Friday, 30 November 2012

Cheerful earful

Where do I start, everything is going wrong or breaking, microwave, light bulb, extension lead, alarm bell, washing machine, grill door, radiator leak, radiators cold, door wouldn't shut, and so much more.  I have one mother of a mouth ulcer and a runny nose. Other than that I am absolutely fine. My mate sue doesn't have a blood clot in her other leg so that is good news. My mate sue b has been fab trying to make Everything ok again. Mum and dad came today and fixed the extention lead and emptied the drinks cabinet. Slowly but surely with everyone's help I am emptying the lounge ready for the builders. Joy came today my cns, clinical nurse specialist. If a bed is available I can go to hospice whilst the work is done, which in all honesty is a great relief, i can tell you as it will be noisy, dusty amd damp. Ellie is being an absolute delight at the moment. So you see I can be a cheerful earful in the face of adversity!

Monday, 19 November 2012

The day developed into a bad day

Oh dear what a turn of events. Wendy came to visit and said I can hear dripping. We looked around and found a steady drip coming from a bowing ceiling in the living room. . The leak was found to be coming from the airing cupboard. British gas were called and stopped the leak, a loose nut! They served a safety notice on me to get the electrics checked so steve managed to get an electrician to check the wiring. So at the end of the day I have water, heating and lights. Just need a new ceiling and  a carpet clean.
Then my mate, sue needs an operation which will take place on New Year's Eve.
Then I had to tell Mary off.. So all in all a rotten day but I won't let that undo the good that was done at flint house. Tomorrow has to be better.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Ok so the syringe has permanently gone. Just to muddy the waters I had a UTI but that has now all cleared thankfully. I feel great again and have gained weight at flint house. Sue and I had a terrific week. And I have come home to a fresh clean, newly decorated downstairs. It looks brilliant, all clean and fresh. I have been thoroughly spoilt at flint house, with fresh thick soup and baths most nights. I'm smelling fresher and looking a lot heavier! Cheese supper probably helped, delicious Camembert, Stilton and goats cheese. Everyone commented on how well I looked, which is very encouraging. I can't tell you how much good flint house has done me. I think sue enjoyed herself too. We went to a lovely cafe that did spicy Indian chai served with runny honey and warm milk, delicious. The highlight of the week was Dilf dressing up as a fireman, bless so funny. Glad to be home with Ellie, according to Lesley she was as good as gold with a roll of the eyes!