Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Wendy came yesterday, i don't know why but we do have a good laugh together and makes for a good start to the day. Windows were cleaned yesterday, penny hid after the exposure last time, bless her. Windows were replaced today although they seem to be struggling with the bedroom one, hope it fits! Very relieved that is done.
Blimey it was cold with the front window out but glad it is replaced. Ellie was locked in the downstairs toilet to prevent escape.
No visitors today so penny watched a DVD with me, a comedy with George clooney, very nice.
NARPO magazine came today with some pictures on the front cover of old police cars, problem is I remember them.
I have been accepted as a tester for Olay cream for sensitive skin. I will be getting free samples to give away so please do ask.
Edith had her op and all went well.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lost lucy

Lucy is my speech programme and she decided to play up, freezing just as I had something to say. Very frustrating and went to show how necessary she is. With lots of emails to the software company trying to fix her I ended up having to delete her and download from afresh. Penny passed her citizen exam, not just passed but smashed it 100% well done and is now available for pub quizzes.
Chris and Joyce came over. Chris told me his sorry tale of how he broke his hip, slipping on black ice on his bicycle, but he is doing remarkably well getting around on crutches. Get well soon and hope the plate and pins does the job.
Bob and Jenny are back from their mission in India.
I have a new iPad painting app called inspire pro, sadly my effort was anything but pro. I will persever, a controlled hand is required.
I had thought about visiting Lourdes but really it's in the too difficult basket. I am well enough to go to flint house and very excited I am too. It's a rehab centre for police officers but allow a small percentage of retired officers. I can't praise the staff, all the staff, restaurant, maintanence, gardens, driver, physios and nurses etc. They all work very hard to give an atmosphere of well being to all their guests.
The missing final piece in the jigsaw turned up, chewed in Ellie's bed, no guesses needed. Ellie you really are a little git but I love you.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It's raining men

Sue came over to take edith to the hospital for an appointment with the dermatology department. Edith hates being late for anything. Sue turned up and off they trundled to Worcester arriving on time, however they were at the wrong hospital and had to hot foot it over to Bromsgrove. Edith got told off by the receptionist for being late, you are never too old! Next stop the opthalmatology department, she had miss read the letter. However apparently the telling of paled into insignificance as she had a very dishy doctor. I've seen a new side to edith, she played up the sergeant the other day. Three men came to look at my windows.
The jigsaw was completed bar one piece, that's missing. Thank you edith, Lesley and Sue for completing it for me.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Peaceful night

Thank you for all of your kind messages re yesterday's incident. No repeat last night thankfully. Penny spent the night downstairs, which helped me.
Jo coming today to play upword. That'll get my brain working.
Penny is studying for her citizenship test, it's testing me as well, do you know why the Huguenots came to England, no me neither but Penny did. I did know the names of the four saints for the uk but failed miserably on the dates. In the 2001 census what percentage of people said they had a religion? Still I wish her luck.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Someone kindly threw a stone at my lounge window and cracked the double glazed unit. I'm not best impressed. When it came to reporting the crime I needed to telephone, not overly helpful when you can't speak. The only way I could do it was reporting as a hate crime, which it could well be due to my disability, easy target. I have reported it at least but guess there is very little chance of catching the yob. It really has upset me, like other law abiding citizens I don't need the hassle or the expense. Bob is ok.
Not a great start to the day but brightened up with Susie and Millie's visit.
Chris and Sam from the local constabulary came and took details. They know about it now so might do some passing patrols at night for reassurance for me and the neighbours.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The positive things

War horse was brilliant, really enjoyed it. It was so easy at the Vue in Worcester. We were able to park right outside the door, get a carers discount and a big space for the wheelchair. I had the best chair in the house as it tilted and reclined(not everyone takes their own seat to the cinema).
I have had a reasonably quiet week. Dee left and penny returned. She had a good time in Glasgow and brought me back a lovely and soft lambs wool scarf.
Yesterday was a good day at hospice. Creative therapy Mary wanted Chinese lanterns painted for the Chinese new year on Monday. I did two with cherry blossom on them, they turned out surprisingly well considering they were spherical shaped and kept rolling away from me. I steadied my hand with a nip of brandy.
Josie came this morning, it seems too easy to create a Thursday job list. Ellie thoroughly looks forward to josies visit as she gets to smell the flowers outside. The best job by far was seeking out the soft toilet paper for my wet room.
Little Mae came to visit with Steve and Julie, she now has words and teeth.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

War horse

Today sue is taking me to see war horse at the cinema. Sue had tried desperately to get me into the new theatre London to see the play but as an old theatre (despite its name, I suppose it was new once) it was not suitable for wheelchairs. I'm really looking forward to seeing the film.
Yesterday dee and I watched a film horrible bosses on apple tv, started off funny but got a bit silly towards the end. Apple tv is a great addition for me. I can control what I watch on tv via my iPad, with a swipe of a finger across the screen. I can watch catch up tv, rent a film, read a book, listen to music and not a single button in sight, fabulous.
Ali sent me an on line jigsaw puzzle and suggested an app. So much easier than trying to pick up fiddle little bits of jigsaw and Ellie can't eat the virtual ones. Thanks Ali a top idea.

Friday, 13 January 2012

A pain in the neck

I must have slept funny and have cricked my neck and shoulder. I was quite grumpy with it yesterday. Still niggling this morning. Both dee and Josie have been on the cat walk and Ellie is lapping it up. Ellie is in danger of losing her natural born killer status. She is not attacking Edith's feet and even allowing a fuss. Last night she slept with me and gave me fuss when I woke at two am. She's almost domesticated!
Millie's birthday today, happy birthday, aunty Jacky xxx
Mum and dad come today.
I have started a jigsaw, not sure how well I will get on with it. Thankfully visitors can't resist to help, which is fine by me. There is an awful amount of blue sky and blue water.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Good start to the year

Sorry I've not been on the blog for a few days, no excuses just having a good time. Sue and I prepared a presentation to give to the new recruits on their first day. It was so good to be back in my old classroom, it brought back many memories from custody training days. I enjoyed talking to the students and giving them fifteen minutes worth of my knowledge. They were all very receptive and look like they will be a good group, I wish them all well. It gave me a great sense of achievement. What was scary was Sue and I in the same classroom together, but we didn't need to worry as we were well supervised with class tutors and course inspector, anyone would think we couldn't be trusted! Seriously I hope it was a little motivating.
Angeline came to visit. It was great to catch up with flint house news and so relaxing to have a foot and Hamm massage.
Tim the DN came yesterday, I have not seen him in an age.
Ali came yesterday and we watched a Christmas carol, filmed in Shrewsbury, I thoroughly enjoyed it and made for a lovely relaxed day.
Sue here today so Dee can go bargain hunting in Worcester. Sue is cleaning off the gratis deposits from the pigeons on my patio window. Dr Panton coming this afternoon.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I enjoyed hospice today. Having my hands massaged is lovely and relaxing. Just a couple of minutes but makes a world of difference. Being at hospice also gave Penny free time to sort herself out for her week's break. I managed to catch a cat nap during lunchtime and taken home at two.
This morning Josie was on the cat walk, I.e. walking Ellie around the garden and very helpfully packed all the decorations away. Thank you a great job jobbed. Wendy came to visit and got me a treat, I said happy new year but her face revealed no understanding so I repeated a little slower and the third time she admits she understood the first time I said it.
Quite tired now.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

That's better

I watched my DVD put together by friends at work. It made me smile quite a lot. Dave singing, stories of stinky brussels and articles from the parish magazine, the rules of chocolate struck a cord, seeing chiefs of past and present, alladins play and so much more, thank you all.
I got my laptop back yesterday working again. That was today's positive, which also meant I saw my good friend Sue. Sue normally takes me to hospice but has a funeral to go to this Wednesday. Marion has kindly agreed to pick me up with hospice transport. I will have to behave for a whole day, and without Sue being there to lead me astray I have a fighting chance. She will kill me when she reads this, but it's true, individually we are lovely people, but together...
Got my microwave slippers on my feet, toastie. The rain and wind is lashing against the patio doors and reminds me of being snuggled up in a warm sleeping bag out camping somewhere in Wales (in the rain, naturally). I loved the rain lashing down when I was warm and dry inside my tent.
Today's positive has to be my friend Angeline is coming to visit next week.
A negative is that friends who had planned to come are poorly and have had to cancel, get well soon.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

There will be consequences

Penny has already lost a pound on day two of the cabbage soup. However, she has lost quite a few pounds making the soup, its not cheap and very time consuming. But of course when Penny cooks it always turns out delicious and her soup is no exception. It was, however, a near disaster when Penny discovered a live snail in her fresh cauliflower. It was a bit like a scene out of I'm a celebrity get me out of here. I removed the snail.
Ellie ran and hid with the fireworks last night, bless her.
Well my good friends, Bob and Jenny are on their way to India for some preaching. I wish them both a great trip.
208 days to go for the start of the Olympics.
Today's positive is my good friend Jill has more acting, good on yer.
Can't think of a negative, bring it on 2012.