Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Today I have been reading the Times magazine from the weekend and will unashamedly quote from an article that eloquently expresses the very same feelings I have.
"One of the remarkable things about my new life is discovering the quality of stillness. Like most people, I used to be permanently in a rush, busy on the hamster wheel, oblivious to so much that was going on around me. But when you fall off that wheel, suddenly everything changes." "In the stillness you find a whole new world of colour and shape, of nuance, detail and meaning." "and it is astonishing how much more of the natural world you see". Looking out of my patio window I have frequent visitors, the house sparrows who are bringing up their young, the two pigeons that come for food and water. the bees nest in my compost bin that have been left undisturbed and Trump, the neighbours cat that calls on Ellie. Slow lane pastimes are the norm, listening to friends, a little bit of art work and of course my book. I am not worried whether it is read or not but I get such a cathartic release by doing it. Looking back I have had a good life, with many fond memories of people I have met and places I have been. I continue to meet inspirational people, those that dare to come close, hence the name of my book. Serious today but I am not distracted with trapped wind, I might laugh but it really is very painful.

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