Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Happy Birthday Jo

Meet Wendy my MND Association visitor. A remarkable person who volunteers her own time to comfort, console and care for people with MND. We had a good laugh today. We were talking about communion and I said I had the very smallest bit of the host. I did cough it out once and the deacon and I were desperately looking for it to put back in my mouth. Thankfully we did find it. Wendy stayed with me even in the early dark days when I was being medically retired and not in a good place. We can laugh about it now, which is good. I liken the diagnosis to the stages grief, probably for the life and aspirations lost. I am in acceptance stage and in a very good place. Wendy says she only comes for the coffee, so got her the new Kenco in the silver tin, which is an instant that tasted like ground. It's very good.
Vampire came shortly afterwards. Joyce can get blood where others fail but even she was struggling. After two attempts I gave up a little of my blood. It doesn't normally bother me having blood taken but this was a little on the painful side as has to be taken without a tornique for some reason. I feel OK so I'm sure it will all come back normal, it was the right colour at least.
Edith been this morning and given me a cup of tea and will make me one this afternoon. I didn't sleep at all well last night (was it the coffee?) Feed delivery came which means I have all my meals for a month, great. Ellie has had a good lunch, ham and creme brulee dish to lick. It is impossible to keep ones eyes open when stroking a purring cat. Had a great sleep in time for Edith to do my hot water bottles. Belinda came and did two toilet runs and fed me my feed. Mark came and he is off to Lourdes next week and will light a candle for me.
A good day and glad to have had an afternoon nap.

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