Monday, 23 April 2012

Welcome back Penny

Penny returned yesterday lunchtime. By the evening I had been sick and at 6.55am I had to call her as I was in a right mess. Great welcome. Ellie not wishing to be out done made a right stink in her lit tray as soon as I was all sorted. At least Ellie is house trained and Penny still had gloves on. After i was washed, medicated, fed and bed changed we have all decided to go for a lie down. Best to start the day again this afternoon. Beth coming so will try and watch a DVD. I need to buck up as I'm off to flint house next month. It's a very safe place for me and very grateful I'm allowed to go this year.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Winsor report two

Edward scissor hands must have visited in the night as magazine and papers have been slashed and most annoyingly my iPad cover has tell tale puncture marks in the material...ELLIE! That aside she has been very sweet this week.
My mum is very conscientious on making sure dads diet is low fat and low sugar/salt and so for Fridays I try to compliment that (apart from the chocolates). Today Dee is baking cheese scones for them and I have a crustless vegetable quiche. Penny should have come back yesterday but she is sadly feeling poorly so thankfully dee has been able to stay on until Sunday.
Had lots of lovely visitors, Colin, chris and Joyce, Lesley, Josie, steve and Julie, sue, wendy, bob thank you all for making my day.
The winsor report shows some very radicle changes for the police service. Certainly the goal posts have changed from when I joined, and up until I retired. I'm a has been now well and truly. I actually see that as an achievement.
Ow sore gums making me grumpy. I'm trying to keep at bay with mouth wash.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Simons cat

Definitely worth looking up on utube or web. It's a cartoon of the antics of a cat. I could provide some Ellie material to Simon. She had Sue up at five thirty wanting to play yesterday.
Went to hospice and had a very relaxing time with Christine a complimentary therapist with a foot massage. The dentist wasn't at all painful in the mouth or in the pocket so that was a result.
Penny off on her break today and dee will be covering her holiday.
I am looking for fit people with a good sense of humour to support st Richards hospice on the 7th July to do the midnight walk. A ladies event but guys can join in if dressed in drag.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter cards

Lots of Easter cards and pressies, I feel spoilt rotten. Hope you all had a good Easter break too.
I'm reading the book a street cat called Bob which has made me quite sad in that Bob reminds me so much of my beloved cat Zak. He really was a character. He would see me off onto the hospice transport and would be there again in the afternoon waiting for my return. When not out doing his business or seeking the need to kill and bring home, he would be sat on my bed or on my lap in the wheelchair. I had Zak before I was diagnosed and he would always great me when I got home from work. He followed me to the park, where upon I had to abandon any plan of shopping in town and head back for home before Zak was savaged by the many dogs out for their exercise. I miss him terribly and still grieve for him now. Don't get me wrong I love Ellie and I feel very sad she can't go out on her own hunting, like Zak did. Zak started with worms. He would catch a worm on a wet night and plonk it on my bed, he soon progressed to mice but his favourite was birds. How can something so sweet be such a merciless killing machine. Poor Ellie has the same instincts but doesn't get to hunt and therefore runs around the house like her tail is on fire.
Zak didn't deserve to be run over he was sensibly cautious about roads but that night he was being chased by another cat.
A right cheerful earful today.