Friday, 30 September 2011

Thank you

This is Joan and Ian who live in New Zealand.  I just want to say thank you for the postcards you send. I really appreciate it. They had just had summer and so have a very healthy complexion.
I also want to say thank you to all of you that are helping the fund raising effort with donating things we can sell on the day.
Belinda came yesterday and did lots of jobs for me, like taking the nail varnish off my toes, retrieving stuff I had dropped onto the floor and hoovering all of downstairs.
Mum massaged my feet today as they were so cold and dad made me a hot water bottle. They have an old sewing machine that must be donkey's years old as it had belonged to my nan (and she didn't have it new) going, so might see if there are any takers for that on the day or via a collector on ebay.
Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

No blog for a couple of days. A bit of botty trouble. I got up and dressed for hospice but wimped out at the last moment. I went back to bed a fell fast asleep until just gone eleven so a good decision. I wanted to go to see how Nigel was getting on with his iPad. The MND nurse specialist came yesterday, she is very competent and had an excellent visit. We discussed PEG options and also a move in the right direction for extending life or possibly further down the road a possible cure. I try not to get too excited or carried away. Monday it was raining men. The window cleaners, always offer them a drink so that they hang about a bit longer. However, two police officers came into my back garden and took them away. Apparently someone had reported them as burglars. Then a boiler engineer came but we were the wrong address so had to let him go. And Dr Panton popped in with a newly qualified doctor who looked too young so it's official I'm getting old.
Penny is in training. Sue brought an exercise machine for core strength for the garage sale. Penny is using it and then rewarding herself with a biscuit, she makes me laugh. To you and I it might look like she has nodded off but she did 50 sit ups apparently.

With nappy on I'm off to the shed for an hour. Sue spent all morning cleaning the garage out ready to accept sale items.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ellie and her toys. We had lots of bum wiggling and pouncing. No real mice today. Watched 'The Other Bolyen' DVD, excellent. Penny made Chinese seafood for Sue and her, smells absolutely divine. I had beef stew and dumplings (feed).  
Tim DN came this morning but I saved him a job, so no enema today, must have been Fridays one that never materialised. 
Time to settle down to Country File.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Indian summer

Today I'm in the summer house with my friend Sue from Bedford. Both on our computers listening to the radio and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. Edith back from her holiday on the Isle of White. She didn't wreck anything this time but did get lost, bless her. Sue B fetched the new cool or warm box she bought off eBay.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Garage sale

On Saturday 15th October starting at one o'clock I will be holding a garage sale. I'm seeking unwanted items that I could put in the sale. Anything not sold will go to St Richards hospice charity shop. I need to raise funds for the iPad project to give someone in Worcestershire the freedom of an iPad and speech software.
Omega is a charity in Shropshire who are aiming to purchase ten iPads for their area. I sent them an email and had a lovely reply from them today.
Ellie did a star turn this evening. Penny let her out of her run and she pounced straight into the garden and reappeared with a small mouse in her mouth. Penny had picked up ellie and then realised that it was not a leaf but a live mouse in her mouth. Ellie and mouse get dropped and all three ran off in different directions and then Ellie needed to recapture the mouse and penny relised she needed to recapture Ellie so they all reconverged on each other. Penny was doing moves that would not look out of place on a Bollywood movie. Mouse was dispatched by Ellie and Ellie recaptured by penny. But Ellie was very vocal about not having mouse for supper.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Guardian

Front page of the Guardian today is the headline, Philip Gould: 'If you accept death, fear disappears'. A thoughtful and interesting article. I've had a good day with my mate, Sue.  She did all the down town jobbies. Wendy visited today and we discussed tactics for the PEG.  Happy Birthday to Nigel for tomorrow as he will be too busy playing with his new iPad.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Accidents happen

Or a more accurate description would be shit happens. I'm not getting up today. Firstly Houdini Ellie escaped through an open back door, only as far as the garden thankfully and was soon captured with the lure of fresh ham. The nurse helped in the recapture and then did her thing. I got onto the commode chair and let rip. Unfortunately the commode pan had not been fitted properly and fell out of the bottom with the content that had just fallen from my bottom...all over the carpet. Help Bob text went out immediately to bring his carpet cleaner over and God bless him he will come. Update to follow. Actually Jenny saved the day and worked tirelessly to get it looking loads better. Thank you Jenny very much.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Three years

Three years yesterday since diagnosis. I have mixed feelings about it, really difficult to articulate. On one hand i am very pleased at how much i have managed to pack in and get sorted. Sue took me to the shed where we dozed, drank tea and read Sunday papers. I can't believe how fast three years has passed. Thank you all very much for the unfailing support over a much longer period than imagined possible.
The iPad and speech program has been a God send to me. I'm that impressed (although I can't buy the company) I am fundraising to buy an iPad for someone else with MND to help them experience the benefit it gives. I'm already a fifth of the way there for the first iPad. I'll let Wendy from the MNDA choose who would get the greatest use from it. The gift Chris and Joyce gave me is so much appreciated. They are coming today to visit. I always get a comprehensive insight to their many holidays which is great. I have recently visited Provance.
Lesley also popping in before her dentist appointment.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Perishing PEG

Penny borrowed some DVDs from the library. We weatched the ugly truth, very amusing rom com. T visited and we were treated to another Penny Pearla, oh hello T you have put weight on. I will defend Penny with it must be a cultural thing. If you ever need an honest opinion just pop on by. (very very amusing to watch). Anyway T you look very well.
The main event was a small trip out to Lord Mortons tea room with Sue mum and dad.
I think my PEG is starting to perish. Bolus feeding is taking longer. The DN said it won't be changed unless really necessary. Quiet day today.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I was introduced to a fellow blogger yesterday, a hospice volunteer. Having secured internet access at hospice I was able to show mine and look at hers.  I was busy painting when Sue came to pick me up.  We went home via Aldi. It was to be a quick visit for only two items, but planning ahead we took a trolley in with us. Some hour or so later we found ourselves at the check out with a trolley full and then realised we had forgotten to get the one thing we had gone in there for! 
Last night I went out for a curry. Jill bought a take away and we all sat in the shed, fabulous.  Penny made me some cabbage, Indian style. It was cooked, pureed and sieved. Delicious and nothing like any cabbage I had ever had. No two ways about it, she can cook. Belinda babysat today.  Busy afternoon as I needed a few jobs doing, changing peg end, shower (I was too tired this morning) and trying to get the air bed motor silenced. (three heavy books, a bungy strap and a piece of cardboard and we achieved)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Little people

Saturday Millie came and she is four. Today Grace came and she is two. Little people really do brighten up a day. Graces mother, Fi happens to be a district nurse which was mightily helpful given my messy peg at the moment. We are trying some breathable sponge. Beth came after her course. She enjoyed the first day, so off to a good start. I am loving being able to help with the homework. Mark came this afternoon. Penny has a bit of a habit of making random comments unconnected to anything going on. Yesterday was Popeye and Olive. I helpfully added spinach as I'm expected to show some understanding. I do struggle on the British history and Shakespeare. This morning, out of the blue came golden trout. I had to admit defeat as I had never heard of it, only rainbow trout, 'oh yes', says Penny that's what I meant. They can be long days.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Pensioners garden party

The merry gang who went to the pensioners garden party at police HQ.  We decided to arrive late to make it a manageable time out. Penny won a prize in the raffle... a bottle of whisky and she doesn't drink, bonus, it is now in my drinks cabinet.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Honesty and honestly

I need to instruct Penny on the finer side of English culture and etiquette. Edith came this morning to see if we needed anything fetching from town. Penny says, hello Edith, you need a hair cut. We all laughed a great deal. I have been snack attacked, the mystery of the missing quavers and wotsits. An investigation is under way. I will start by interrogating Ellie as the first suspect for most things. It was a clean get away with no debris or forensic evidence left at the scene, which pretty much rules out Ellie. However, she is not completely innocent. Ellie has taken a particular liking to my rosary. I take it off my wrist every morning to shower and if she is about she nips off with it. Penny gives me a Horlicks or Ovaltine drink after lunch to help me drift off for my afternoon snooze. Suzie and Millie came today. Millie showed me her new black patent school shoes. She starts on Monday, bless her she is so excited. Lesley did a spot of shopping for me.

Friday, 9 September 2011


Garden looks great and the new pansies enjoyed the rain that we were not going to have. I've had a lovely day. Steve is back from holiday and looking very healthy. Bob popped by, so that was another unexpected treat. Mum and dad came this afternoon. I have decided to go away for a couple of nights, not too far away. It will put the rebate to good use, I suppose we could call it a tax break.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lovely surprise

Sorry I had a couple of days off. I was very tired yesterday morning, too tired for the nurse even. I had a wonderful day Monday. Beth shared the funny story of her granddads efforts at taking a photo of Sue's graduation. Safe to say I will wait for the professional ones. Angeline came up from Goring, lovely to catch up and see her.  Then Ali popped in, what a lovely surprise.  That is one very courageous lady (and she is excellent at scrabble). Mark came looking very smart as he started his new job.  He bought a book on sign language for dummies, that should suit us all. Sue came yesterday and we tried to watch the England Wales game but I only managed half time. Another very welcomed surprise came this morning through the post....a tax rebate, thank you very much I don't mind if I do.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to School

Josie came today with her daughter Ruth. She has her induction day to the senior school and looked very smart in her school uniform.  Now I never remember our school uniform looking that trendy.  I suppose it is the first day, we will have to see if it is still smart by half term.
Pat the physio assistant came to pull my legs. I am having a review Wednesday to see if I am still eligable for physio input.
Joy, the hospice nurse in the community is popping in tomorrow just to catch up. I must be wearing them out, it's three nurses in three years.  I will try and be gentle with this one.
Beth coming to cover Dee's break, as she wants to go out.  Angeline, from Flint House coming up later this afternoon.
My pots look wonderful after Peter filled them with winter pansies yesterday and the overnight rain has helped to settle them in. Played upword with Jo, very tight game.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

wet t-shirt competition

A lovely relaxed morning, I had a shower, got back to bed and fell asleep again. Trevor and Carole came this afternoon to visit. Unfortunately Carole was introduced to the quirky things in the house that Jack built i.e. the patio door lock going the opposite way to what you would expect, but no harm done and the kitchen tap that also goes the opposite way to what you would expect and with high water pressure Carole was soaked, sorry, forgot to mention it to you. Still Carole won the competition as the only applicant today. Trevor was wearing a medal pin for the Help the Heroes, police support badge and he gave it to me, I will wear with pride. I have had a restful afternoon. Ellie monster has been as good as gold last night and today.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Mum and Dad came today. And Dad dropped me right in it by telling Dee I had had a another coffee. I am only allowed one a day on Penny's say so. Thanks Dad! Made us laugh. They did bring a new mouse (the old one was terminal) and a hamster that runs very well on the kitchen floor. Ellie is made up now she has her toys bless her. Although she has just sneaked off upstairs and mum located her under Dee's bed, that will be us both in the dog house then!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

All change

Penny off for a week and Dee is covering her break. Ellie needs to be on her best behaviour as Dee is not a fan of cats and Ellie is not the one to swing her. Let me introduce you to Lesley. A very good sport and always up for a laugh, as you can see on the French themed night. She is very generous, kind and thoughtful. And she makes the best ever lemon drizzle cake. Lesley has taken leave to care for me for a week whilst Penny is off for a month.
Paul and Hilary came Tuesday and cut back the bushes in the garden so that looks a lot neater, thanks guys. I do appreciate it. Edith was singing the praises of Whitely Court and church at Ombersley. It is a broque church (type of architecture of the domed variety) and very ornate. I shall put that on my to do list, seeing as it is so close. What a glorious day to start off the new month.