Friday, 30 November 2012

Cheerful earful

Where do I start, everything is going wrong or breaking, microwave, light bulb, extension lead, alarm bell, washing machine, grill door, radiator leak, radiators cold, door wouldn't shut, and so much more.  I have one mother of a mouth ulcer and a runny nose. Other than that I am absolutely fine. My mate sue doesn't have a blood clot in her other leg so that is good news. My mate sue b has been fab trying to make Everything ok again. Mum and dad came today and fixed the extention lead and emptied the drinks cabinet. Slowly but surely with everyone's help I am emptying the lounge ready for the builders. Joy came today my cns, clinical nurse specialist. If a bed is available I can go to hospice whilst the work is done, which in all honesty is a great relief, i can tell you as it will be noisy, dusty amd damp. Ellie is being an absolute delight at the moment. So you see I can be a cheerful earful in the face of adversity!

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