Sunday, 18 November 2012


Ok so the syringe has permanently gone. Just to muddy the waters I had a UTI but that has now all cleared thankfully. I feel great again and have gained weight at flint house. Sue and I had a terrific week. And I have come home to a fresh clean, newly decorated downstairs. It looks brilliant, all clean and fresh. I have been thoroughly spoilt at flint house, with fresh thick soup and baths most nights. I'm smelling fresher and looking a lot heavier! Cheese supper probably helped, delicious Camembert, Stilton and goats cheese. Everyone commented on how well I looked, which is very encouraging. I can't tell you how much good flint house has done me. I think sue enjoyed herself too. We went to a lovely cafe that did spicy Indian chai served with runny honey and warm milk, delicious. The highlight of the week was Dilf dressing up as a fireman, bless so funny. Glad to be home with Ellie, according to Lesley she was as good as gold with a roll of the eyes!

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