
Josie came this morning, it seems too easy to create a Thursday job list. Ellie thoroughly looks forward to josies visit as she gets to smell the flowers outside. The best job by far was seeking out the soft toilet paper for my wet room.
Little Mae came to visit with Steve and Julie, she now has words and teeth.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

War horse

Today sue is taking me to see war horse at the cinema. Sue had tried desperately to get me into the new theatre London to see the play but as an old theatre (despite its name, I suppose it was new once) it was not suitable for wheelchairs. I'm really looking forward to seeing the film.
Yesterday dee and I watched a film horrible bosses on apple tv, started off funny but got a bit silly towards the end. Apple tv is a great addition for me. I can control what I watch on tv via my iPad, with a swipe of a finger across the screen. I can watch catch up tv, rent a film, read a book, listen to music and not a single button in sight, fabulous.
Ali sent me an on line jigsaw puzzle and suggested an app. So much easier than trying to pick up fiddle little bits of jigsaw and Ellie can't eat the virtual ones. Thanks Ali a top idea.

Friday, 13 January 2012

A pain in the neck

I must have slept funny and have cricked my neck and shoulder. I was quite grumpy with it yesterday. Still niggling this morning. Both dee and Josie have been on the cat walk and Ellie is lapping it up. Ellie is in danger of losing her natural born killer status. She is not attacking Edith's feet and even allowing a fuss. Last night she slept with me and gave me fuss when I woke at two am. She's almost domesticated!
Millie's birthday today, happy birthday, aunty Jacky xxx
Mum and dad come today.
I have started a jigsaw, not sure how well I will get on with it. Thankfully visitors can't resist to help, which is fine by me. There is an awful amount of blue sky and blue water.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Good start to the year

Sorry I've not been on the blog for a few days, no excuses just having a good time. Sue and I prepared a presentation to give to the new recruits on their first day. It was so good to be back in my old classroom, it brought back many memories from custody training days. I enjoyed talking to the students and giving them fifteen minutes worth of my knowledge. They were all very receptive and look like they will be a good group, I wish them all well. It gave me a great sense of achievement. What was scary was Sue and I in the same classroom together, but we didn't need to worry as we were well supervised with class tutors and course inspector, anyone would think we couldn't be trusted! Seriously I hope it was a little motivating.
Angeline came to visit. It was great to catch up with flint house news and so relaxing to have a foot and Hamm massage.
Tim the DN came yesterday, I have not seen him in an age.
Ali came yesterday and we watched a Christmas carol, filmed in Shrewsbury, I thoroughly enjoyed it and made for a lovely relaxed day.
Sue here today so Dee can go bargain hunting in Worcester. Sue is cleaning off the gratis deposits from the pigeons on my patio window. Dr Panton coming this afternoon.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I enjoyed hospice today. Having my hands massaged is lovely and relaxing. Just a couple of minutes but makes a world of difference. Being at hospice also gave Penny free time to sort herself out for her week's break. I managed to catch a cat nap during lunchtime and taken home at two.
This morning Josie was on the cat walk, I.e. walking Ellie around the garden and very helpfully packed all the decorations away. Thank you a great job jobbed. Wendy came to visit and got me a treat, I said happy new year but her face revealed no understanding so I repeated a little slower and the third time she admits she understood the first time I said it.
Quite tired now.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

That's better

I watched my DVD put together by friends at work. It made me smile quite a lot. Dave singing, stories of stinky brussels and articles from the parish magazine, the rules of chocolate struck a cord, seeing chiefs of past and present, alladins play and so much more, thank you all.
I got my laptop back yesterday working again. That was today's positive, which also meant I saw my good friend Sue. Sue normally takes me to hospice but has a funeral to go to this Wednesday. Marion has kindly agreed to pick me up with hospice transport. I will have to behave for a whole day, and without Sue being there to lead me astray I have a fighting chance. She will kill me when she reads this, but it's true, individually we are lovely people, but together...
Got my microwave slippers on my feet, toastie. The rain and wind is lashing against the patio doors and reminds me of being snuggled up in a warm sleeping bag out camping somewhere in Wales (in the rain, naturally). I loved the rain lashing down when I was warm and dry inside my tent.
Today's positive has to be my friend Angeline is coming to visit next week.
A negative is that friends who had planned to come are poorly and have had to cancel, get well soon.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

There will be consequences

Penny has already lost a pound on day two of the cabbage soup. However, she has lost quite a few pounds making the soup, its not cheap and very time consuming. But of course when Penny cooks it always turns out delicious and her soup is no exception. It was, however, a near disaster when Penny discovered a live snail in her fresh cauliflower. It was a bit like a scene out of I'm a celebrity get me out of here. I removed the snail.
Ellie ran and hid with the fireworks last night, bless her.
Well my good friends, Bob and Jenny are on their way to India for some preaching. I wish them both a great trip.
208 days to go for the start of the Olympics.
Today's positive is my good friend Jill has more acting, good on yer.
Can't think of a negative, bring it on 2012.