Thursday, 30 June 2011


Josie arrived this morning and helped Penny with the delivery of the new fridge freezer. Bearing in mind I hadn't so much as seen a picture of it or asked for it's dementions I am pleased to report it fits in the hole and the food fitted into the drawers. More by luck than judgement. I'm feeling the cold and tired today so staying in bed with my hot water bottles and electric heat pad.

This afternoon Steve H (this is the forth Steve, there's also Steve A friend and grandparent of baby Mae, Steve R, brother in law and Steve T from work) called in and we had a great catch up. He also kindly did some posting jobs for me. The NHS wrote to me asking for a telephone number for the dietician to contact me on. I didn't give my number because quite frankly that is not going to work and email has worked perfectly well up to now.

Annette flew in with two bunches of sunflowers for me, sunshine in the room.

I have sent my second draft of the second chapter to my mum to check for accuracy. It is called, the best days of your life and should be published very soon.

Edith and I have had to concede that Edith helping me to toilet is getting too difficult as neither of us are getting any stronger. I have been a pain today to Penny needing toileting at 1pm, 4pm and again just now at 5.45pm. I woke her up on the last request. I have told her to rest until 7 so she can go back to sleep for an hour, it has to be give and take.

Penny bought me two pots of coffee, one is flavoured with French vanilla and the other with hazelnut, both very tasty.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


So funny, me being a geek elicited two boring ticks but would love to know who my kindred souls are that ticked interesting, we can swop stats.
Angeline sent through the photos from the birthday party on Facebook, great photo's.
I am very pleased with myself. I got up, dressed and into my chair. Sue, Edith and I went for a coffee and sandwich in Dunelm at Blackpole trading estate. I feel very pleased with myself as the days I want to get up out of bed are becoming fewer and I know I will need a quiet day tomorrow to recharge.
The fridge freezer appears to be terminal as it is frosting and defrosting at will. I have a new one being delivered first thing tomorrow morning. I can't take the risk with Penny having raw prawns and shrimps as her staple diet in the freezer. And not to mention my ice cream!
I'm trying a trick Belinda taught me, to rub my tummy in a clockwise direction to help move trapped wind. It worked a treat. Thanks Belinda, sorry Sue.
Mum and dad coming Friday and if it is dry we might have a go at sorting out the tool shed. Xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ooh so fast I'm getting 40

Ok that sounds very nerdy, even more nerdy is the fact I have checked the speeds on all my gadgets several times already, not quite as exciting but it is sort of reminiscent of watching the speedo rise when I had my motorbike. I've had a good day. Mark the engineer came early and got me all soupped up by 12. Then Sue arrived and did an excellent job on my wet room. Steve and Belinda popped by. I have worked very hard on chapter 2 of my book and sent the draft to my technical advisor, mum. I'm getting a good cathartic release by writing. This is the kid who hated to read or write anything when at school and to be truthful well beyond. Penny off for 24 hours for an appointment so Sue in charge. I am loading my piano by the sea CD that Belinda bought me for my birthday so I can listen to it in the wee hours when I wake up to relax me back to sleep.Xxb

Monday, 27 June 2011

Super fast

Apparently it is going to be even hotter today, in which case I might just dispense with the hot water bottles. I must remind Penny to put some water and cans in the fridge for folks to have a cold drink. The window cleaners came today and readily accepted the offer of a cold cola. They spoke to me with a great deal of hand signs, high volume and slowly saying the words, bless them. I didn't bother explaining I was not deaf. Tomorrow the BT engineer comes to upgrade me to BT Infinity, fibre optic. Sue will be supervising, I don't cope so well with new people, places and situations. I'm comfortable and feel safer in my own home surrounded by everything I might need to hand and someone to talk for me with me just chipping in. It's a darn sight quicker as well.
I need a techno wizard to help me. I was given an iPod touch with a speech programme on it but the iPod is not sync'd with my computer. I have the option to erase and sync. I have the speech programme on my new iPad and pc, having purchased it, will that transfer to my iPod? I would hate to loose the program from the iPod but would also like to be able to update it.
Belinda is an absolute star. She read my book over to me and I have made her editor. She then sorted my cut flowers out, changed Ellie's things, took my cards down so I could read them all again and is now defrosting the freezer after the door had been left open and started to defrost. Without wiping off the excess water just closing the door has resulted in an ice cap that could sink the Titanic.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Renewed Vigour

Meet my next door neighbour, Rotti (short for rottweiler and named by Bob (who also popped in this morning) because when Anne gets a bee in her bonnet...lets just say she is very effective! Anne is great fun and we do have a laugh together. I'm very lucky to have such good neighbours around me.
It's a scorcher today, although the patio door is open I have not relinquished my duvet and my feet are decidedly cold. Penny used some rose oil to massage my feet to get the circulation going. I wonder if James, my friend on this journey has taken his woolly hat off today?
Ellie is managing to be cool for cats in her summer house (She doesn't know it is a rabbit hutch).

Had lentil soup for lunch which was delicious and a real treat. I have written and published the first chapter of my book. My mum is my technical advisor for those bits not in my memory.
Steve came by this afternoon with a large bottle of brandy (interestingly called Soberano?) and a blue T-shirt from Margaret. I am pleased they had a good holiday in Santander, Spain.
I have been on line shopping again at Tesco's as I had been sent a free delivery voucher and Penny needed some provisions (and I was tempted by an offer or two, I just can't help myself, I miss shopping).

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shandy light weight

Mum and dad came yesterday and babysat me and Ellie. Dad did her lit tray, brave man, I have seen Ellie run off at speed from her own. I'm being a shandy light weight today, I can't be bothered to get up for a shower this morning, just no motivation. In fact I am going back to sleep. Penny is having a smashing time, a drinking glass and my fireman tea mug smashed all before 10am. Actually, one thing about live in carers is they do cost a small fortune in damage. Irons, kettles, clothes and crockery being the favourites. But of course that is only half the story, you also get the richness of different cultures. Penny is in the kitchen making, smells of lentils and ox tail soup. Oh had a teaspoon taste, far too tricky to swallow but it will go through the PEG. Tastes of peanuts now, maybe Bombay mix. My taste buds are alive with flavour. Penny should set up shop with authentic Indian dishes, maybe we could go into business with a curry club. Maybe write a cook book, and now I am just getting carried away.
Talking about book I have decided to continue with my book here on the blog. Once published you will see tabs at the top of the page for each chapter. The title is Dare to Come Close.
A little bit of pet therapy from the other day.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Well done Jill so proud of you.

You see, Ellie was mightily cheesed off with having to wear a pretty bow. I thought she looked quite cute and red is definitely her colour.
Sue went home mid morning, probably to recover, she was so tired yesterday bless her.
I am back into the routine with Penny. Wee, medication, breakfast, share my Actimel with Ellie, tea, tea again, Ellie outside, wee, teeth cleaned and shower, back to bed, coffee and mid morning snack,computer, lunch, drink, ham for Ellie(!) wee, sleep, Edith (most days), drink, wee, read, visitors, evening feed, medication and good night.
Josie bought me some fridge magnets, Love, Live and Laugh. Good advice, I can go along with that most of the time.
Ellie is being brushed by Penny, cue Medusa, (a Greek Goddess, where gazing directly upon her would turn onlookers to stone) the look mastered by Ellie at times of disapproval.
Quiet day today, so watched a film and nodded in the warm sunshine coming through the patio windows. Had my feed so will say good night xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was so special, not least Jill actually turned up early, a first, never ever known to have happened before. Of course it was an the timings wrong but brilliant to see her, Richard,Joan and Ian (who definitely win the 'who travelled the furthest to come to the party?', with 12000 miles from NZ) I received 45 birthday cards, on my 45th (thank you Charlotte) and my Dad shocked me by saying he liked my hair and he hates short hair do's on females. There was also a bit of dressing up on the day that some of you may have missed and I am not referring to Ellie and her love heart bow, for which she still holds a grudge today. Yes Sue and Lesley were in the paddling pool, with a flipper each in wet suits, very funny moment.
Dee left today I think she enjoyed the week and look forward to her covering again. Dee was very good company and very competent in the caring role. Penny came back in the evening and happy to see her back. Jill text to say she had passed part two of the Inspectors exam. Wow I am so chuffed for her. Sue R went home today. I was so glad she was able to make the party. All change but a very good day all round.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Happy birthday

I am busting a gut to tell you what happened this morning. Having said no presents I have had beautiful cards and lovely thoughtful gifts. Hanging basket, bird feed, drinking chocolate, Waitrose vouchers, iTunes vouchers, a warm hooded top, DVD, picture, saying 'The best things in life are the people we love, the places we have been and the memories we have made along the way', a truncheon, a sea piano cd and hot water bottle, flowers and so much more But it is the book called Life that I want to share. As you do I randomly opened the book. Page 37 titled, Sent by God. (Feel free to skip the next paragraph.)
Sometimes I wish that God's daily plans for my life were obvious. I'd like to know what His current hopes for me are, where he is leading me next, what He would like me to avoid, what issue requires the most attention and what He'd like me to do tomorrow - in precise detail. But no such report is available and it's been noted that most of what God does, He does behind our backs. Every now and again we notice but most of His daily work in us is unannounced. God is at work even when we don't notice. The answer to my ponderings yesterday.
Sue from Bedford arrived crack, sparrow, fart, dawn this morning. Angeline noticed my pile of cards. She probably noticed the other pile I have, having given me the enema this morning. Angeline then massaged my feet and off to sleep I went.
Dee got me ready in my dress, flower in my spiked hair and of course the necessary slap. A girl has to look her best just in case. I was overwhelmed by all the people that turned up. My dad made a lovely speech thanking everyone for coming. We had our own beach, wave, surf boards and buckets and spades. It has been a fantastic day, thank you all so very much. Photos to follow.xx

Monday, 20 June 2011


God willing tomorrow morning I will wake up having reached my 45th birthday, a milestone thought inconceivable when diagnosed on the 18th September 2008. I am useless at remembering dates, like the birthday of my mate of forty years who reminds me of the thirty eight times I have forgotten to send her a card, but that is one date firmly etched in my brain. I might just be sticking my two fingers up to MND when I make September and three years since diagnosis. That's my next milestone.
It's a glorious morning and the flowers are looking vibrant in the sunshine. I do get a great deal of pleasure from my garden and the birds.
Clearly wanting to ensure Dee is fully tested I had a little accident followed up with bringing back my breakfast via the tube, sorry. Just a little blip, had a shower, a good sleep and feel quite a bit better now.
Wendy my MNDA visitor came to see me with a balloon and card for tomorrow. And in a show of appreciation I fell back to sleep again, I'm so embarrassed when I do that. Sue has given me some paracetamol as my temperature is very slightly rising, and the only rising I want is for the occasion tomorrow.
I am about to get philosophical so please feel free to skip the next bit.
I believe in God and He has plans for us all. It is also said that He only takes the good young, and given the torment I dish out to wrinkles maybe I'm not old enough and that is why
I'm still here. Penny is a Hindu and believes that after this life we are reborn to a better
status if we do good in this life and that is what brought a Hindu from rural India into my
life here in Worcestershire. It was said the other day that I am a much nicer person now I am away from the police service, maybe that is true but also it might be the people that God has chosen for me to surround me on this journey that has a positive effect. Xx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

God Bless

I had a good nights sleep and so did Ellie, I was awake before her at 7am. Tim the district nurse came this morning, he is so gentle, thank goodness. Lesley has volunteered to clean the summer house before work tomorrow, which will be a great help. The deacon, Peter gave communion to Dee and I,so it felt like church today. Dee cooked roast lamb and all the trimmings for Edith, Sue and herself. I was good, I had my feed first then some gravy so I felt included. It smelt delicious and they did ask me if I was ok for a Sunday roast to be cooked. Edith made one of her famous apple sponges, with cream and custard. Its amazes me how the brain adjusts as each new thing comes along. When I was first diagnosed I remember quite clearly saying I would never cope if I lost my voice, but I have and so have the people around me. (Although it is fair to say that some are considerably better than others at lip reading.)The other big adjustment is not being tempted with food that I can't eat. No chance for Sue to have a NARPO nap this afternoon as her other half, Andy came to erect the marquee, which once erected turned out to be a gazebo instead, so don't forget your brollies. I feel very lethargic today. Dee and I were talking and she asked if I could feel the weakness. Well it is like I have a certain amount of energy and once it is used up for the day then that's it , there is no adrenaline reserve to call on.
On recommendation I have downloaded a new book, The Help so will start that today although I am bound to nod off. I'm no company
these days. There is very little positive about MND but through it I have met so many very special people who I could have missed if life had been different. God bless them all.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wet Wales

Ok we are not really on holiday in Wales but the rain has made it feel authentic, as did watching Sue try and blow up a beach ball. Sue B in charge as Dee had to take her mum to a hospital appointment today. So I had a cheeky coffee this morning. I'm often asked if I feel the effects of the brandy sooner with it going straight into the stomach. Well it does hit the spot quite quickly. I'm having my hair cut today so it is easier to manage and dries quickly when out of the shower. I'm not a lover of hair dryers, I don't like the noise or to have wind blown into my ears. Lesley calls and cuts my hair for me even though she has retired from the saloon, so very kind. Oh dear fell fast asleep, must be like Samson and lost all my strength once my hair was cut. Sue has done the ironing. Jo and Peter are popping up to help with the exterior design. Bob and Jenny called and with the yellow bit of a lemon meringue, yum. I had some oxygen, I'm only allowed an hour a day with a maximum of 15 minutes. I'm not a heavy user but a blast now and then helps. So if you see me yawning a lot it may not be your topic of conversation, I'm just trying to get some air in. With my new iPad my laptop rarely gets a look in but it got me back, 21 updates that took an age to download, lesson learnt.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A cheeky one

Nurse arrived at ten, always a relief. Then shower and back into a clean bed, there is just something very good about clean bedding. Dee was putting the sling on me and bopped my nose, in fairness I do have a big nose. I soon recovered with a cheeky one (which is a coffee laced with something alcoholic and fully endorsed by my GP.) I read yesterday's paper this morning and on page 13 of the Daily Mail is a headline, Genetic 'green light' could lead to a cure for hundreds of ills. It is still at an early stage but gives hope.
Looking forward to giving my dad an eucalyptus tree for Fathers Day, today when they come. We had a good afternoon together and amused myself while mum and dad played the game of treat and run by Ellie when trying to catch her to bring her in.
Today was the first day of my holiday. I was going to Fishguard but holidaying at home means no long journey, I can share my birthday with family and more of my friends and the weather is going to be naff in any case so definitely the right decision made. My mate, Sue from Bedford has a cold and unable to come up today as arranged, hopefully she will be ok by Tuesday and able to join us.
Dee is cooking lentils and it smells lovely. I was good and had rice milk,feed and lentil soup down the PEG today. Penny, if you are reading, you are being missed.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Just a tad excited

The party on Tuesday will be a beach theme. The weather is saying a couple of showers possible so will have something erected just in case. Hopefully it won't rain between 3 and 6.
Sue is busy in the kitchen making me vegetable and fruit purees for me to have as snacks between feed. I prefer home made. I'm not sure that five a day is so important these days but makes me feel I am doing my bit to stay as healthy as possible. Penny has slowly increased my daily intake and I have gained a bit of belly fat which can only be a good thing.
Ellie copter(because she obviously flew out the other day to escape)is thoroughly enjoying her time in the hutch with a fresh ham lunch. That is one indulged cat and goes to explain why, having made good her escape she sat on the front door step and only ran when anyone went to pick her up, a great game. Wrinkles (Edith)as she is affectionally known is keeping me entertained jogging about to the tunes on Heart FM, bless her.
Dee will join me for communion on Sunday so that will be good.She has settled very well and going to be at the party so you will be able to meet her.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Oh dear #2

Ellie Houdini, was very well behaved last night after her little adventure outside. Dee very bravely and confidently picked up Ellie and took her out to the hutch and run. Josie called in this morning. We had a laugh but I know it was a short lived distraction and she is really hurting. It must be a very unsettling time for lots of employees in the public sector, the cuts are harsh and deep and will affect everyone in public service and those that use the public services. Sue arrived and took Penny down to the train station. Steve popped in and gave me a cuppa and Julie had very kindly laundered my birthday duvet so that will go on the bed on Tuesday. Sue took Dee shopping for some provisions whilst the oldest babysitter in town sat with me. Let me tell you about Dee. She's 29, is very friendly and chatty. I think we will get on just fine. Dietitian been in email contact about how I'm getting on with calcium and vitamin D intake. I'm doing well with oat milk and mini yogurts with added vitamin D and calcium and sue has bought cheese! What more can a girl do. I still have a wind problem, not a great introduction, so embarrassed.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Oh dear

This does not bode well. Ellie was firmly ejected from Penny's bedroom at around 2am. I'm not entirely sure of her misdemeanour but Ellie certainly had lots to say to me on the matter. Still we had a lovely cuddle and fell asleep holding on to each other. I think Ellie has bad dreams as she whimpers and cries in her sleep.
Terry Pratchett was on the news this morning after last nights program on assisted suicide at Dignitas in Switzerland. The man that died had MND. I didn't watch the documentary. Prior to MND I would come firmly down on the side of it is wrong to end a life, now I have splinters in my bum from sitting on the fence. A cheerful earful from me this morning.
Dee arrived and is very friendly. She is from south Sudan. Ellie escaped either through an open window or open front door, we are not sure. She was found sitting under Bob the Kangoo and gave Penny and Dee a a right run around but a treat of ham won the day. So not the best behaviour to start off with from Ellie. Edith came and did hot water bottles and tea. Belinda was on babysitting duties and we had a great time looking at her photos from her recent 'camping' holiday in a very high spec luxury tent. Mark came and told me about his family. I didn't sleep well last night, I get unnecessarily anxious about change, even though my mind is telling me it will be fine.

Monday, 13 June 2011

All my friends are the best in the world

A nice chilled start to the day, Penny and I do like a lie in now and then. Pat came and stretched my legs and massaged my hands, bliss. Chris and Joyce came this morning and I was able to show off the iPad and all it can do for me. I love to read and listen to their travel logues. With photos I travel the world with them. I went to Yellow Stone today. Jill came at 2, she was on time, bless her. I am embarrassed to say but Jill was horrified at my hairy legs, saying I looked like a gorilla (not the first time in my life because I was born with jet black hair, that went all down my back). Being a great mate she sorted the forest of Dean out for me and I'm all silky smooth again. An ex colleague, Steve from my Redditch days came this afternoon and oh boy did the three of us reminisce, loved every minute of it. He had the grand tour of the summer house, a must on every inaugural visit. Dee,the stand in carer arrives at 2 tomorrow. I hope Ellie is on her best behaviour. She took a fancy to the fat balls last night, I swear that cat will eat anything. I'm totally hooked on my new book, gipsy boy. Good night x

Sunday, 12 June 2011


It's raining and is going to persist all day, so Ellie is confined to the house, but difficult to explain to a cat why. Not that she takes any notice of a word I say. I had a full face wash this morning from her, I was so relieved Penny brushed Ellie's teeth yesterday. Helping Hands, my care agency have been told that Ellie is a lovely cat and very friendly. I'm glad my reputation is not on the line for that statement. Dee, the replacement carer who arrives on Tuesday is not a cat lover. I'm quite sure Ellie is not the cat to change that opinion for her! I'm having this image again of Mama two shoes out of the Tom and Jerry cartoons, where Ellie is being swept along at the end of a floor brush by Dee. It's has the potential to be a CATastrophe. I love Ellie and her character is a great distraction for me and I wouldn't be without her. I'm grateful to Cats Protection for allowing her to stay with me.
Penny is definitely in need of a break and I know this because she accidentally dropped the shower head on to my knee, she towelled my dry hair and is wearing odd earrings and it's only 11 o'clock.
Peter came and gave me communion. Steve and Julie popped in with a great duvet set that matches the colour of my curtains and fat balls. Edith did lemon tea and Lesley popped by with bowls stories, it's the season for bowls even in the rain. A good day. X

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Keeping mum

I had the most gentle of wakings this morning. Little miss Ellie gently licked my nose with her rough cat tongue and odour of fish, I was soon brought to my senses. I had dreamt I was at work last night and working in the custody suite, posh name for the cells. I enjoyed my time as a custody sergeant but appreciate it is not everyone's cup of tea. It was a privileged job where with trust you gained access to the most intimate part of people's lives. I had started to write a book but prefer the blog instead. Ah talking of odour, since removing all dressings from my PEG I smell much better, thanks Tim. he is great district nurse and I feel very safe in his care. My mum and dad came yesterday and we had a good old natter and lots of tea. I then had a good sleep.
Jo and Lucy came today with the other clever mummy who gave birth to two exceptionally cute guinea pigs. It is a real treat to hold such a delicate new life. That squeaking noise they make just melts your heart. Edith came this afternoon for baby sitting duties, she makes the best lemon, ginger and honey tea. I'm so proud of her, an 80 year old mastering the PEG so she can give me a drink.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

I smell

Sorry to discuss personal hygiene but despite having a good shower the PEG smells like a stagnant drain. You know the smell of the kitchen sink that is in some serious need of a good dousing with bleach. I might suggest tomorrow that we leave it open as this is becoming very unsocial. Talking about smelly, Penny tried Roquefort cheese today and was not impressed, she thought It tasted of fungus, well...probably best not to explain. Josie came this morning so I was able to write my best wishes to the chief on his retirement. He has been a great boss. I treasure the print he gave me of the land marks around the West Mercia Constabulary and Flint House. I have some very disgruntled birds in my garden as the fat balls have run out in the feeders. I had a great sleep this morning, thanks to Ellie's antics at 4am. I love her to bits but she is without doubt the naughtiest pet I have ever owned.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Basket weaving

When I first went to hospice I was adamant I was not doing any "basket weaving". However that was before Frans who I now need to introduce you to. He is the volunteer creative therapist at the hospice. He is a South African artist and not a more genuine chap would you wish to meet. He has supported and guided me through my creative projects and I'm indebted to him for getting me interested in the first place and proving to me that art is for everyone. Today I took my drawing I had started of Jacob's Blue Geranium and added the first bits of paint, so far so good. Sue picked me up at lunchtime and got me settled into bed, where I fell fast asleep after this mornings exertions. I feel really mean but I have put three people off from visiting this afternoon. The Nuticia PEG nurse, Kelly arrived and woke me up. She comes every so often to make sure everything is ok. Julie and Steve popped by (with chocolate mousse) on their way to see baby Mae. Going to put my feet up this evening. X

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ah, another activity packed day. Nurse came quite late. My PEG was quite smelly, it has been cleaned and re dressed. I feel ok so not too concerned. Ellie the chiropodist came to cut my very long toe nails and educated me in that nails only take 7% of the bodies calcium, so having long nails isn't depleting my level. We will soon see if it is still a problem as had another blood test today. Penny gave me a good talking to about not getting so worn out to the point of making me poorly. I have promised to manage my diary better. Hospice tomorrow, I now only do a half day as I get too tired being there for the full day. Belinda came this afternoon and sorted out clothes for tomorrow, a drink and a wee. Ellie the cat jumped on to my lap in the bathroom. My goodness that cat has put on some weight, Ellie phant or Ellie belly now.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Coffee morning

Annette,the district nurse Jill, Suzie and Millie, Fiona, Carli and the dog, Zak, Steve, Julie, Victoria, Chris and baby Mae, Sue and Peter all before 12:30. A busy morning.Steve, mum, dad, aunty Linda and David in the afternoon, hence no blog I was just too pooped. It was great to see Millie enjoying the bubble making machine and Mae giving everyone a smile and a wave good bye. I like to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for visitors but seriously failed in the afternoon. My mum gave me some oxygen. I got so cold the gloves were back on. It was lovely to see everyone but has given me another reality check. I think on my birthday I will do afternoon tea, 3-6, so I can be on top form, if that is ok for folk. No presents just presence.
Penny woke me up this morning, even Ellie was still fast asleep and it was gone 8. Having a bed bath today and good rest before Wendy comes at noon. Lesley popped in before work so had half a coffee with her so I could have half a coffee with Wendy, too much makes me sick. Penny been very busy today, ironing, cleaning and vacuuming. Dee the stand in carer is coming on the 14th for a week while Penny has a break.
Mark Smith came today with amazing tales of Lourdes, a lovely wooden bracelet, Holy water and a cross. He held me in prayer all week and was so pleased to see me looking so well.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Get well soon Mark

Dog tired, pooped in fact. Had quite a full week and very grateful for the quiet morning as I managed to have a good sleep.  I had Oat milk with added vitamins and calcium today through the PEG.  It's better than feed, (although I wouldn't want to have that debate with my dietician) it sits better on my tummy.  I am determined to put pencil to canvas today and at least start my next project, even if it is just an outline. Penny picked me the flower to copy.  I'm reading a good book, 'You've gone too far this time, sir'. I downloaded it free from Kindle onto my iPad and have really enjoyed it.  It's about a teacher who cycles from London to India. We have just left Russia and crossed the border in to China. I am so pleased with the iPad, still need to read the manual, which I have at least downloaded. My friends Fiona and Carli came this afternoon and entertained me with what they are up to. They brought Zak the dog, it's fair to say that a certain miss Ellie was none to pleased to see an over grown fur ball in HER garden. Thankfully they soon settled. Oops Fiona rolled into the garage door, hopefully it will be fine. Ooh smoked salmon and cottage cheese tonight, absolutely loaded with calcium.

The gloves are off

Lovely warm summers day. We were both awake at 3am as very hot so Penny made me a cup of tea. Nurse Nikki came just after ten carrying a yellow sharps bucket, which can mean only one thing, blood test. Clearly I'm getting a little stingy with giving blood as two attempts one in each arm produced nothing. I declined a third attempt knowing I still had an injection in the bottom to go. Time for a bit of scrabble before lunch and then my mum, dad, aunty Linda and David coming over this afternoon. The summer house beckons. Penny going out this afternoon so mum and dad in charge.  Must show you this, Sarah my school friend from Hagley RC High school and me in a photo booth in our Harrington jackets, probably during school hours.
We were told by the deputy headmistress that we would be factory fodder. Sarah became a nurse, midwife and then a teacher at a local college and doing very well and I went in the police (an unexpected move but Mr Hill the headmaster was very kind on my application form) and made Inspector, so in the end we turned out OK.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Flint House

Josie popped in, first thing and told me the story of MacBeth, I have never read any Shakespeare. Gail came up Sunday and seeing Angeline today, both nurses from Flint House. I have had second to none care at the Police Rehab and convalescent home. All the staff there, gardeners, restaurant,reception, nursing and physiotherapy all pull together to make a calm. peaceful atmosphere to aid recovery or recuperation. An amazing place originating from Christian roots. I don't have the words to express my gratitude to them all. Angeline bought me a couple of books to read, one being a real favourite of mine, Eddie Askew. He was a great water colour artist and interprets the bible into everyday life.
Steve popped in and showed a video clip of baby Mae, who is now crawling and standing up at 9 months.  She really is gorgeous.
Does Penny fit into a rabbit hutch? Well given she was on all fours inside the hutch and she still couldn't persuade Ellie to come out of the deepest recess, the answer has to be no Penny doesn't fit, but highly amusing to watch! Ellie remains outside.
Wind is a problem, it gets trapped. Tonight was a close one. Penny was giving me my feed bolus through the PEG and had nearly filled the syringe when wind started to escape from my tummy into the tube, it kept frothing just like an exploding volcano and fortunately stopped in the nick of time. It may seem strange but a bit of Pepsi (or any fizzy pop) helps a great deal to get the wind moving. It's that uncomfortable one doesn't care in which direction so long as it moves.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pinch punch we are now in June

I have chosen my going out clothes. I like getting dressed up as I spend most of my days in PJ's or nighties. It appears we are both right. Aesop's fables and the Indian tradition as represented by the Buddhist Jataka Tales and the Hindu Panchatantra share about a dozen tales in common although often widely differing in detail. There is therefore some debate over whether the Greeks learned these fables from Indian storytellers or the other way, or if the influences were mutual. Nora, my first live in carer was from Harare Zimbabwe and Penny is from Assam in India. It's a wonderful way for me to 'visit' these countries with my own Local tour guide.
Had a great day. Went to Kidderminster and sat in my dads wood shed with the wood burner going. It was lovely and toastie. We had lunch and marvelled at a superb garden. It was very pleasant nattering away and relaying stories of the goats my parents kept. Colin came for an hour up from Tavistock. It's always good to see him. He showed me an app that tells you the plane, it's destination, flights that month etc. I was initially impressed but on reflection please shoot me if I ever start tracking planes flying over head. I still love him lots, a great friend to have.