Friday, 22 July 2011

Christmas 155 days left

Ellie put on a show of her party tricks with the remote controlled mouse for my mum and dad as a thank you for her new name plate on her home. My mum made me a small semolina pudding and it went down very nicely. I will have that again please.
My tongue is a bit sore today, like I have had something too hot in my mouth. I'm sure it will pass and it's just today's little irritation. The other little irritation is still out in her hutch talking to the neighbours cat, Trump.
I have had a long think and given my ability to go shopping has diminished to almost not at all I have decided I am not going to get any Christmas presents this year. I started this time last year but was able to travel much further. I'm not being bah humbug but realistic of the effort I put in last year which I can not repeat this year, sorry. I hope you all understand and don't mind too much. I am thinking of putting on a pamper afternoon sometime in November to say thank you if I can get the therapists together. I will keep you updated. x

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